Sunday February 18th @ 6 PM EST (UTC-5)

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Fernando Vossa is an independent Bio-Architect, Quantum Scientist, Inventor, Healer and Fine Artist.  In 2013 he focused on developing a sustainable dome home called the Vossahedron.  The Vossahedron project is an integration of approaches & technologies to establish an architecture that regenerates our body at the cellular level, expands our mental capabilities and connects us to higher spiritual awareness.  Vossa’s approach is through Biomimicry principles refined from the study of cactus in Baja California and the practice of sacred geometry found in ancient sites across the world.  Vossa’s main thesis is to identify efficient geometries that result in architecture that efficiently mitigates heat, cold, sound, light, magnetism, and naturally connects with the Earth. Imagine a home that generates its own electricity, harvests water and grows organic food while being hurricane and earthquake resistant.  Inhabitants are shielded from harmful radio, HAARP, cell towers, and various forms of radioactive fallout.

After 4 years of investigation the Vossahedron project has resulted in a series of blueprints, 3D printed models, natural concrete recipes, and a mold process to mass produce the Vossahedron at a low cost.  This project is ready for deployment as a seed that yields eco-cities for a sustainable civilization.


Vossa’s presentation will be about the journey to invent a home that evolves our concepts of sustainability into a methodology of holistic regeneration of our bodies and our minds.  Questions explored include:

What is the relationship between Free Energy and Healing?

What may be architectural geometries that can communicate with our DNA and harmonize with the Earth?

How do we generate clean coherent electricity from the ground and the surrounding air?

How do we harvest living structured water charged with solar lifeforce?

How do we grow super nutritious food tuned to our DNA?

How do we heal cancer, Parkinson’s, diabetes, depression, etc. in a home design?

The Vossahedron project entails the launching of new industries including eco-real estate, healing furnishings, advanced wellness products, and the deployment of conscious cities designed to cultivate advanced human creativity.

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