This week on Real Speaks we talk about Elsagate. Its been getting a lot of attention across the youtube sphere and social media. In this show Hope and Tivon explain #ELSAGATE and show clips from videos of other researchers. This is really important if you are a parent be sure make sure you know what your kids are watching. There is some really horrific stuff being put out there, this is demonic activity and they are after your children. This show is to help parents get informed and protect their kids.

Watch the show here on Youtube

#ElsaGate; a phenomenon on YouTube, that includes a web of fetish channels that are oriented towards children. It is believed by many, including the two of us that are bringing you this report, that these fetish channels aimed at children are put out by pedophiles and are being used for MK Ultra programming.  In this video we are going to walk  you through our findings and share the findings with other researchers online so that you can determine for yourselves what you think is  going on here, and MOST IMPORTANTLY protect your children from this satanic agenda.

Whats also very disturbing is that these YouTube channels have millions and millions of views, often surpassing within days, anything near what most of the most successful You Tubers get, including PewDiePie.  This leads us to think that the view count is being controlled by YouTube from the inside.

These channels have a similar theme, with three key characters, Spider-man, The Joker and Elsa (from the Disney movie Frozen).

The recurring themes within these channels includes: dismemberment, kidnapping, defecation and urine fetishism, toilet fetishes, drug injections, pregnancy and abortion, water sports around bathtubs and pools and learned helplessness.

Other themes include color coding different objects which have been highly suspected as being a part of MK Ultra programming.

Links from the show:

The Dark Side of Youtube

There is something strange happening with Spiderman #ElsaGate

MK-ULTRA YouTube Videos DECODED – #Elsagate & The Finders Cult #pedogate #pizzagate (Lift the Veil)


  1. Real Speaks

    Thanks for watching! We welcome comments. Hope you guys like the new intro, and again, really appreciate your support and subscription to our channel.

  2. revolt81

    Real Speaks I am not a Christian, so when that stuff starts, I kinda blank out, however, I do appreciate the work you are doing. We need to expose this shit, we need to expose these people. Have you tried to have any of these channels fully doxxed?

  3. jank knaj

    Real Speaks i call mk ultra on the kids videoes

  4. K R


  5. Georgia 2072

    hi thanks for uploading as a parent ive noticed that my daughter aged 5 ….. constantly crying over nothing … when kept away from you tube her whole demanor changes into a happy bright girl…. there a girl called ruby rube who makes videos on satanic games like voodoo dolls etc shes always shouting and making vidoes at 3 am supposedly I am now going to keep my child of youtube all together so she can be a happy normal child thanks again

  6. Jenny Murphy

    Don’t think for a minute that Dc comics and Disney are innocent. DC comics is run by degenerates. Everything has been taken over by these sick pedophile types. The lgbtq and trans agenda is paving the way to make pedophilia normalized. This is just getting worse and we need to protect our children. I am not saying all gay people are part of this, I’m referring to the obvious push of this agenda by the criminal scum at the core of this. Funny how people lovingly refer to The matrix movies…did you know that the 2 Wychowski brothers that produced these dumb movies transgendered and are male to females? No one talks about that. This crap is being shoved on those of us who are against this garbage because it is an agenda normalizing pedos. The whole bullying agenda is protecting this lifestyle, and making good people with morals appear to be biggots. Mind control, brainwashing, and an obvious agenda aimed at the younger generation. Once us 50 year olds are gone, this will be accepted. That is their goal! With That said, I need to go pray…I feel defiled just watching this horror show. Thx for the video, it was hard to watch and I appreciate your editing out the obvious filth. Still painful. God bless the true warriors who are shedding light on this disgusting topic.

  7. Ibrahim Sealy

    The popping of the balloon is like naming a pencil and breaking it, they associate the balloon with a song that specifically uses the phrase ” here I am” and has a face on it.I felt the shock of it as soon as it was popped, maybe I’m just more sensitive to that than you.
    It literally made me jump and panic even though I saw it coming.
    These are really sick fucks

  8. Cynthia Bell

    Thanks for cutting out the static unlisted video because it has some really disturbing noises that trigger generally negative emotions in me such as stress, distress, fear, maybe even trauma.

