In this presentation we do a full overview of how covert agents infiltrate the internet to manipulate, deceive and destroy reputations. We go over in depth a series of top secret documents that were leaked by Edward Snowden that expose the training programs for these covert agents that come from a branch of GCHQ known as the Joint Threat Research Intelligence group or JTRIG. These tactics are being used in full force all over the internet and also in controlled social manipulation operations such as protests, various forms of activism and control over main stream media propaganda.

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We are creating this presentation as a public service to help others understand the tactics that are being used against common people and businesses on the internet. Chances are you’ve had one or more of these tactics used on you, or you’ve been targeted by one of these covert agents.  This is deep psychological warfare at its core. While some of the information revealed in this presentation might be upsetting to you, it can also help individuals gain clarity around these twisted tactics.  This is the truth we are presenting here, and the truth can not only set you free, but can help you to restore your sanity.

This presentation is in two parts. In part one we go over the training documents and tactics of the GCHQ / JTRIG that were leaked by Edward  Snowden.   We’ve analyzed these documents and created reference points for each tactic used.

In the second part we will be using our own personal experience of being targeted by these covert agents to show real life examples of how this plays out and what this looks like. We have been heavily targeted and trolled for the last 5 years due to our line of work and we’ve been monitoring everything that has been done to us over this time. We thought that providing names and examples of the targeting tactics used against us would be one way that we could use what was intended to cause harm as a teaching mechanism to help others identify and recover from such attacks that are aimed at them through these covert programs.

Below are the notes that we used during the presentation with links to referenced articles.

JTRIG GCHQ SLIDES Full Presentation By Naima Feagin and Tivon Rivers Authors of Forbidden Tech


Who we are

Naima Dawn Feagin  also known by the Pen Name “HopeGirl”
Masters Degree in Business Administration
Over 10 years experience in Project Management and Government and Corporate Finance

Tivon Rivers
Engineer and Inventor
Background as a trained technician in the US Navy
Over 16 years experience working in IT

Together we are a husband and wife team and co-founders of the Fix The World Organization based out of Morocco where we have spent the last few years developing technology solutions around energy and health and wellness.  Together with my parents we have worked as a family on one particular invention which is a Tesla inspired electrical generator for off grid living. This project is what has made our whole family a target for these covert programs.

We are also co-authors of our book “Forbidden Tech”.
This book is the culmination of experiences and research in the field of technology and all the politics that go with it.  We cover a wide array of inventions in this book that are considered “disruptive” to the energy industry, but we’ve also included sections on taboo or controversial topics such as gangstalking, electronic harassment, V2K, Cointelpro, JTRIG and GCHQ, chemtrails and geoengineering, 9/11, technology such as 5G and energy weapons, just to name a few.

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First lets start with some Definitions:

GCHQ-  Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) is an intelligence and security organisation responsible for providing signals intelligence (SIGINT) and information assurance to the government and armed forces of the United Kingdom.[3]


JTRIG- The Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group (JTRIG) is a unit of the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), the British intelligence agency.[1] The existence of JTRIG was revealed as part of the global surveillance disclosures in documents leaked by the former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden.[2]


Mission of JTRIG

The scope of the JTRIG’s Mission Statement includes using “dirty tricks” to “destroy, deny, degrade [and] disrupt” enemies by “discrediting” them, planting misinformation and shutting down their communications. Known as “Effects” operations, the work of JTRIG had become a “major part” of GCHQ’s operations by 2010.


The slides we will be showing in this presentation come from several different training manual documents that were leaked by Edward Snowden. These slides come from presentations prepped in 2010 and 2012 for NSA cyber spy conferences.   These documents were taken by Edward Snowden from the NSA and were then given to NBC News were they were first published in February 2014.



Hacktivism Definition:

In Internet activism, hacktivism or hactivism (a portmanteau of hack and activism) is the subversive use of computers and computer networks to promote a political agenda or a social change.


From Techopedia

Definition – What does 
Hacktivism mean?

