This is my story. I was a born again Christian as a teenager, and then I joined a fundamentalist Christian cult and was hurt by the church. I abandoned God and practiced witchcraft for 13 years living in Salem Massachusetts. I then had a crisis that made me dive deep into the new age movement. I was attacked by demons while I experimented with new age mysticism. God saved me through his holy spirit and Jesus helped me cast out the devils that were ruining my life.

I felt moved in my heart to share my testimony in this video. (I’ve put time stamps in the video description on Youtube to help move through the different topics I cover)  In the first part I tell you about my childhood and my mixed spiritual influences. Then I describe how I was hurt by a Christian cult and left God and the church then turned to practicing “Wicca” witchcraft. I go through “The gamut” of new age doctrines and experiences that I followed from 2012 on. This new age gamut is so convoluted that I had to write them all down to stay on track but I think I covered most of the false teachings that have been so prevalent in our modern culture today. Then I share stories of how I was attacked by demons on several different occasions. Then I share my experiences with Jesus Christ and how I feel that God has saved me and healed me from the pain of the evil and false teachings in our world. I talk about the amazing feeling of God’s love, the holy spirit and the countless wonders and miracles that god has been revealing in these times. The truth of it all is more spectacular than any new age doctrine out there. Then I talk about some of the arguments around the bible, Christianity, Jesus, the Crusades, the Vatican etc.

I want to thank everyone for listening to my testimony. It was very important to me to be able to put it out there and share it. Honestly, it was not the easiest thing to do as this sort of thing is something that is usually very personal. However I hope that perhaps someone out there might be going through some of the same things i’ve been through and perhaps my testimony can help them in some way.

A special thank you to the many other  souls who have come out of the new age movement who were brave enough to share their stories. I’ve watched so many of them and they have helped me to create my own.  Here is a list of links to others testimonies and helpful videos and websites that I have found to be helpful in my own journey.

Steven Barncarz Prominent New Age Author for Spirit Science who turned to Jesus
His testimony that made me weep like a baby
His incredible new apologetic website

Trey Smith of God in a Nutshell. Controversial Documentaries About the Flood, Entities, Angels and Demons 

Vigilant Christian Exposing Videos on the New Age Movement and the New World Order

Chris Whites Work Exposing the New Age Movement and the New World Order

Philia Ministries with James & Lea DiNonno  former new agers with an incredible youtube channel

Highly Recommended Videos:


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    I’m an ex-New Age blogger turned Christian after having a personal experience of Jesus. Thanks for watching and stay tuned!
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  1. Andrew Gilbert Smith

    Love this !! We are assuredly kindred spirits !!

  2. Earle Gilgeous

    Naima Dawn Feagin is this post about your experiences it sounds like it is i just want to make sure

  3. Naima Dawn Feagin

    you have no idea how much this means to me to hear. I was really nervous with telling my story. Thank you brother. <3

  4. Naima Dawn Feagin

    Yes, this is purely my testimony, telling my story and what I experienced.

  5. Earle Gilgeous

    Naima Dawn Feagin thats brave of you to share ( thank you ) for doing that ,, i hope you have a happy and productive 2017 ,, – enjoy

  6. Naima Dawn Feagin

    BTW I am catching up on your articles as well, just been super busy with the end of the year stuff, but can’t wait to read them all.

  7. Naima Dawn Feagin

    Earle Gilgeous thank you. Who knows, maybe it will help someone out there. All I know is that it felt to me like the right thing to do.

  8. Earle Gilgeous

    Naima Dawn Feagin im sure lots of people will take strength from the fact you took the time to expose some sensitive ( even private ) part of your past , in order to make 2017 easier to cope with as u know a lot of people keep things like that to themselves and thats not good ,,its a ticking time bomb ,, so again good on you ,, and also the energy devices you are working with ,, again for the greater good

  9. Jack Rikarika

    Wow so torched but what actually happened before leaving the fundamentalist cult.That part is missing.Thanks for sharing

  10. Naima Dawn Feagin

    Yeah, I left that part private on purpose to protect members of my family that were also hurt by the cult.