  9. Jaymes Grundmann

    This was really informative though, keep in mind all independent Leftist media was demonetized as well and unsubscribing people. This isnt left and right this is the elite

  10. Atalante

    Maybe there are some hidden links on the pages that lead to other real snuff

  11. Amro Al Omar

    M glad my kids dun speak English yet, that is a bless nowadays!!

  12. Drew Menapace

    Btw when you see hundreds of millions of views that means “botted” which also means buying views. It’s fake. Now is this just rich people spending money in ridiculous ways or is there more behind this? Are the channels buying views to try to get more people to see especially more young people with fragile minds to see? Idk but it’s odd But yeah “botted” buying views

  13. Yolo McSwagging

    but the youtube kids app doesnt have acces to the comment stated in theese kinds of videos, parents put YT kids on repeat and just leave the kids alone with it.

  14. ze Wolfe

    Time for a good ol fashioned witch hunt…. Grab your pitchforks and torches!!!

  15. Laura Dylla

    There are NO LINKS listed in the box to go to look at.  DISNEY and MARVEL COMICS should pull the Elsa, Spiderman and other VIDEOS SUCH AS THESE…FOR COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT

  16. Last Man Standing

    they all repeat the same fucking song! “here i am here i am”
    either this like a semi big or mdedium community stealing frome eachother or its the same fucking 5 or 6 people. i dont know which is worse. its always that female voice. is that part of the indoctrination? some sort of safe words or trigger words or something?like

    now im worried my subconscious is being fucking messed with just by investigating. Makes me sick.

  17. Hinatachan360

    Last Man Standing It’s the Finger Family Song.

  18. Last Man Standing

    im just gonna play some old cartoons from my childhood and introduce my kids to the samethings i was within the same order. from books to games and movies. only morals no politics or any weird crap. thats how my parents raised me and so far its worked out. no phones no nothing. this crap has flown way to far.

  19. Biscuit Barbadensis

    How the fuck are all the pizzagate videos gone? I’m scurrred.
    Hiding doesn’t help. NOTHIN WILL HALP

  20. Bongo Redeye

    If these videos are used for brainwashing, maybe the high number of views is from people playing them on repeat?

  21. norman torn

    World is ran by pedos and they are making it in your face saying they want you baby even stream disney and cartoon network and pixar are just as bad i talked to alot of parents that think its funny having adult humor mixed in they say the kids dont know what it means lololol dude thats fucked makes me glad to not have kids the world is to messed up JESUS please save us

  22. Dankmus Peperious Memius III

    “When an opponent declares ‘I will not come over to your side’, I said calmly ‘Your child belongs to us already … What are you? You will pass on. Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time, they will know nothing but this new community”-Adolf Hitler

  23. StefanFl

    i don’t think christian channels are the main target of Youtube. There is much more mainstream stuff that gets banned

  24. alexabelle1

    4:15 true I tried blocking these channels and after I “blocked” them it came right back up in the list of videos

  25. Michael Barclay

    its you tube thats taking down all the stings that pedophile hunters do in the uk

  26. Jukka Lindholm

    Money laundring? Moving money around with out been discovered? Is there some hidden key strikes in the vids?

  27. TheSlenderman

    No ones giving this more views. Its the tags amd titles that game the algorithm to get the most traffic from kids… no hidden hands

  28. TheSlenderman

    Last week? Dude this has been going on for years.

  29. revolt81

    I wish I knew how to dox…we need info on the people making these channels…

  30. jess lazz

    We should propose a week without youtube as a protest!Can we, people, make that small commitment and make a big change for our society and children?
    If not, we are the same as those who make those videos.

  31. Vash TheStampede

    Youtube is suggesting theses videos to the kids, my child got a suggested from youtube and she watched it, and said it was disgusting, she’s 10 years old. I’m glad she chose right to trash it instead of watch them.

