In the last few weeks major events have unfolded around crypto currencies that clearly show that we are on our way to a New World Order One World Currency… and its digital.  Some are saying that this is the Mark of the Beast System.

Signs include plans of the IMF to use a vehicle called the SDR that will be pegged to a digital currency using the ACChain quantum computing platform.  If you don’t understand what any of this means, that’s ok! This show is meant for beginners to the world of crypto currency. Tivon and Naima do a full breakdown explaining definitions and terms from top to bottom in a way we hope an average person can understand.

Watch the Show here on Youtube:


Covered in this show:

Reviews of Terms like:

Crypto Currency
Gold Standard
256 Bit Encryption
Quantum Computing
Quantum Entanglement


Also included is a review of other commentary from youtubers like:
Andy Hoffman, SGT Report, Rogue Money, Face Like the Sun, Greg Hunter

We give a full run down summary of what Lynette Zang was addressing in her breaking video that caused quite a stir in the world of  youtube financial talking heads.
We dissect the creepy illuminati like symbolism in the promotional videos of ACChain… they are not hiding the fact that they plan to take over the word currencies.

Also we cover China buying land in America turning it into digital currency and the prohibiting American citizens from purchasing it.

Towards the end we round out the show with some interesting spiritual aspects that may add deeper meaning to these events, such as “The Mark of the Beast” fallen angel financial systems and gold alchemy.

Links from the show:


Still Don’t Get Bitcoin? Here’s an Explanation Even a Five-Year-Old Will Understand

Explaining Crypto Currency Nodes and mining:

256 Bit Encryption

Bitcoin is encrypted by the standard SHA-256 which was designed by NSA.


Entaglement spooky action at a distance

China Accomplishes Quantum Computer Communication Network

China Is Building A Satellite-Based Global Quantum Communication Network

Special Drawing RIghts



Rogue Mornings – Events in Spain, US S Korea Drills & DNC IT Awan Indicted (08/18/2017)

Lynette Zangs resume and linked in profile.

The Global Unit of Account is now shifting from the USD to the SDR – ITM Trading’s Lynette Zang

Greg Hunter Lynett Zang- Financial System is Trustless – Gold

ACChain Website

The Global Unit of Account is now shifting from the USD to the SDR – ITM Trading’s Lynette Zang

Digital Asset SDR System: Establishing New Order of Block Chain Finance

China Digitized Real Estate US Citizens are not invited

Couple of years ago China started buying up lots of real estate in Texas

Show the ICO Tracker This is what the shift of the economy looks like

ACChain Promo Video

CONCERNS ARE LEGIT! Documented Evidence!a

Book of Enoch: Fallen Angels and Setting up the Financial Systems:

Show video of making gold from glass


  1. Frederick Malouf

    How to have a world exchange model that is incorruptible:

  2. Tom Trial

    The Dollar is already used in digital form. From credit cards to debit cards to wire / digital transfers.

  3. Paul Wilso

    haha ” she better understand it herself before she explains it to the general public”. LYNETTE UNDERSTANDS IT.     ( idiot)

  4. Paul Wilso

    quantum entanglement. distance no matter  2 particles  if identical. time distance are irrelevant.   this is how we are connected to God.  quantum computers exist quantum entanglement. action at a distance ” spooky ”  was the label Einstein gave it

  5. Paul Wilso

    decentralized currency  money for the internet. mined – computer goes work solving a digital problem, now only large computers can mine   block chain – the code is unhackable,  gave you an apple we both know it happened  you have control over the apple now. now I give you a digital apple. on the explanation goes. you need a really complex code. you have to trust the code. TRUST is a big concept here

  6. Paul Wilso

    Here is a good point; when someone knows more than you they may have control over you.  The more you understand yourself the better control YOU have  I will most willingly submit to Jesus Christ. – He knows more than anyone and I trust Jesus. Yes Yes Yes to Jesus

  7. F Architect


  8. Paul Wilso

    I love ❤️ Lynette ZANG ! ( as a radio host / economist / teacher ?‍?)

  9. yougottabekiddinme

    God Bless Lynette Zang and God Bless both of you for pointing out the unfairness of the attackers.

