We’ve done some research on structured water that we wanted to share with you, so that you may realize how it may benefit your health. The research of structured water is currently pioneered by the work or Dr. Pollack of the University of Washington in his book “The Fourth Phase of Water” (published 2013).

Structured water is a molecular arrangement of water molecules that are organized in hexagonal structures. These hexagonal structures love to attach to hydrophilic (water loving) surfaces (impurities in the water, living cellular walls, etc.). Like ice, these hexagonal water molecules join to form larger single layer sheets, except these sheets are flexible and move independently. Did you know that the majority of water in your body is structured?

When water is spun through a vortex, some water molecules separate into hydrogen and oxygen. This freed oxygen is mixed up uniformly with the oxygen already present in the water. Since oxygen is itself hydrophilic, hexagonal sheets of structured water begin to grow outward from it, layer by layer.

However, structured water doesn’t just consist of the hexagonal sheets of water molecules, but also the water immediately surrounding them! As the hexagonal layers grow, protons are ejected into the nearby water. As a result an electrical voltage exists between the structured water and the water surrounding it. In other words, structured water stores energy, much like a battery.


You may be asking, “If structured water is a battery, what charges it?” Dr. Pollack discovered that structured water becomes electrically polarized by absorbing radiant energy. Both light waves and infrared waves from the environment charge structured water with energy.


The scalar vortex (torsion field) that is emitted from orgone products passively structures water and gives the water structure and energy. The ‘information’ of the field is imprinted in the water and can be captured in an ice test above the charge plate (seen above). The energy funnel can be clearly seen with frozen ‘filaments’ converging toward the center and vertical axis. As the water molecules forms the vortex structure, it becomes electrically polarized.

Filaments in ice indicate dense structured ‘orgonized’ water (tested with orgone pendant)


HopeGirl and Tivon give a brief discussion about structured water and its health benefits in the clip below. Watch the video here.

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