  32. John S

    I believe Elsagate is real, and I believe there is certainly some sort of well-organised and well funded group behind all this… but when the video starts “This is a war for your children’s minds!” and then continues to talk about demon entities trying to possess my children through YouTube then I start to lose interest in your specific position in the topic.
    It just falls into the realm of relentless conspiracy theories, which then leads to everyone and everything getting accusations thrown their way (just like how Pizzagate turned out, which I believe was a hoax pushed by Russian paid-trolls), and eventually gets to the point were if you question a part of the conspiracy then you are blanketing the problem or in on the scheme.

    Your hearts are in the right place, but I feel your heads aren’t. No offence.

  33. LOL60345

    they certainly wont mind the uncle in the black suit and a wire in the ear giving them an injection on their way home….

  34. LOL60345

    they probably use an a.i. to abuse deep psychology. this probably already created millions of sleepers. they were able to program people in the 70s without any computers…

  35. kitty engels


  36. Nal Crindit

    although all these things are weird as shit , lets not make this a pizza gate

  37. Toni

    Speaking of mind control – the woman with the long dark hair in the beginning (6:13 and on) has some of the biggest, nastiest fake lips ever!!  Who in their normal mind would distort and disfigure their own face?  It’s a freak show, these times we are in.  It’s ALL WEIRD, we surely are living in the twilight zone.

  38. Jenny Murphy

    Toni I caught her 666 handsigns. They are using these when they speak. Researching satanism, Crowley, the occult and this evil religion, these signs are spell casting (with nind control). I also thought that the woman you mentioned is a gatekeeper, appearing to be providing truth, and a possible transgender mtf.

  39. tangolobo

    In case you all haven’t figured it out, theres an agenda to dumn the populace down, take away critical thinking skills and pervert the minds of the youth in the most disgusting way. Better to buy old of DVD’s Bugs Bunny, Flintstones, Scooby doo and any other cartoon made in the 70’s and 80’s and let you children watch that.

  40. Black Hippy

    They demonitize people who are medical marijuana patients from reviewing weed and smoking weed(they all say 18 or over too watch our videos, so they aren’t marketing towards kids or easy for kids too access) yet they let this shit go up

  41. Bear Poke

    In Asian / Japanese/ South Korea etc, toilet humour ( toilet seat and bowls as table and chairs etc) They have humour surrounding the Butt area – Look at their societies in comparison to you backward Americans – blame blame blame – Take some personal responsibility and stop blaming the joos and clones, and aliens, and the blacks and the elites !!!

  42. Christinyou

    The bathtub scene refers to a rebirth in the cult. The birdcage is mind control. Just like you see all the stars with albums and their videos. This is evil.

  43. Neil Anderson

    My son ben watching this shit! Who is making this and where can i find them?

  44. Mohammed W R Khan

    Neil Anderson we don’t know who they are but you can file a report to YouTube and state what was in the video (violence, drugs etc).

  45. Neil Anderson

    Holy shit how am i finding out about this

  46. Ch Ga

    Disney doesnt sue for a reason. They started the inappropriate innuendos wayyy before youtube. If one of their goals are to sway these children, these yt videos are certainly helping that.

  47. Conor Chadwick

    Good video. More people need to be aware. It’s so fucking disturbing and weird. I’m well versed in mk ultra and “conspiracies” and even the pedo network, satanic rings, compartmentalization programming BUT I don’t see why this is grooming kids? Is like so when a pedo snatches a kid, the kids already slightly conditioned to the kidnap and such?
    I’d say it’s more about corrupting the kids, fucking them up mentally so they don’t grow into a normal member of society.

  48. David Higgins

    Interestingly enough the characters in said videos are ALL owned by Disney.