Hacktivism is the act of hacking a website or computer network in an effort to convey a social or political message. The person who carries out the act of hacktivism is known as a hacktivist.

In contrast to a malicious hacker who hacks a computer with the intent to steal private information or cause other harm, hacktivists engage in similar forms of disruptive activities to highlight political or social causes. For the hacktivist, hacktivism is an Internet-enabled strategy to exercise civil disobedience. Acts of hacktivism may include website defacement, denial-of-service attacks (DoS), redirects, website parodies, information theft, virtual sabotage and virtual sit-ins.


Website Parodies – spoof websites
spoof website is a site that uses dishonest designs to trick users into thinking that it represents some other uninvolved party. … This term can refer to a site that is a parody or satire, although this use is less common.


Virtual sit in-

virtual sit-in is a form of electronic civil disobedience deriving its name from the sit-ins popular during the civil rights movement of the 1960s. The virtual sit-in attempts to recreate that same action digitally using a distributed denial-of-service attack (DDOS). During a virtual sit-in, hundreds of activists attempt to access a target website simultaneously and repetitively. If performed correctly, this will cause the target website to run slowly or even collapse entirely, preventing anyone from accessing it


Effects Programs

GCHQ “effects” programs are aimed at tracking targets, spreading information, and manipulating online debates and statistics


The 4 D’s Deny Disrupt Degrade Deceive

Deny- state that one refuses to admit the truth or existence of.
refuse to give (something requested or desired) to (someone).

Disrupt- interrupt (an event, activity, or process) by causing a disturbance or problem.
-drastically alter or destroy the structure of.

Degrade- treat or regard (someone) with contempt or disrespect.
break down or deteriorate

Deceive- deliberately cause (someone) to believe something that is not true, especially for personal gain
– (of a thing) give (someone) a mistaken impression.
– fail to admit to oneself that something is true.
Honey Trap Definition

In a “honey trap” an identified target is lured “to go somewhere on the Internet, or a physical location” to be met by “a friendly face”, with the aim to discredit them.[2] A “honey trap” is described as “very successful when it works” by the slides.[2] The disclosures also revealed the technique of “credential harvesting”, in which journalists could be used to disseminate information and identify non-British journalists who, once manipulated, could give information to the intended target of a secret campaign, perhaps providing access during an interview.[2] It is unknown whether the journalists would be aware that they were being manipulated.[2]

Credential Harvesting

The term credential harvesting also called account harvesting refers to the attacking technique or activities of grabbing legitimate user ID and even passwords to gain access to target systems for illegal or malicious purposes. Can also happen outside of a computer system.


Sock Puppet Accounts
sockpuppet is an online identity used for purposes of deception. The term, a reference to the manipulation of a simple hand puppetmade from a sock, originally referred to a false identity assumed by a member of an Internet community who spoke to, or about, themselves while pretending to be another person.


Fake victims  – blogs / posts / crisis actors

Pretending to be a victim of a target in order to disseminate false information and influence people in a negative way to act against the target.


Poison pen letter

poison pen letter is a letter or note containing unpleasant, abusive, or malicious statements or accusations about the recipient or a third party. It is usually sent anonymously. In the term “poison pen”, the word poison is used figuratively, rather than literally. Poison pen letters are usually composed and sent to upset the recipient. They differ from blackmail, which is intended to obtain something from the recipient. In contrast, poison pen letters are purely malicious.

In the United Kingdom, Section 1 of the Malicious Communications Act 1988 covers most cases of poison pen letters.[1]


Discredit a company

Leak confidential information via blogs etc.   When you don’t have access to confidential information you have to make something up. They do  this with finances all the time. Making up what they think they know about a companies finances.


Post negative information on appropriate forums – this goes one step futher, and many forums have been created solely as traps to lure in businesses and innovations just to discredit them


Stop deals / ruin business relationships – talk about SEO here and how it works for when a company looks you up online by name and see’s the links that have been created using your name or your company name.





human science


  1. a branch of study which deals with people or their actions, including the social sciences and the humanities, as contrasted with the natural sciences or physical sciences.