  11. Steve Tichi

    I enjoy your blog and look forward to coming to Morocco with family and visit in person.

  12. Jack Rikarika

    Understandable.Never regretted watching the video.The world is indeed being controlled by the devil and their agents and I know soon I mean very soon the real owner will come to take over.I pray you overcome any attack that might come your way for sharing this.Im humbled.God bless you

  13. Naima Dawn Feagin

    Jack Rikarika wow thank you so much for that! your prayers are felt. No weapon formed against us shall prosper.

  14. Frances James

    Thanks for the courage you’ve mustered, Naima, to follow the guidance given you to share what you did.

    Wow – you’ve been on a quite a spiritual (and emotional and social) journeying in your 39 years, Sis! I feel fortunate to have been born with a strong connection to spirit, and have never felt compelled to follow any path other than the guidance I’ve always felt. So, fortunately for me, I haven’t gone through the same kind of pains and traumas you’ve experienced. Have taken a superficial interest in what individuals or groups offer in regards to spirituality, yet have never felt compelled to ‘follow’, ‘do’, or ‘join’ any of it.

    Yep – when one has felt and remains connected to that deep inner knowing, that deep inner guidance (and the incredible peace and certainty that comes with it), the tendency to get sucked into the next thing on offer ‘out there’ just doesn’t hold appeal. Also, the tendency to focus on self dissipates, opening one far more to caring for one’s fellow man and for the wellbeing of all.

    I can’t say I agree with all you’ve shared here, yet do agree with the essential message of listening to inner, rather than outer guidance. It’s not mind-stuff we need to listen to (which draws us off in all sorts of crazy directions), but rather a listening to that arises and is deeply felt and known from within. People call that by many names, and God/Jesus/Holy Spirit certainly is the connection many feel. My personal guidance/knowing is very broad and inclusive, though, yes, I did have a momentary personal connection with ‘Jesus’ when I was very young, and that experience has remained with me as something very supportive.

    Like you said, though, I’m not here to argue or push my point, and respect that all are making/taking their own particular journeying through this life. I don’t think things are as black or white as they may seem, and DO believe that all religions and all spiritual paths hold at least SOME truth. If we just allow (and trust) our inner guide to show the way, we won’t find ourselves in too much trouble. AND we’ll find great inner peace, as you said/implied.

    Thanks again for your sharing. I appreciate you greatly, and respect the incredible journey and courageous steps you’ve taken. Much love to you, brave and admirable soul. Much love also to that beautiful mother of yours, to her great partner, and to the beautiful man you’re now with, who I’ve seen from the beginning really IS a blessing in your life 🙂

    I See you, I Honour you, and I’m grateful that you’re here on earth with us all at this time. Big Hug ( (( <3 )) )

  15. Naima Dawn Feagin

    Frances James, you are one of my favorite internet friends and always have been. I love you so dearly and really appreciate your beautiful response to my testimony. Honestly I wish all people who have a different belief would be more like you. I was so nervous about sharing this story because I really did not want to offend anybody, I don’t really want to get into any heated debates, and I most certainly do not feel the need to “convert” anyone to believing the same as me. We are each on our journeys and even Jesus said we are “called”. All I know is that the difference in my own life lately has been such a beautiful relief from some of the darkness that I mentioned in my testimony. While this is my story and my past, it most certainly does not seem to reflect the way I am or feel today… we can all change so drastically when we go through some stuff. You are incredibly Frances. Your friendship, your beautiful comments and your support over the years means the world to me. Biggest blessing and hugs on you dear friend. From our whole family who loves you and holds you in our hearts. <3

  16. Frances James

    Thanks, Naima. I really am happy for you that you’ve reached the place of peace that you have despite the ongoing challenges you face. There’s no doubt that once connected to the ‘Light’, darkness loses its grip . . .

