I just wanted to thank you for reading my blog!  If you’re like me, you’ve realized by now that main stream media has a SERIOUSLY HUGE disconnect with what is really going on in our world. This has gotten so bad that it has come to the point where we are just not being told the full story about almost everything and anything.

When I first realized this I felt… well, lost. It was so hard to find the relevant information amidst all the lies and propaganda. And then when I finally found some REAL news I felt like it was a hard won treasure and I just had to share this information with my friends. After a while, just sending links to friends wasn’t going to be enough. This is when I decided to create the HopeGirl Blog, and it’s been an amazing adventure ever since that time.

The original blog now has over 2 million hits! Then I improved the blog in 2016 by expanding onto a better platform with more features. (But don’t worry, I kept the original blog intact and turned it into an archive database).  Now I have a better way to share all my “information treasures” I find along the way.

Each week I seek out some of the latest stories in the alternative news world and I collect these treasures on the HopeGirl Blog to share with all of you.  Plus I also use the blog to post updates about the projects and videos that we are working on at our organization: Fix the World. This includes updates on our energy project the QEG.

There are at least three stories a week that will all get delivered to your inbox (if you subscribe to my mailing list).  These are the kinds of stories that you won’t find in main stream media.  I try to focus on alternative health stories that include hot topics like natural cancer cures, forced vaccinations and genetically modified food. And fringe sciences like anomalies around energy and our natural world that are ignored or ridiculed. Also what I like to call “conspiracy facts” as most of the conspiracy theories out there turn out to be true.  All of this, plus some of my own articles that I write from time to time.

To me this is more than a blog, and it’s more than just information. I see this as my own way to help build a global community with all of you through the distribution of the information that “they” don’t want you to talk about on main stream media.

YOU are the real heart of this information community, because by receiving information you can help inform others.  I invite you to contribute your thoughts or opinions on any of the stories you read in the comments sections.  Lets keep the conversation going.

Thank you again for being part of this information community with me!

All the best to you and yours,
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