  10. Megan Todd

    I believe in Jesus of Nazareth and I believe that he is the Risen Christ and the Sonne of the Living God and he is the Living God. and there is no other.

  11. Paul Wilso

    yes Yes Yes.    Yes to Jesus    please everyone say YES to Jesus , we are in the Last Days before He returns for His glorious church

  12. Megan Todd

    wen I 1st heard of bitcoin which waznt that long ago but wen i 1st heard of it a Red flag popped into my mind, and dont u fret none cuz this girl aint interested in no digital money.

  13. Sherri Lynn Meilink

    Wow , 18:00 into lecture and I’m impressed , I am learning and understanding , not intimidated by complexity.I have done basic research myself .

  14. hey! dude!

    @ 1:31:00can you please send the link to this page you are showing please, ive been on the website but cannot find this page discussing ‘no americans allowed to purchase’. great great vid btw

  15. AmbroseYah

    ???He is terrified at the truth he’s doing his own cognitive dissonance, his entire foundation has been cracked and he doesn’t know what it means to conspire ?He’s quacking in his boots your kingdom is over Edom ?

  16. Judy Sheffer

    Wow great information just stumbled onto your channel And subscribed, thank you soo much peace be with you guys

  17. Ali Oliver

    The book of Enoch is not God breathe so I take it with a grain of salt.

  18. Ali Oliver

    So happy I believe in the Pre-Trib!



  20. HL Healinglove

    Also must hear Leviathan, released in Aug 2017 by this same video producer and you’ll understand today’s chaos.

  21. HL Healinglove

    Why quantum physics and data mining matter. Clear and simply explained. GET RIGHT W YR CREATOR NOW and don’t be yoked with another human casear! Just as you start to calm down, 1988 magazine source at about 1 hr 25. China also owns tons of farming districts in Africa to control food sources, and China itself is agrarian while everybody else nations are turning farms into concrete!

  22. John Doe

    You people just LOVE to rip one or two verses out of the Bible and right a novel out of it without understanding anything in context of the book, chapter or people it’s happening to, let alone understand history. By all means, tell us all about Bitcoin and the conspiracy but it has NOTHING to do with the Bible.

  23. don jones

    acchain =illuminati scam

  24. T Cole

    Ignorance is bliss, and that’s not a compliment

  25. don jones

    now 15k …who the hell is absorbing the value made ?

  26. tom Messina

    zang lets out a lot of info ,may be to muck

  27. Mike Powell

    So get in today for a brighter tribulation. Bitcoin, its for your family.

  28. bamidele olaniyan

    The Billion Coin (TBC) is the credible way out because its the only criptocurrency beyond the manipulation of the powers that be.

  29. Jata Johnson

    WOW! This… is… AMAZING!

  30. Terry Mathie

    I think that ..ACC stands for ANTI CHRIST CURRENCY’

  31. louise ridder

    Here is the cover of the Economist Magazine Nov. 25 – Dec.5, 2017.
    Seems like they are telegraphing the death of the dollar soon, with the symbols that they put on the federal reserve notes, such as the pyramid with the all-seeing eye capstone, the Lincoln Memorial, and the Roman laurel leaves on a grinning skull. We must keep praying in corporate prayer that their plans come to naught (nothing); that their agenda does not come to fruition. If the cup of iniquity runs over, and the Most High decides that there will be a judgment on humanity, may the wrath come from the Throne of the Most High,
    may He pulverize their technology, weaponry, and erase the world war they have planned for so long. Peace & Blessings.

  32. louise ridder

    Thank you for this info. Lynette Zang was attacked because she spoke truth and she can back up what she says.

  33. Paul Wilso

    yes she is a sweet heart , a truth teller , Much love to Lynette from everyone.

  34. Kent Gorman

    for Cryptocurrency mining and how to make good wages on your invested funds, contact me if you are good with it and i will show you how to earn over 15% of your capital daily and also every little detail you need to know or secret there is about it. reach me via emai

  35. ashwadhwani

    Bitcoin slaves will deserve your chains, you blockheads, Red flags are 1: Digital 2: Globalized 3: Backed by jack

  36. 360pack

    clif high is really downplaying the possibility of ai in addition to pushing bitcoin big time…

  37. adrian peirson

    She’s right, we should all stay with Govt / Banker issued fiat currency.