    Blessings and hugs in return, admirable soul, and much love once again to your family <3

  17. Smith Michelle

    yes, violent flames were definitely going to come out of your ears…but not in the way you thought at the time. Thank you for sharing your amazing story. You’re a wise woman for seeing through the deception and coming out of it. God Bless you!

  18. Son of Sothis

    Look, i’m glad you found your path. But you can’t blame your misfortune in life on a belief system. If wiccan or new age beliefs aren’t for you then fine, you don’t have to make up lies about our religion and being attacked by demons. You didn’t have to spend that much money on witchcraft tools, simple tools would have worked fine. it’s not the tools that make the witch. I don’t understand why many self proclaimed ex witches/occultists feel they must demonize these practices by giving false testimonies about being attacked by demons, look I have practiced the craft for awhile now I never had the same problems.When I see these testimonies there is one thing I find rather funny, it’s only these born again christians that are claiming this nonsense, but not those of us who actually practice these arts. we don’t have these demonic encounters.
    I’m sorry you where fired from your job and cheated on, but theres no need to place blame on a religion.

  19. poppygirl76

    Interesting that the protective amulet DID actually work? Does that mean there is some good and some truth in it?

  20. Thai Land

    Havent heard much about jesus?????

  21. Robert Purnell

    America will soon be destroyed !!!
    The, “Elijah anointing,” (Concerning the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ) is used “TWICE.”

    The first time 2,000 years ago, when God sent John the Baptist, then again in this day.

    At each, “Coming of the Lord,” there is an Elijah prophet who precedes that, “Coming.”

    Jesus said concerning John the Baptist.
    Matthew 3:3.
    For this is he that was spoken of by the prophet Elijah, saying, The voice of one crying in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make his paths straight.

    John, “Prepared the way for the Lord,” John did NOT restore anything, as that which would need to be restored, had not yet been given.

    This scripture concerns the Elijah prophet for, “THIS DAY.”
    Matthew 17:11.
    And Jesus answered and said unto them, Elijah truly shall FIRST COME, and RESTORE all things.

    God has fulfilled the above scripture in THIS DAY.

    God stated in His word that God would send a prophet in the “Last days” to “Restore” the original understanding of the word of God, which the Apostles had.

    We are now living in the last days, God has kept His word and sent that prophet, thereby “Restoring” His word to His Bride.

    God has raised the dead on FIVE occasions through His chosen vessel.

    God was photographed SIX times, (Veiled in the form of the Pillar of Fire) with His prophet.

    God`s chosen vessel was William Marrion Branham.

    Judgement is coming to America, do you wonder why ?

    One Sunday morning in June, 1933, God gave seven major continuous visions to His prophet William Marrion Branham (Fulfilling Malachi 4:5 + Matthew 17:11 + Revelation 10:7 and other scriptures)

    Five of the seven continuous visions, have already come to pass.

    “The last and seventh vision was wherein I heard a most terrible explosion. As I turned to look I saw nothing but debris, craters, and smoke all over the land of America.”

    Judgement is coming to America, do you wonder why ?

    Check out William Branham, God`s “Vindicated Prophet” for the End Time.

    God raised the dead FIVE times through this ministry.

    The GREAT PILLAR OF FIRE was photographed SIX times with His Prophet.

    One “True Prophet” when there are many “False Prophets.”

    These and other “Prophetical scriptures” fulfilled:

    Malachi 4:5.
    Matthew 17:11.
    Revelation 10:7.
    Revelation 3:14.
    Revelation 1:16 – 20.
    Revelation 2:1.
    Revelation 3:1.

    Watch this amazing testimony on YouTube:
    Ed Byskal – I am a witness (Testimony on William Branham)

  22. Kristine Eschedor

    Trusting your Creator is not “religion”. It is TRUTH. Paganism is re-legion. The Bible is the history of the earth. Past, present and future.