  49. Dustbin Hoffman

    These degenerates need to be stopped with bullets preferably I have contacted Richard D Hall an investigative Journalist/Skeptic regarding this

  50. tom dick

    Mixed And Mashed so you think this demented shit is fine? just a bunch of “conspiracy theorists” overreacting? these videos are messed up. severely messed up. you, and everyone else should be atleast a little concerned.

  51. Mixed And Mashed

    No, I know about these Spiderman-Elsa videos. They’re some really FUCKED UP SHIT. I’m just making a joke about how farfetched the title sounds.

  52. Cheesio

    Mixed And Mashed The entire theory seems far-fetched, but even if nothing in this video is true, this is vile content, and even if it isn’t removed, it should not be marked as child-friendly.

  53. jess lazz

    One week without youtube!!

  54. Dustbin Hoffman

    Glory to Arstotzka or Richard D Hall

  55. justiceingeneral

    If he puts this out, no one will believe him. Like they did with pizzagate. I say give it to the real news media or make it viral

  56. Jonathan R

    He did a report now. He didn’t know like many of us. It’s crazy how this was running under our noses.

  57. Dogs Sing

    I look at comments here and my hope in mankind is renewed.
    And then I look at the view count and it just figures. 10k humans is better than a billion subhuman psychos. Cheers to you all. You better prepare. Imagine what we will be dealing with when these psycho-programmed kids grow up into full fledged adults.

    A changed world to say the least, in just one generation.

  58. Luís M.S.G

    A tip for someone with resources to follow:Madonna is currently in Portugal, living over the last 3 months and trying to buy a house. Her first choice is a Palace, in Sintra. This palace has strong connections with Kabbalistic rituals and located near one of Portugal’s hot-spot for witchcraft.

    I believe Maddie McCann is a victim of this underground network. Check Richard Hall’s investigation on Maddie McCann

    Here in Portugal a country with a long relation with Freemasons, “The Elites” and Occultist, we had a big scandal called “Casa Pia”. Several politician and TV-stars were caught in a huge paedophile network.

  59. Change Is Good

    I think Jenna Marbles is part of the pedo-murder YouTube community This video done in Mar 2016 has OBVIOUS pizzagate/pedogate coding –

  60. susan529

    Change Is Good h

  61. Anonymouslives

    All these kinds of channels have been reported to YouTube by several people and most have been kept up on YouTube, so apparently YouTube is okay with it. Craziness!

  62. Black Hippy

    Anonymouslives their in a catch 22, if they take it down they lose pretty much millions of ad revenue Because I may be wrong but YouTube gets a percentage of your ad revenue. So it’s either they lose that shit or keep it up. I’d rather them lose that shit Because this shit is weird as fuck

  63. Mohammed W R Khan

    Black Hippy agreed I hope in the near future that these are shut down

  64. Allie Boy

    Mohammed W R Khan do you not keep up with this stuff? Weeks ago they’ve delete over like 40 channels, delete over 100k vids, shut down that toy freaks channel, and disabling comments on tons of videos because now regular little kids channels are getting comments from pedos. So they are managing it

  65. Nina Noir 13 Artist/Muse

    So I had parental control on my iPad and these videos got through. I look at my kids history every so often and found that my 4 yr old was watching these videos. I thought they looked weird so I had her stop watching them. Then I see All this ElsaGate stuff going on. It didn’t shock me cuz those videos r VERY DISTURBING! So when I asked my four year old about those videos she said the weirdest thing..”They make me feel like I’m in the videos” I said well how do other cartoons, movies make you feel (the good ones) she said happy. Then these Elsa videos she said They make her feel like screaming for Help!! WTF!! She said that she feels like people are tricking her!! DO NOT LET YOUR KIDS WATCH THIS DEMONIC HORRIFIC STUFF!! Thank You for the info!!

  66. Real Speaks

    Hello Nina, thank you so much for sharing your story with us. We greatly appreciate it!

  67. Cheesio

    Nina Noir 13 Artist/Muse I’m not religious in the slightest, so I don’t believe it to be demonic, but this is extremely disturbing, and how it stays on this platform is a mystery I don’t think we’ll find the answer to.

