I didn’t want to go. While I will always support my husband’s passions and projects, my experience in the ‘free energy’ field has not always been pleasant. It started out okay but my family quickly became the target of hate groups, and all our initial momentum ended up in a cyber war between good and evil.

I had fears of heckling and worse, and little desire to put myself through that again (QEG development, once happily shared freely with the world, was forced to go private in 2015 due to the tactics of paid opposition groups and individuals). I am very grateful, however, for the generosity of the QEG Academy members, builders and supporters that made it possible for Jamie to do a live demo, which meant driving the machine across the USA because a complete unit couldn’t get there any other way. I would never have allowed him to make that trip alone of course, but I tried to get him to fly alone with a good powerpoint instead – no live demo. I was terrified to do anything so public.

It turns out my fears were completely unfounded and the conference, including getting there and back in a 2-seat van with our 65 lb. dog, camping most of the way, was one of the brightest highlights of my life!

James and our family dog Bambi with the rental van on the way to the Energy conference


The QEG in the back of the van in transit to the energy conference.


one of our many camp sights on the way to the conference.


The person who greeted us when we first walked in the conference building was Jeff Moe – The ‘Gold Magnet’ guy. (Jeff’s uncle is the original developer of the non-ferrous magnet, which picks up gold, silver, copper, aluminum or other non-ferrous metals.) We received our name tags and a schedule and walked around the buzzing room – free energy engineers everywhere talking and laughing. Nice vibes…

Jeff Moe at the Energy Conference 2017

We quickly met Aaron, our fearless energy leader, and a young man named Yakov from the Czech Republic. Handshakes and hugs all around. More good feelings. After being in a 5.8  earthquake the night before, having just missed a deadly car accident, and driving down a mountain path with a big fat bolt in the tire (speed limit 80 mph), I was not only happy to be there with all the ‘electricity’ in the air, I was happy to be alive! (The tire went flat only when we arrived in town and there was a tire repair service across the street. AND they fixed it for free!!!)

We went to our beautiful room at the Inn, which was arranged and paid for by Aaron, fully equipped with a kitchenette, and a blessed relief from camping every night on the way. Arriving there we met our neighbors Geoffrey Miller (Newman Motor Disclosure) and Alan Kacperski (Psychotronics). We’d heard of these brilliant engineers and they’d followed us from 2014, and now we were meeting in person, laughing and chatting like old friends!

Walt Jenkins and his amazing H2 company was the first speaker. He showed how water can now be turned into fuel on the fly, on demand, with under 180 milliamps input power, and create a fuel which completely runs an engine. (Walt has also been severely and viciously attacked by the opposition, as have most of the presenters. During the conference, Walt’s website and our 3 websites experienced major cyber attacks.)

Jamie was the 2nd speaker. He did wonderfully in my eyes but it was quite an advanced presentation, and some who were not engineers or well-informed, didn’t understand. For example, investors want to hear descriptions (and there were a couple of potential investors there) but our reason for being there was to give advanced information to the engineers who are building, or thinking about building. Since development is now in the most difficult stage, the tuning stage, Jamie felt it was appropriate to demonstrate how he does it.

The picture with Aaron helping Jamie with the microphone is a special one for my family, as we’ve been dreaming about, and working for years now toward being a part of the real alternative energy community. Our acceptance in this venue was our dream come true. I realized it the moment I took this picture.

Aaron Murakami helps James Robitaille put on his microphone.

One of the most prolific builders and replicators in the free/alternative energy field, RS Stafford has been following and building John Bedini’s technologies before most people ever heard of a Bedini SG. RS showed his overunity Poor Man’s ‘Split the Positive’ Battery Swapper based on Bedini technology. (About the name: the question was asked “How would a Poor Man get the parts EASY and LOCALLY and implement this new circuit?” They came up with the Poor Man’s Swapper that uses easy to get parts from stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s. Not sure about the ‘Split the Positive’ part though.)

Poor Mans split the positive  Batter Swapper

Eric Dollard was the next speaker and WOW!! For over 4 hours, Eric explained and showed a demonstration of his earthquake detection system. Due to a recent, serious illness, Eric was not able to attend the conference in person but dazzled the audience using skype, with a recent video of his ‘musical seismograph’ system from a mine where the equipment was installed.

There were many aspects to his presentation including the revealing of an amplifier that can also be used as a musical stereo amplifier that just may give the highest quality output ever achieved. This and more, was revealed.

Eric Dollard Earthquake Detection System Energy Science and Technology Conference.