  23. nitsrah

    I relate to you in that I drifted away and despite my unfaithfulness the Lord drew me back. I remember Hosea 2 as God dealt with Israel , Hosea dealt with his unfaithful Gomer. I live among some Muslims and was a bad witness to one In particular. Yet God gives me perspective of His love for them on youtube. Sat7arabic shows Arab christians worshipping Jesus. I am like you and am able to discern the voice of Jesus from the lies, I was guided to Chuck Missler, Gary Wayne, LA Marzulli and others as they inform us about end times, nephilim, and prophecy. I am very happy for you and your dedication to your Love Jesus. Thank you for this clear and awesome acount of your journey,

  24. Maayraa Star

    see ‘star myths’….bible scholars show the whole jesus story is metaphorical, was never ment to be literal. You are ‘God’, it is inside you and meditation is the only way to go.

  25. Slant Six

    Remember that serving Christ is different than life before him. You don’t say, God help ME do this or that, you say WE! There aren’t your goals and God’s Goals. They are the same. To be independent as a worldly person is a goal that is sought after. For Christians it is the opposite, we are to be to be as dependent on Christ as possible in all areas of life, we are to have a relationship with him, not independence from him.

  26. shadowsFXD

    That’s bc Satan mimics God. Wiccans copy Catholics. You got it backwards.

  27. shadowsFXD

    That’s bc Satan mimics God. Wiccans copy Catholics. You got it backwards.

  28. mezmerized

    Leaving the new age? When and where did you sign-up? Religion is a belief system. Christ an Avatar last time I checked.Thank you for the testimony nonetheless .

  29. Nicole Dawkins

    Thanks for your story it gives me more hope in my life learning Jesus is good and God and is the way the truth and the life and he is just like father God

  30. Nicole Dawkins

    Hey I just thought this website and it’s bible knowledge would be interesting to you. Take a look and it’s your choice to believe or disbelieve I just connected to your story and that your a truth seeker like me and I just want to share some knowledge I’ve learned about God. You Google ” Come and reason ministries “.. ☺hope enjoy the the bible studies and topics about how Jesus exposes Satan’s lies in our life’s

  31. Ace

    Hearing the end of your video about reincarnation in the bible. Yes, you’re right, the Bible never taught about reincarnation. All found Papyrus scrolls and fragments have shown the NT to be 98 percent accurate. The other 2 percent being only scriber errors such as grammar and spelling. The oldest right now is estimated “possibly” to be around 45AD. None of them talk about reincarnation. The new age claim “Jesus taught Reincarnation, but they removed it from the bible” is false. I tell New Agers this all the time, but it goes in one ear and out the other…they don’t want to hear the evidence against it. Not a single found fragment or scroll has shown any changes. In fact, it’s one of the only sources to have so many so many fragments found dating back to the 2nd century, and it be unchanged and accurate. The Council of Nicaea never addressed reincarnation…there’s no record of that. I’m not Catholic, but I’ll include a site that describes it better than I can about the whole Council of Nicaea thing…it never happened, reincarnation was not even a topic for them. Born again in the bible means to be born a new person with the Holy Spirit under Christ…not reincarnation like New Agers try and make it. John the Baptist was “like that of” Elijah but was not him reincarnated.  It’s just a new age myth mostly pushed by an actress named Shirley Maclaine to push her own new age agenda back in the 1980s:  and here are some other good resources:  &

  32. Ace

    Laura Maxwell’s testimony about leaving New Age/Wiccan to be a Christian, and how her “Spirit Guides” and “dead relatives” turned out to be demons that tried to attack her and her mother after they accepted Christ.

  33. Ace

    The Earth is shifting, vibration changes, a major world event, a transcending event…new agers are still doing it. They’re claiming around 2019 now.  QHHT movement (a form of healing hypnosis and past life regression) has people in trance talking to their “spirit guides”, being told a major earth shit is going to happen around 2019, UFO stuff, same junk. It’s just a bunch of crap that I’m glad I left too. If you want to read a good book that exposes the New Age Movement with a guy who got caught up with channeling to find out his spirit guides and guides his group were channeling started out about reincarnation, forward development, spiritual growth to finding out these so called guys were manipulating them, lying about who they were, causing emotional and mental breakdowns to those involved with them, and very malicious beings with an agenda. The book is called “The Siren Call of Hungry Ghosts” by Joe Fisher. You can read it here:

  34. Hope Moore

    Thanks for watching everyone! My testimony has been shared on other channels as well and so far its reached a lot of people. Hope you can find it helpful. God bless.