  38. Paul Jones

    Central banksters hijacked the chain concept from former bitcoin hubs, but the two have to been carefully distinguished. One is nefarious; the other is not. Ya gotta think clearly about this stuff.

  39. Paul Wilso

    they took your gold and gave you paper. wow the biggest fraud in the world

  40. Eileen Dannemann

    Clarified a lot. re: IMF how does China in regards to BRICS fit in…are they going to merge someday?China is in both…tells you something. The United States may be well served to join both like China

  41. pennerblu

    This IS an excellent video presentation on blockchain/bitcoin/etc.. I had very little knowledge of it because I’ve never really had any attraction to it & now that I have seen this, I understand so much better why it wasn’t pulling on me. A job well done here gang. See, sometimes we don’t draw to certain things but never know truly why. My connection to money has changed, i’m tired of buying or selling, sometimes I am even tired of eating but i do what i must. Ihave been in the hi-tech field most of my life but considered myself an anti-tech technician. I think you right on about the mark of the beast & the controllers DEVIOUS [as always] way of presenting it so it looks oh so cool. This crap creeps me out .. and may we stand together in what we believe is right .. stay they course. To thine own self be true

  42. Teresa Blosser

    pennerblu To Christ alone, be the glory, honor, power and riches.

  43. humbllbug

    ACchain AntiChrist chain?

  44. Mystery Buyer

    I am trying to determine if I myself can buy and hold ACChain coin. I can’t find the answer anywhere. If so can someone explain where to go if I am in the U.S.

  45. Voice of Verses

    hi. Do u know where can buy the coin. I can’t even find it. Please let me know.

  46. Mystery Buyer

    Voice of Verses I still don’t know. No one will tell me. I researched it but nothing. I don’t think it’s something normal people can buy yet.

  47. John Anthony

    I first heard of Lynette a few months ago when Gregg hunter interviewed her. I related to her “matter of fact’ way of speaking – just telling it like it is, aka the truth. Plus she actually SHOWS charts, backing up her truth and leaves it up to us to do whatever we feel is right for us. I  especially like her crypto-speak as i just can’t get my head around it and listening to her, i’ve chosen NOT to get involved, especially since Cryptocurrencies are NOT private ( how can anything be private when the banisters have all your info.?) and government already has tracking software ( from what I’ve read/heard on John Titus’ interviews ). Anyone that thinks Big Bother will allow the people to be successful  IN ANY WAY, without stealing some of that success, is living in a dream world, IMHO.  Thank you both for putting this out here and I’m now a new subscriber to your channel. Keep mum the truthful work. America needs it now, more than ever.

  48. james williams

    This current system you say “we can`t trust”, WAS once trusted, WHEN IT WAS BACKED BY GOLD. Now the banks want us on a system that is even less trustworthy than the present one, CASHLESS. That is the same thing as COMPLETE SLAVERY. The DEATH OF ALL FREEDOM. Bitcoin depends on the internet. Who controls the internet? What happens if an EMP takes the internet out for months? What will you use for money then? The banks don`t give a damn. They have been planning to depopulate the world anyway. They win either way and WE LOSE.

  49. donna field

    Wow you guys are awesome! I believe the blue dots are the countries that have been established already! Possibly other countries like China is already on board there has to be two more but I don’t know who they would be! Were you seen the yellow dots going around the AC they’ve just put it in blue form! I believe you’re fine that the Dragon is them! And then they become God that monitors and controls sometimes you have to read left to right or back to front ~ the reason why the dollar bill is in the center and all the other bills or surrounding it. It’s because the United States used to monitor everyone’s money be the third party ! No one will have to rely on the petrodollar any longer! And all other currencies are welcoming this because they don’t have to take on debt from the United States if they don’t have to give a commission! And other countries believe it’ll be much more fair to establish this form of currency! But then remember the Dragon and God is all of One! And who are they referring too?