Up next: Aaron Murakami sets a world’s record in usable voltage from a Faraday Generator. We also learned how to create AC from the generator, which was proven by Peter Lindemann and Michael Knox back in the 80’s and 90’s. This was an added BONUS presentation, not originally planned.

Aaron also presented a second lecture where he described a concept for the ether that encompassed gravity and open-system dynamics. Aaron provided the case for disproving the Michelson-Morley experiment, one of the greatest misunderstandings by mainstream science. He also very eloquently described how we can tap into the ether, by explaining what a dipole is and how it produces work in the real world.

Basically, Aaron’s primary point was to deliver a simple and seamless concept that the layperson can understand, that ties together all the basic concepts of time and space, and how free energy machines can and do exist without violating the laws of physics. He delivered this information with crystal clarity, giving the audience (especially me!) a sensible explanation of gravity, the ether and even where and why Einstein was misled regarding gravity.

Aaron Murakami Faraday Generator Energy Science Conference 2017


I apologize but this is the only speaker I missed at the conference. Here’s his pre-conference bio/presentation:

Professor Robert Haralick

“Professor Robert Haralick – Subtle energy, for a lack of a better term, refers to the energy and/or the change of the structure of space that occurs when influences such as conscious intention affects material reality. An example of this kind of influence is when healers use Qi or Pranna to effect a healing either close by or remotely. Other instances include mental telepathy, remote viewing and the programming of quartz crystals by conscious intention. Tiller uses the quantum mechanics phrase Raising the Gauge. There are other situations where a subtle energy can develop: These include being exposed to certain kinds of magnetic fields or electric fields, being exposed to quartz crystals, and being exposed to sacred geometric forms. This talk discusses the difficulty of doing subtle energy experiments, gives the protocols for a few different kinds of subtle energy experiments involving water, describes a number of kinds of measurements that can be made of water, and shares the results of those experiments.”

The reason I couldn’t be at Robert’s presentation was because it was the only opportunity I would get to see one of my oldest and dearest friends that I hadn’t seen in 29 years! I will definitely be purchasing the video though as soon as they become available!

Dr. Paul LaViolette – “Two Overunity Technologies and a Theory That Explains Them” wwayyyyy over my head!!! Please refer to the videos when they become available for this distinguished gentleman’s presentation which included the Nassikas thruster that can “get us to the stars!”


Al Francoeur – Developed several varieties of alternative electro-magnetic energy systems and reviving technologies associated to high voltage magnetics. Al owns the largest collection of original Ed Gray motors and related technologies in the world, and has potentially cracked the code to how Gray’s coils were actually wound. These details were disclosed at this conference for the first time ever!

Al Francoeur Energy Science and Technology Conference

Jeane Manning and Susan Manewich, are two free energy professional writers/speakers who gave a wonderful and practical presentation on spreading the word about free energy. Jeane Manning has been an advocate in the free energy field for over 30 years. She and Susan are collaborating on a book which should be available soon.

Jeane Manning and Susan Manewich

Geoffrey Miller, a brilliant free energy engineer that has been building alternative energy devices for 45 years, presented and disclosed the Newman motor. This was another exclusive disclosure that was only seen at the 2017 Energy Science & Technology Conference. For those who don’t know, Joseph Newman is an undisputed pioneer of the modern day free energy movement. Back in the 1980’s, Geoffrey worked with Newman for 10 years and has an inside perspective of the Newman Motor that very few people can claim.

Geoffrey also began disclosure of his EnergyBat Labs – a 5000 sq. ft. free energy lab located somewhere in Pennsylvania. We’re in Pennsylvania too, and there will be more to follow from us as we set up a schedule to work hands-on with Geoff in his lab. Of course we’ll be recording it all for you!


Geoffrey Miller’s Newman Motor Replica

Now that you’ve gotten an idea of the caliber of speakers at this conference, you can begin to understand how it was that my trepidation about attending turned to absolute joy! These presenters weren’t the trolls that show up on youtube, that trash your videos and hawk their own wares. HopeGirl and Fix the World have reported on our experiences with the opposition in several other places, so, to be clear – these guys are not those guys! These are real engineers that all have a couple of important qualities in common: they are willing to step and work outside the box regardless of opposition, and they have a burning desire to help humankind.

What I am most happy about are our new friends, just look at all the smiles:

Aaron Murakami Paul Babcock and James Robitaille

Peter Lindemann and Valerie Robitaille

Peter Lindemann and James Robitaille

Ed Becnel and James Robitaille


To watch a short post-conference video go HERE and don’t miss our next interview with Geoffrey Miller when he gives HopeGirl the reins in disclosing his lab and everything in it! Coming soon…

Written by Valerie Robitaille