  35. Dr 7RUTH

    Never mind I got it Thanx

  36. AmigoDontMessConmigo

    What christian preacher are you talking about in 1:09:00 ? Great testimony btw!!! God bless you!

  37. el

    This first channel helps understand Christianity from a scientific perspective
    this channel is good for addressing supposive Bible erros amogst other things
    and a third channel that is very helpful in navigating through the Bible itself
    for those who are interested I recommend these channels for understanding why Christianity is true.

  38. tigfel

    if you want apologetic s look for Gary Habermas ,John Lennox ,Ravi Zacharias, Lee Strobel but don’t worry our Father will through His Spirit tell you what you should say . Don’t Beat Yourself Up about it. I think you will find that YOUR LIFE AND YOUR TESTIMONY will go alot farther than you can imagine. remember you sow the seeds but the holy spirit is the one that brings ppl through to salvation. Just keep loving those around you . i pronounce a blessing from Jesus on you . love you sister 🙂 🙂

  39. anderson taylor

    Thank you for sharing your testimony. Praise the Lord!

  40. The popo

    This is a powerful testimony… Blessed be the name of the Lord Jesus…

  41. Jen G.

    I agree with your skepticim about the New Age movement. But, there is some truth in all, and alot of manipulations in all, including the bible and christianity, which is mostly church programming. If you research deeper into Jesus, and learn about how he was part of the Jewish group known as the Essenes. The Essenes were different from the regular Jews, in that the Essenes were into metaphysics and energy. It’s scientifically proven that we are energy beings, that is why the MRI and EKG work in measuring heart and brain energy. What I’m saying is, there is truth in all, and manipulations in all.
    You really believe the satanic factions are going to put out the biggest mind control book on the planet, the bible, and give you the keys to the higher realms?? No way. They are going to do what they do in the New Age, and give you some truths and then fill it with things that never get you higher or give you the real answers. It’s all the same.
    You really believe a “God” would ask a father, Abraham, to sacrifice his own son? And then say it’s a joke?? What type of psychotic person would do that? Look at all the psycho verses in the bible about stoning misbehaving children, keeping sex slaves, cutting women’s arms off that try to intervene in their husbands affairs? I mean, this is also psychotic.
    The truth is, all religions are controlled. The truth about Jesus was that he was an Essene. He also spent 15 or so years in India studying with Bhuddists and Hindus. He was not a Christian like people today. He was an Essene who talked about energy, astrology, meditation. If you put both religions together you would probably have more of the truth, but if you just take what they hand out to you, you will be right back being mind controlled by the satanists. What they don’t teach Christians is that their thoughts are what is keeping them suffering. So by keeping Christians just worshiping an idol, which is against Hebrew religion (Idolatry) they don’t actually realize that it’s their own energy and thoughts that are keeping them in a lower level realm.
    You are skeptical, but I think you are just jumping from one frying pan into another burning frying pan, and not quiet really getting to the truth. Maybe you will look into the historic research of the Essenes and Jesus’s time in India and these missing years in the bible. Question everything!! And follow no one.

  42. Tadrian Hosang

    thank u for sharing this is really nice, iv subscribed to ur channel please check out our videos too when u hv the chance and sub bk..#support.. thank u Gods blessing go before u..