  50. David

    This video is the confirmation that it’s ALL about ENERGY . So maybe what the establishment is trying to hide is the technology to produce free clean energy. The Real gold is ENERGY.

  51. Claude Bussieres

    Great analysis guys. Lynette’s discoveries May be closer to the truth than anyone cares to believe and which might be why it has everyone emotionally disturbed. Keep up the good work guys.

  52. David Demanbey

    Although I like much of what she talks about, Acchain is just a total scam. The IMF has no idea what acchain is. This is just a total scam and is fake news.

  53. MissinglinkTV1

    the AAChain logo is the “Vector” symbol found on all of their Affiliates from NASA to whoever…It’s a Satantic Symbol in plain sight. CryptoCurrency is nothing more than a smoke screen to a Cashless Society. they are gonna Crash the Dollar and every monetary means there is so they can Chip everybody. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!

  54. Wellness81

    great discussion, thanks…..but the globe and space stuff is looking like another con job, i hate to say

  55. K- shee

    After 1hour & about 39 mins into your presentation going into the spiritual aspect, it starts off with a spinning design on the screen. They are showing you Saturn, the planet Saturn. The upper part away from the rings around Saturn. This represents something else that you can check out on YouTube.

  56. Bitcoin University

    Become a super bitch……I mean super node.

  57. Bitcoin University

    1:51:00If ACChain were above Bitcoin and Ethereum, it wouldn’t need Bitcoin and Ethereum to fund.
    It would be self funding. It wouldn’t need Bitcoin and Ethereum at all. So ACChain is Bitcoin’s bitch.
    ACChain would be the bastard child of people dumb enough, short-sighted enough to fund a Beast Coin.

  58. Hernan Ferrigno

    Maybe is not going to be Cryptos soon. Is very easy for hackers take all your Cryptos for you wallet. If John McAfee was hacked “the king of the security” hackers will strike to hard that maybe the value is going to be close to zero . Only watch this video plis.

  59. Don Weaver

    Nobody talks much about LENR(cold fusion) nowadays but if it works out it would be a alchemy reality.

  60. Liselotte Johansson

    Thankyou for this video and thankyou for standing up for Lynette! I think what she found out is very important!!! And I hope she knows about this video!!!!!

  61. Reverend Tacos Guidos Mananeros

    I love it @ 1:28:00 talking about Chinese using those stupid coins to buy up real-estate in Texas,digitizing assets, & then the floods came,& took out the Dallas coastal region of Texas. it’s said it will cost 20 billion + dollars to rebuild that whole section of which is gone. All has to be rebuilt In my opinion anyone that trades any of those Crypto Currencies are working for Satan,& deserve what they get

  62. Real Speaks

    Good observation.

  63. Paul Wilso

    anyone who wants to make money fast will be punished – it says that in the Bible

  64. tanushka

    Fear. Fear is what you are missing. Fear your taxes can not be paid. Fear Your fuel and food can not be bought without currency and you will no longer exist. This fear is not with us by accident but by design.

  65. tanushka

    Today we trade wealth for promises. What real difference will digital currency in your account to digital currency in your digital wallet make you have not explained the real difference.

  66. mageew1

    WOW!  This video was the greatest and brought together for me all the loose ends.  I’ve watched ALL the videos referenced in it, from sgtreport to all Lynette’s videos.   I had already concluded that God used Lynette to expose this END TIME plot to bring in the satanic NWO system.   What she exposed would fulfill critical end time prophecies.  I am so happy I came across this video and I will be checking out your web site and looking for more of your videos.    God bless.   For those folks who are not saved yet, YOU are running out of time as there is a convergence of End Time Bible Prophecies happening now.

  67. Real Speaks

    Wow! Thank you so much for such a nice comment! We are so happy this video helped you it is our passion to put out content like this to help folk. God bless.

