In this special report, two Engineers Matt Taylor and Tivon Rivers discuss the nanotech that has been found in the Covid jabs, PCR, and Masks. Using high quality microscope imagery so you can see with your own eyes: self assembling nanotech activated by EMF, the vaccine liquid killing blood cells on contact, nanotech fibers purposefully inserted into the masks and test swabs during manufacturing with the intention of being deposited into the human body and more.

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Unlike the “Science Falsely so called” that has been shoved down our throats through Big Pharma Covid Propaganda, REAL SCIENCE is the observation, identification, description, experimental investigation, and theoretical explanation of phenomena.  What we are about to present in this Special report is Real Science. It is the real observation of the nanotechnology that has been found in the Covid Vaccines

In the United States the contract between Pfizer and the Federal Government Prohibits turning over vials of the vaccine for independent research.   Your not allowed to look and see what is in these shots that they have injected into 5 ½ Billion people around the world.

Fighting in the face of this is a group of independent scientists from all around the world that have been obtaining and looking at what is inside these Covid Vaccines. We call them the Microscope Army.  What they are finding inside of these vaccine vials are strange mechanical structures and glowing rectangular structures that look like circuitry and microchips.  When stimulated by EMF they construct and deconstruct themselves.

One such member of this Microscope Army is Matt Taylor, an American Electrical Engineer who lives in Ecuador.  When I first saw him appear on the Stew Peters show, I was excited to see that another electrical engineer, which is also my husbands profession, was looking into the components in these vaccines.


In this high level discussion we will be viewing the nanotech that Matt Taylor has discovered in the vaccine vials, the masks and the swabs. Here are the highlights of what you will see in this video:

-The self-assembling of nano sized microchip circuit board formations in the vaccines in real time when stimulated by EMF.

-The vaccine liquid killing blood vessels and anything else organic that it touches within 15 minutes

-An inside perspective of the level of technology and funding that is required to run these kind of components

-Vaccine nanotech shown to be oscillating when 4G EMF is applied

-Evidence of Intelligent assembly, the outer structures are built first and then the rest is filled in.

-Strange fibers found in face masks, evidence that these nanotech fibers were deliberately put into the face masks during the manufacturing process.

-Evidence that the swabs, that also have strange fibers are meant to be a delivery system  of nanotech as most of the materials dissolve when they come into contact with bodily fluid leaving behind nanotech deposits.


-A comparison is made with existing graphene based nanotech technologies and the components found in the shots.

-A discussion on how to dismantle this tech in the body.

-Evidence that fractal antennae’s are being grown inside of people through these vaccines.


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