  43. VintageMari

    Thank you, sister, for sharing your testimony. Cults are dangerous. This happened to me with the Mormon church as a young woman (20ish) and I abandoned the god of their religion. Mormonism turned me off of Christ entirely. I said, “if the god of mormonism is the only true god, then I want nothing to do with him.” Instead, I joined the occult, but the Lord saved me in August of 2014. Praise Him! You and I are the same age. I spent ALL that time without our true Lord. Cults damage people’s faith! We have a friend who recently left a fundamentalist cult but praise God she is still a believer and using her experience to honor God. Anyway, thank you for being brave enough to share your experiences. May the Lord keep you ALWAYS! Thank you, Jesus, for saving our beautiful sister from the enemy. Amen!

  44. david cochrane

    thanks for sharing this. you encouraged me. i have been into the new age and had some bad experiences like nightmares and confused. may god bless you david

  45. m

    Thank you, beautiful testimony.Bless you

  46. Isibor Omwanghe

    And I know what your doing … ?

  47. Isibor Omwanghe

    thank for sharing your story with us

  48. Rebecca Emanuel

    I believe God has chosen you to walk the life you did to help many people who haven’t found the Lord Jesus Christ yet and look where you are !, Amazing grace that is what it is ! Stay safe and spread the gospel walk that fine line Bless you so much sister for your testimony!!! Peace be with you !

  49. Tim Etherington

    When it comes to Islam and Christianity I recommend a Youtube show called Jesus or Mohammed and a guy called David Wood.

  50. Tim Etherington

    If you are interested in the historicity of the Bible look up Gary Habbermas.

  51. Tim Etherington

    Stick to Jesus. Stick to the Bible and measure any Church against both. If they don’t line up just keep on walking with Jesus.

  52. Tim Etherington

    Welcome back sister. If I can recommended a great apologist to you I recommend you watch Ravi Zacharias on youtube. Keep reading your Bible too.

  53. Elisabeth Jean

    I watched your video, I can relate. I was curious, you said you are studying things like the way the bible was put together, how do you find this information? I would like to do a little studying myself.

  54. Elisabeth Jean

    Thank you for sharing, it was very well put together!

  55. gary blais

    Hope, go and google YAHUAH. And you may find yourself on a new path. 🙂

  56. Giovanni Formichelli

    I love you so much thanks for all this I’ve listened to every single word till the end! God bless your life forever till the end and more! I’ve been attacked by a demon too! I’m not alone!

  57. Miss K Love

    Thank you for sharing your story, amazing testimony!

  58. Frea Bezu

    Hi sister I’m glad that you came to the truth of life. Jesus said “I am the way the truth and the life, without Him no one comes to the Father”. So I recommend you to watch some videos of Nabeel Qureshi that before he came to the Lord he argued that the Bible changed over the course of time but he tells us how he got to the truth that may give you some idea. And more than all read your Bible in New Testaments specially till you grow stronger in your faith my God bless you and make you a reason for others to come to the kingdom of all mighty God!!!

  59. Donna Nichols

    I don’t believe a women should cut her short.But trim sure.I also dont wear make up,I do skincare an natural,I don’t wear pants because i feel it shows our curves an crotch.But i had no church an got my convictions by the holy spiritButvi know some of those churches an they are doctrines an taught.Not conviction also believe in head covering but not to be a fashion but in humility to the most high.Loved your testimony gal..I hope your business takes off.That the most high blesses y’all mightily an i will subscribe to your channel…Blessings sweetie…

  60. Amy Keoening

    you are me. you sound just like where i am

  61. elizabeth taylor

    you seem a lovely person . and your story sound like;s mine ,,, which church are you  with pls

  62. elizabeth taylor

    I would like your help. I don’t want to be a witch anymore I love jesus  but every time I try an leave wiccan something happens  bad always bad  iv tried to go to a church but they don’t help me  they are scared of me because im very powerful which I will give up a heart beat help pls. which church are you with . plus im English

  63. Hopegirl Youtube

    This video was shared by Vigilant Christian Youtube, and combined now over 15,000 people have heard my testimony! Wow! Such a powerful move of God, and I feel so honored that my story has touched so many. I’ve gotten so many letters and comments privately telling me that my story helped others to share theirs, so I’ve decided to open the comments section for this video. God bless you all.

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