This is the first of a series of Vlog style updates that we will be doing centered around the latest development to finish the QEG.  We hope to do them every couple of weeks to bring you along the journey with us so that you can see this live as it unfolds!

First Tivon and I wanted to say a huge thank you to all the people who contributed to our crowdfunding campaign to help make this possible. We really could not do this without your help, this always has been and always will be an energy project that is by the people and for the people.

And on a personal note, I just wanted to say that at this moment right now I feel more hopeful and confident about the successful completion of the QEG than I have ever felt in the past 4 years.   For me, the revelation of the new circuit and what it means to this project has given me a second wind and I feel quite confident that this project will be finished soon.

Just in case you are only just now stumbling upon this new information let me quickly review a few things to get you up to speed:

The QEG has been in co-development for the last 4 years. Many engineers around the world have been working very hard to try to finish it.   Just recently we made a new discovery that we feel is the answer to what we have been missing this entire time. We are designing a new circuit that is meant to redirect the power so that the QEG can work the way it was intended to.

The basic concepts behind how this will work as well as a full overview of the entire project was presented in our movie “Chasing Tesla”.  You should check it out free to watch here on Vimeo. By the way, this film has been banned on Youtube. 

We then went a step further and presented a complete technical analysis explaining the new circuit and how it works in a live call presentation called the QEG Black Box Analysis. This was presented as part of our Academy memberships but we are making the full archive package (which consists of 4 full length videos) available for $10 via instant download. You can purchase that at this link HERE.

And then after we made the initial announcements about the new circuit design, one of our QEG builders in China Xingdou, started building the circuit on his QEG. We were thrilled to see that so far he is getting the kind of results we were hoping for with the new circuit! There still is a ways to go, but we did a preliminary live call presentation showing his lab and going over some of the technical results. The archive of this presentation is part of an academy membership, and is also available for non QEG members for $5 via instant download. You can purchase at this link HERE.

Last week we finished collecting all the pledges for the campaign and got to work on getting this project up and running!   First, Tivon has been working on the design of the circuit and luckily he has been in non stop communication with Xingdou in China working out some of the tweaks and sourcing the parts. He’s just uploaded the latest a greatest schematic of the the new QEG circuit they have co-developed to the Academy forums.

While the circuit design was underway we needed to build a new workbench that would be home to the mini QEG and all the different testing equipment.  To save money we decided that we would design our workbench ourselves using inexpensive yet sturdy MDF board from local lumber yard here in Marrakech.

In this video we show some live footage from designing the MDF workbenches and take you on a trip to the lumberyard. Next is prepping the lab in anticipated arrival of the mini-QEG!

I also wanted to let everyone know that our campaign is still open and we are still offering our rewards levels for contributions.

For $100  you will get a copy of the mini-QEG build manual when it is complete and you’ll also get a download copy of the mini-QEG CAD files that you can use to make your own mini QEG parts.

For $300 you get everything at the $100 level plus you will also get a one year Gold Membership to our Clean Energy Academy. This includes access to all the archives, forums and live calls.

For $1,000 you get everything included in the $300 reward plus a Beginners Build Digital Download Package for the large QEG which includes over 15 hours of instructional videos, eBook, QEG CAD package and Bonus Materials.

The estimated delivery date for reward level perks is May 1st and Academy Membership is effective immeditately.