  68. jess lazz

    We should stop watching youtube one week!!!

  69. Jess Tschannen

    Children are being brainwashed by these images. Things like, rape, cheating and violence play out in these stories. I even watched one where a male character met a girl in an alley and traded sex for money. He then saw another girl he thought was appealing and left the other girl, which made her cry. The sound effects are terrifying to someone that old. A young developing, impressionable​ brain should not be watching something like this. It desensitizes them to punching and violence and teaches them that its ok to hurt others. It teaches them that poking someone with a needle is normal to do to your friends. There was even one where the characters burned a house down that had another character in it. Its disturbing and disgusting that channels like these are even a thing. If you look in the comments, its all jibberish. Now this could be because of two things: the audience are children that don’t know how to type, or the channel is using bots. Another weird thing is that when you comment on how wrong it is, your comment gets removed. Anyone who calls it out gets deleted. Apparently there was a person who made a video against the channel and a bunch of the creepy children channels commented on the video, sending weird links. This is actually really weird and the awareness needs to be spread to parents.

  70. heckingnikolai

    I’ve been on a binge of trying to find out what the hell is going on with these videos by finding information on them. At first, I though it was just a huge cash-cow for these weirdos, but since I’ve seen this video, its now much worse than i EVER thought. The thing that disgusts me the most is the grooming towards children. I SERIOUSLY did not understand why this was happening, seriously. But this video really cleared things up for me, thank you.

  71. øyasumiemma :3

    My baby sisters watch this !! ?

  72. Cheesio

    øyasumiemma :3 You need to help this stop, show your parents a video about the topic, do anything to get them away from this horrible shite. Even if the videos are nowhere near as malicious in intent as they seem in this video, the content alone shouldn’t be seen by young’uns.

  73. Anna Bertels

    My kids would act so weird and sexual after watching these videos. I made him stop and that behavior has chilled out alot. But man this makes me sick

  74. actionfaad

    Could you explain what kind of stuff they were doing? Like just imitating what they saw? Or saying things out loud?

  75. Thepianist126

    You could have been a good parent and check what the fuk your kids are watching…..

  76. Anna Bertels

    actionfaad imitating

  77. Anna Bertels

    Thepianist126 obviously I did cause I found out what the fuck he was watching and made him stop. Like wtf?? There is no such thing as a perfect parent. Trial and error

  78. Jonathan R

    Anna Bertels yeah you sometimes miss stuff it’s nothing on you. What’s good is you are a good parent that noticed what’s going down as many wouldn’t notice it even as the tablet and tv are babysitting the kids for some parents. You noticed it so kudos to you.

  79. VzhRqr Yrgv

    In Germany there is such a satanic project of Alex Storm, called Sopor Aeternus and Ensemble of the Shadows. In their audio, video and photo a lot of symbolism, and the man on them named Anna Varney went through the SRA in the family of occultists, worshiping Saturn/Moloch, this is the victim of MK Ultra Monarch.

  80. jess lazz

    We should propose a week without youtube.A small commitment for a big change for or kids and our society.
    If not, then we are the same as the people who make this videos.

  81. BigRed60

    its disturbing how much young kids, even 4 or 5 years old spend on the internet on phones and tablets. Easy solution to this is to have kids play outside again

  82. OsamaBinObama

    BigRed60 Yuo horrible raven-parents how we call them in germany

  83. Jonathan R

    You let a young child play outside and they put you up on charges. Heck having them walk to school like we did in the day is getting the parents in trouble. You rarely see kids out now so 1 or 2 outside stand out.