  68. Reverend Tacos Guidos Mananeros

    I love it @ 1:28:00 talking about Chinese using those stupid coins to buy up real-estate in Texas,digitizing assets, & then the floods came,& took out the Dallas coastal region of Texas. it’s said it will cost 20 billion + dollars to rebuild that whole section of which is gone. All has to be rebuilt In my opinion anyone that trades any of those Crypto Currencies are working for Satan,& deserve what they get

  69. Real Speaks

    WOW! What a good point, never thought of that till now.

  70. Susans Soul Shines

    Maybe China will be rebuilding some in TX when they’re able to start rebuilding, and they could even have Americans working for them so no one will suspect anything. Just a thought, they sure have a soon to be blank slate to work with there once the cleanup is done. God be with us all.

  71. ITM Trading

    Thank you for presenting this topic in a high-level format and with an open mind. Also, thank you for supporting Lynette.

  72. mageew1

    Oh I’m just seeing your comment Lynette.  Glad you saw this video.

  73. Real Speaks

    Wow! So honored to hear from you. I wasn’t kidding when I said I felt that Lynette reminded me of one of my old bosses in finance back in the states that I really admired and respected. Keep up the great work and we’ve subscribed to your channel and really enjoy your high quality content!

  74. Hoser Ehh

    There is alot of controlled opposition going on in what is referred to as ‘the truth movement’ on literally ALL fronts that literally achieve the final and absolutely necessary process of establishing this new world order ‘New age‘, known as externalization of the hierarchy. Both focus on the two obvious components, the coming one world religion and one world currency. Anyone who is steering people towards what the powers that be are steering the world towards, especially using the same formula of externalization of the hierarchy, is NOT bringing the truth out, they are externalizing what was created and offering the pre- planned ‘’solution‘’ so that it is accepted.

  75. Ngone Aw

    Thanks ITM and thanks for this excellent presentation, I have one disagreement, the use of the word “buy” you cannot “buy” anything with “currencies” you can only exchange, currencies are owned, and regulated by banksters and issued to the masses by legal decree and has a debt attached to everything you exchange it for.

  76. Hoser Ehh

    That’s true technically speaking because it is fiat. Debt is attached to it the same as it is attached to people.

  77. humbllbug

    ACchain AntiChrist chain?

  78. Paul Wilso

    I love Walter Veith   So intelligent  He was a professor of biochemistry and a geneticist at the University South Africa  then he became a bible scholar. When he discovered that our chromosome contain genes to fix broken genes !!!! then he said ” there is NO Evolution” there is only CREATION  and he gave his life to our God – The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.    Jesus saves and will save us from the wickness of this world

  79. Jane Air

    1:22:43 Digitalize Tokenize Symbolize = 666 (Franc Baconis gematria).

  80. 62sugarbear

    Andy lost it on Karen Hudes  also.

  81. Real Speaks

    Yeah we thought about bringing that up too but just didn’t have time. I’ve spoken to Karen and even though she’s into the alien thing I think some of her stuff is pretty sound… not all but some. <3

  82. Bobby Boucher

    Andy Hoffmann is a used car salesman selling gold…Bix has made a living off a comic book which is actually about china, not the US..V is a nobody, trying to make a living off youtube…Clif High uses big words to hide the fact that years of predictions never came true…can you see why they are jealous of Lynette? All four of those half wits totally missed the chinese quantum satellite importance.

  83. Real Speaks

    Well said, I almost feel guilty for laughing.

  84. Star light

    This should come more clear once ONE ties in the tracking of manufacture, or the chain in agricultural production all linked to ISO and other international standards of acceptance; but more importantly, everything, even diamonds will have been sourced and properly TRACKED for taxation and transaction purposes. BLOOD diamonds or opiate based psycho management for world indoctrination – it won’t MATTER.

  85. Patrick Grimes

    Dynamite presentation!!! I was hoping someone would produce a video like this. Two thumbs way up for Real Speaks.

  86. Don Task

    Max Keiser said to buy Bitcoin at 4 per penny

  87. SGTreport

    Hey guys, I appreciate you digging into this issue and the controversy surrounding ACChain. I only wish you had made it clear earlier in your video that I was defending Lynette and defending the exploration for truth. It was my (second) interview with her which was about about ACChain that led to the firestorm, and I felt the responsibility to defend her. Regarding ACChain and what the Chinese are up to in general, as you have shown here, Lynnette appears to be more right than wrong. I have posted your video at and ThePhaser.comKeep up the great work.

