This movie follows the story of one families quest to replicate a Tesla invention. It explains the history behind a unique form of energy that was discovered by Tesla and explains how he was able to harness energy for use from the environment.  Several examples of Tesla’s patents are used to explain the basics behind how the families generator operates. The generator design was open sourced and has been in development with small teams of engineering enthusiasts around the world. As with other pioneering projects of this nature, the road to completion has seen many obstacles and for years the family was missing a final component to finish the project… until just recently. The film features a surprise ending that is sure to get engineers around the globe to dust off their oscilloscopes and take part in lighting up the world, Tesla Style!

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Directed By
Naima Morris

Written By
Naima Morris and Tivon Rivers

Based on the Work of
Nikola Tesla
Ron Brandt
James and Valerie Robitaille
Tivon Rivers
and the many engineers around the world who are co-developing this project

Edited and Produced By
Naima Morris

Music By
Michael Donner
Mattia Cupelli

Special Thanks to:

QEG Taiwan Team
QEG Balkan Team
QEG Brazil Team
QEG Italy Team
QEG Spain Team
QEG South Africa Team
QEG Canada Team
QEG Germany Team
QEG Guateng Team
QEG Hungary Team
QEG Peru Team 
QEG Hungary Team
QEG Greece Team
QEG Sweden Team
QEG Russia Team
QEG Morocco Team

Energy Academy Members
Fix the World Members

Footage used in this film from:

Edison vs Tesla American Genius National Geographic Documentary 2015

My Inventions a Short Movie about Nikola Tesla 2010

Free Energy of Nikola Tesla 2014

A Machine to Die For 2009

Thrive: What on Earth Will It Take 2012

The Secret Life of Nikola Tesla 1980

Energy 101: Electricity Generation Energy Now News 2011

Honda EU700is Generator Review & Demonstration – Whole House 2017

1995 Extraordinary Science and Technology Conference

Energy Science and Technology Conference 2017

Through our Eyes: Life in Puerto Rico After Hurricane Maria Now This 2017

The View Special Report San Juan, Puerto Rico Struggles to Maintain Normalcy Without Electricity

Music Used in this Film

“Divinity” Michael Donner
“Void” Mattia Cupelli
“Above the Sky” Mattia Cupelli
“Divine Afflatus” Michael Donner
“Wicked Four” Michael Donner
“Transformers 4 Age of Extinction”  Mattia Cupelli
“Fragments of Another World” Mattia Cupelli

Filmed on Location in:
South Africa
United Kingdom


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