  84. Frankie Max

    this particular channel the spider man and elsa is a recommended by yt, as it is kind tagged in amongst paw patrol , instead of having auto play and playing what the viewer wanted to watch it completely changes the show to this utter dirt , i almost every time i let my boy watch paw patrol i have to go back four videos he clicked on in the recommended after the ones i typed in

  85. Frankie Max

    telly tubby toast is poo

  86. entitled millennial

    modern warfare. defeat your enemy’s mind while they are most vulnerable. whatever that actually means, who knows. could be CIA, pedophiles, big pharma, literal demons, or just enemies of the western world… whoever it is, they are no doubt attacking our youngest minds

  87. Jake B

    mind is vulnerable as kids

  88. Jessie Fox

    Learned helplessness was taught in my family by my grandmother on my mothers side, for the duration of my mother’s entire childhood, announcing constantly that her brother, my uncle Jerry, was the favorite. When I was 4 years old and my sisters were 3 and 2 years old, that same exact lady started announcing that I was the favorite. This made my mother insanely jealous and through her jelly belly she started lashing out at me.

  89. OsamaBinObama

    Jessie Fox hopefully that cunt is dead and burns in hell now. Ruining lives is so easily. My grandmom slapped the crap out of my mom so she became a introvert emotional Stone so I had huge problems just even talking to women until I was 22. I never had a female best friend even until then because I had no idea of how normal women are and work. Just because one fucked up person had to push her insecurities in form of violence on someone defenseless. Now she had a stroke. I guess thats Yahs punishment

  90. Jessie Fox

    WTF that is just weird 🙁

  91. Angel Sd


  92. Spooky Noodle

    My only disagreement with this video is about the bugs and fear comment. Kids that are old enough to walk will be terrified, but if they’re younger than that, they likely won’t. Humans naturally fear the unknown, but they are taught to feat other things. If a kid that has grown up around snakes, for example, they won’t fear the snakes the way a kid that has never touched one does. The bugs wouldn’t traumatize the kids too young to have learned to fear them. That being said, if the child is old enough to learn fear, the bugs would definitely be a horrible thing to do.
    I honestly can’t help but think that YouTube has an invisible hand in this somehow. It just doesn’t make sense that these would get into the recommended sections and YouTube Kids and such without YouTube staff seeing them and thinking something is up. Along with that, I have seen plenty of people saying “I flagged this video, but YouTube has done nothing about it.” and even when big channels mention one of these channels, they stay up. It just doesn’t make sense.

  93. Omnio

    Spooky Noodle Its also about the subconscious programming

  94. Jason Twist

    theres so many channels if you go look now before something happens the might get removed but theres fucking heaps odf channels with heaps of these sick videos with millions of views within the last few months !!!! they are new and very popular,,o m f g

  95. maya the psychic

    and they havent been placed on purpose they just bypass the filters

  96. maya the psychic

    the views haven’t been altered dumbass there’s such thing as viewbots you can buy

  97. Rhum

    I just searched “bugs on feet spiderman” on this website. I’ve got chills. There’s something very wrong here.

  98. lady jotaro

    Ok i watched one of those family finger videos months ago because it was on my feed a few weeks after when i all but forgot about the video i was woken up by what sounded like that song blasting in my head when i got myself to geather i realused i wasnt acully hearing it but it had to be a dream but it was so loud.

  99. Salvador Vidal

    Man this is the type of witch hunt I’m talking about, this is an ARG. Do you niggas know what that is? Of course not, you nigga running around like chickens without your heads screaming “illuminati comfirmed!!!”, this is why we lost the fucking war.

  100. Xx Rinne xX

    And how do you know it’s an arg?

  101. Rapid Fire

    Salvador Vidal Care to explain how is this an ARG?

  102. Jacqueline Gutierrez

    I saw a video of a sleeping Elsa and Spiderman creeping up on her while she slept and he starts to get on top of her….. WTF….. And it’s meant for kids too…. There were worse ones too… It’s fucking nasty. I was just trying to find Spiderman 2 gameplay on the PS2 and I got some perverted ass shit.

  103. Jacqueline Gutierrez

    Sorry for cussing so much. I just get pissed off.

  104. Pedro Saabedra

    they fucked up spiderman really bad, pretty much 75% are those weird shit videos of Spiderman, and 25% is the Spiderman we know.