  88. Real Speaks

    Sean we are thrilled to hear from you! Been listening to your shows faithfully for years now. Who knows maybe one day we can come on as a guest… we’ve got lots to share. Thanks for your comment and for your work on Lynette and this issue even though we know you took a lot of heat… but we totally support your way of presenting…you are top knotch! God Bless you friend and keep up the great work. Hope to talk some day. And also would like to send you a free printed copy of our book “Forbidden Tech” you might find it super interview worthy!

  89. mageew1

    Sgt glad U posted their video on your site,  It is very well done and easy to follow.  Hope you interview them soon.  Their work needs more exposure

  90. stargate Jrod

    It’s well known…or should have been by now, that “Bitcoin” is a “CIA” tool : ]

  91. Real Speaks

    Jrod!!! So good to see you here! Thanks for watching, we missed you 🙂

  92. Martin Lemona

    exactly, and cliff high is a cia agent in my opinion. I have seen enough to know how to profile people. it is scary.

  93. Artytom Inquisitive Minds

    Hi Martin. I came to a similar conclusion but it doesn’t quiet add up. He seems to be a trauma victim or a person who has undergone extreme social reprogramming. His body language doesn’t make sense.

  94. Paul Wilso

    I learn so much just reading comments  Bite coin is CIA  Cliff High is CIA SHADOW GOVERNMENT.  Im sure bite coin is CIA  Clif High – may or may not be CIA ?  something to think about  I like Clif

  95. AncientEgyptQueen

    Believe it or not, benevolent beings from other worlds made these megalithic structures you showed in this video, not fallen angels. Not many believe this, but it’s true. I am Christian and also an author with a book titled, “God’s Secrets Revealed/ A Message of Hope for a Planet in Peril” if you’d like to learn more on this subject. I will leave you a link to my website to preview this book. But I completely agree that the AAChain will be tied to the Mark of the Beast. Thanks for a great presentation! God Bless!

  96. Daimer Brasil

    AncientEgyptQueen Believe It or not, beings from other worlds can lie too. And they lie with a mystical context to be more convincent.

  97. AncientEgyptQueen

    Daimer Basil~No, that is in error. Beings from other worlds serve God even more fully than we do and lying is not in them. Remember, Satan was cast out of the Heavenly realm, to earth. Where do you think other worlds are if they’re not part of the Heavenly community where God and His Son Jesus live with all the angels.

  98. Paul Wilso

    good luck with your book

  99. AncientEgyptQueen

    As far as I am concerned, V, Bix & Andy Hoffman ALL discredited themselves by attacking Lynette Zang. She hit a “truth nerve” that even THEY can’t stand! To me, this has separated them from the Truth, the way they reacted. They reacted EMOTIONALLY and that’s very telling. If they wanted to merely disagree, fine. But when emotions become involved, there’s an underlying reason which is Lynette was TELLING the TRUTH and for some reason, (probably because these three are profiting so much from Bitcoin, etc), and they don’t want someone coming along and messing up what they’ve got. I believe Lynette, NOT THEM! Bye Guys!!!

  100. Real Speaks

    Well said! This is the way we felt also about this situation.

  101. AncientEgyptQueen

    Real Speaks Yes! I believe these guys feel threatened by Lynette’s words because they don’t want to believe that crypto’s will be used (by the evil ones) to ultimately digitize and control the world’s currency; because right now, they are decentralized and making them lots of money. It’s hard to admit that that won’t always be the case.

  102. jimsjoe1

    Lynette Zang is simply a marketing director of a metals firm that markets to consumers and she has been using fear porn to get people out of other assets and into metals. She has been totally debunked. One of my problems with the net is that it has become full of people making ridiculous statements and none of these have any experience trading any financial market, they know nothing of currencies or international trade settlement and of course no knowledge of what is really going on. Take her claim that the IMF is going to use the ACChain with the SDR. Total BULLSHIT! The ACChain is open source which can be copied and no bank, or country or the IMF would use such a system that they have not patented. In fact the IMF has come out and stated that know nothing of the ACChain and have no plans to use any block chain technology with the SDR. The SDR is reserved by central banks and approved to be used by them and certain government agencies. The public cannot buy it, use it to buy things and it is held by countries as part of their official reserves. The value of the SDR is set at noon every day in London and is based on the value of the currencies backing it in relation to other currencies traded on the FOREX market. Another claim by Zang is that the SDR is going to be used as a one world currency. This is also BULLSHIT! As explained above the public cannot use it and in addition a country must be able to strengthen or weaken their currency as needed depending on economic conditions. A one world currency does not allow this so one one is going to use it. Take the countries in southern Europe when they went to the euro. They were all unable to weaken it when needed to to offset this they had to take on massive debt loads. To pay for this they raised taxes, cut government workers and salaries, cut pensions and then cut social programs which caused businesses to go bankrupt and lay off workers which in turn collapsed the banks and the countries all in southern Europe. Two banks failed in Italy and one in Spain with massive unemployment. Now Italy, Germany, Belgium and Finland are all talking about going back to their own currencies and in 2018 the EU and its countries all collapses.
    The largest consulting firm on the planet is Armstrong Economics and their clients worldwide are multinationals, large financial institutions and central banks. No one is going to a one world currency and if this young lady really had a financial background she should know all of this. What financial analyst does not know you that you cannot use open source software with any financial products. Folks this is just common sense!

  103. AncientEgyptQueen

    The Bible says different and I am sticking to God’s Word for ultimate TRUTH!

  104. Real Speaks

    Gorilla… is that you? 😉

  105. Don Task

    you should have started with once upon a time

  106. stick

    what you don’t understand is she is a private person with a private channel who has the right to give private economic theories or do you prefer to live in a society (1984) that does not allow this?

  107. Paul Wilso

    Thanks for your clarification and much work. She seems to be very intelligent ?!! And you also !! Buyer beware I say. I also think you can’t go wrong with silver or gold in your hand

  108. Paul Wilso

    you sound very intelligent , however few people will read your entire explanation

  109. Sandra Rowe

    Yes yes this all comes back to God he made everything. I believe that we been slaves since birth they took our birth and bonded us out for money credit and they are in charge of you the chattel. A lot of people are talking about T.DA. accounts . They say to claim your name. What do you THANK about all that.

  110. Real Speaks

    I lived with Heather Anne Tucci in Morocco and I was personally involved with this in the very beginning and saw some things that were not disclosed to people who are trying to do this. I made a very clean break from all of these people and disassociated myself from them. A lot of people have been severely hurt by this movement… including the loss of life savings, incarceration and even suicide. I have a very strong warning to people who are looking into the TDA accounts… DO NOT DO IT YOU WILL END UP IN JAIL OR WORSE, DO NOT TRUST THIS WOMAN. I strongly suggest that anyone who is truly interested in hearing about this warning to please message me through messenger. I will send you the whole story if you really want to know. If I get enough messages I just might do a video on it. In the meantime I’m not interested in the attacks from the group of people who follow this guru.

  111. Sandra Rowe

    Thanks you know the holy spirit put in my spirit that this was a setup for Gods people . I believe we are free thru Christ Jesus his Holy Blood makes us free. God Bless y’all for helping others. Love in Christ Jesus

  112. Jane Air

    Thanks for that info. I saw ‘Sensei’ and 2005 on the wine bottle, too. Sensei: a teacher, one who has gone before, person born before another. In 2005, Nick Szabo wrote Bit Gold, but the very first block of the blockchain that occurred was the “Genesis Block.” So we go from Serpent to Serpent, the same teacher that Eve listened to in the Garden of Eden.

  113. John Rev13.16

    Yes. The whole Puscifer music video is satanic in my opinion. The Raven (opposite of the dove), goat skull (pentagram) , flower opening, at the end when the sun rises= return of Christ, while the whole earth is destroyed, the man raises his gun to battle Christ (battle at mageddo/Armageddon)

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