  105. Jacqueline Gutierrez

    Pedro Saabedra yeah it’s really weird…. And gross. Also scary, because they really do seen like children’s videos .

  106. Mohammed W R Khan

    Jacqueline Gutierrez what’s worse is that I saw an Elsagate video where Elsa decides to put a clothes peg on Spider-Man’s genitals. There’s more of this.

  107. Bongo Redeye

    Yeah. Btw tell Spiderman to get his shit together

  108. Kevin Smith

    At 41.41 I heard trigger word is transformers, this gave me chills. Currently I have a temporary job at Three Mobile, they are going through changes called “Transformation” they have hired an external management consultancy called North Highland, whose website talks about AI technology and a “Transformation Process”, the mobile networks work closely with MI5/6 , what is going on?

  109. Real Speaks

    OH WOW! That is so disturbing!!! Wild information indeed and thank you so much for commenting!

  110. Cole Marie

    Lol my company name has transformers…. great…

  111. Mr Smith

    its related to the new 5g cell phone signal network

  112. Psybin

    Pizzagate, now Elsagate, WTF is coming next? I mean there’s no way Youtube/Google isn’t aware of all this and seems like they’re even helping (view count/censorship).
    This brings a whole new meaning to “triggered” for SJWs/Antifa. Maybe they all got triggered some time last year?

  113. Medium Rare Tuna Fish

    What’s Pizzagate? I know what Elsagate is but I’ve never heard of Pizzagate.

  114. Decky Graham

    Medium Rare Tuna Fish it’s to late now to see the truth it’s all been info has been removed but it linked podesta to child trafficking ring Run by the owner of comet pizza most of what you find now is disinformation to discredit it but Reddit nuked it in less than 24 hours

  115. John Stath

    An international pedo ring, whose members are high ranking people, including Hillary Clinton, john and Tony podesta and many many others. There is much info, even on verified sources like wikileaks. There was also an image that has been banned from everywhere (reddit, Google ) that shows every clue we have about pizzagate. Reply if you want me to upload it(maybe you can find it if you search it for a little)

  116. NinjaFrog6

    Psybin Russiagate is next

  117. Medium Rare Tuna Fish

    John Stath How messed up is it? How borderline porn is it? It all depends if it will wreck my brain forever or not, Also, thank you to you John and Decky Graham for telling me that 🙂

  118. farewell Forever

    Brainwashing satanic pedophile rapists…Hope their videos gets taken down

  119. Insomnant

    Oh they won’t. (((YouTube))) supports them for some weird reason I just can’t guess why!

  120. Satan

    Insomnant YouTube has actually changed their policy on this Elsagate fuckery

  121. Insomnant

    Did they now? I haven’t heard about that.

  122. farewell Forever

    omfg 30 people liking my comment?!?!well that escalated quickly

  123. Luis Delgado

    Just taken down what about the people in the videos let this sick people roam free

  124. Herbal Meshes

    pedophiles are satanic rapists lol

  125. Dungeons And Dragons

    I am suprised that disney hasnt send a C&D letter to them but i know why they do it because for money

  126. Jason Twist

    you think they care about a few bucks,, its about the kids and these adults sick perversions,, satantic pedo evil ,,, I’m not fucking bible basher but cumon,, I can no longer not see this,,im broken,,what fucking evil place do I live in,,its like I just noticed a stink in the air I cant get rid of now I’m tainted that I know about this,, but I cant get it out of my head ,,this cannot be really going on,,,pls pls let no human be this evil and sick and depraved,,,but I cannot ignore this

  127. Jason Twist

    I can deal with the 1 in a million psychos,, when most ppl are still good,, but this,,means,, most ppl are secrectly sick and dead and evil inside,,perverted so badly then need to be destroyed not just killed but totally exterminated by the most extreme force known to fucking man,,

  128. Dungeons And Dragons

    NO.I dont i am just saying why the hell youtube and disne/marvel/dc don t do anything about it but just sit there while pedos go around youtube.

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