Magic theme:

Note the theme they use throughout this presentation:

Magic Definition
the power of apparently influencing events by using mysterious or supernatural forces.

an instance of a wrong or misinterpreted perception of a sensory experience.

Conjurer definition
one that practices magic arts WIZARD

2one that performs feats of sleight of hand and illusion MAGICIANJUGGLER


The concepts of magic, illusion, masking, mimicking, and conjuring used throughout these slides are the same tactics used by the occult.  In part two of this presentation using real examples we will show the links between these tactics and how GCHQ is using or hiring members of the dark occult to carry out its operations.


Stands for Human Intelligence

definition= covert intelligence-gathering by agents or others.

Other technical intelligence gathering

Signals intelligence or SIGINT
Signals intelligence (SIGINT) is intelligence-gathering by interception of signals, whether communications between people (communications intelligence—abbreviated to COMINT) or from electronic signals not directly used in communication (electronic intelligence—abbreviated to ELINT). Signals intelligence is a subset of intelligence collection management.
Examples of this are Menwith hill which is a part of Echelon
IMINT- imagery intelligence


Insert Reading a section out of our book here

Co-Intel Pro
Then  Gangstalking


People referenced in this:


John Mulholland (magician)
John Mulholland (9 June 1898 in Chicago, Illinois – 25 February 1970 in New York City) was an American magician, author, publisher and intelligence agent.

During the Cold War, Mulholland was paid by the CIA to write a manual on deception and misdirection. Copies of the document were believed to have been destroyed in 1973, however, copies later resurfaced and were published as “The Official CIA Manual of Trickery and Deception”.[6]

Mulholland was part of the MKUltra program

Link to his book the Official CIA Manual of Trickery and Deception

From the earliest days of MKULTRA, Dr. Sidney Gottlieb recognized that CIA’s drugs and chemicals, regardless of their ultimate purpose, would be operationally useless unless field officers and agents could covertly administer them. During the same month MKULTRA was authorized, April 1953, Gottlieb contacted John Mulholland, then fiftyfive years old and one of America’s most respected magicians. Mulholland was an expert in sleight of hand or “close-up” magic, a style of conjuring that appealed to Gottlieb because it was performed only a few feet from the audience.38 Further, sleight-of-hand illusions required no elaborate props for support. If Mulholland could deceive a suspecting audience who was studying his every move in close proximity, it should be possible to use similar tricks for secretly administering a pill or potion to an unsuspecting target. To do so, CIA field officers would need to be taught to perform their own tricks and John Mulholland, the author of several books about performing magic, appeared to be the ideal instructor.39 When approached, Mulholland soon agreed to develop a “spy manual” for Gottlieb describing “the various aspects of the magician’s art,” which might be useful in covert operations. The instructions would provide information enabling a field case officer “to develop the skills to surreptitiously place a pill or other substance in drink or food to be consumed by a target.”40 Mulholland accepted $3,000 to write the manual and the CIA approved the expense as MKULTRA Subproject Number 4 on May 4, 1953.41

Teller (magician)

Teller (born Raymond Joseph Teller; February 14, 1948) is an American magician, illusionist, writer, actor, painter, and film director. He is best known as half of the comedy magic duo Penn & Teller, along with Penn Jillette. Teller usually does not speak during performances. He is an atheistdebunkerskeptic, and a fellow of the Cato Institute (a free marketlibertarian think tank that also lists Jillette as a fellow)


Hofstede dimensions


Herding- herd mentality


Social proof



10 principles of scams- slide 30 found seven of them listed here


Hindsight bias
Hindsight bias is a term used in psychology to explain the tendency of people to overestimate their ability to have predicted an outcome that could not possibly have been predicted.

Confirmation bias
Confirmation bias, also called confirmatory bias or myside bias,[Note 1] is the tendency to search for, interpret, favor, and recall information in a way that confirms one’s preexisting beliefs or hypotheses.[1] It is a type of cognitive bias and a systematic error of inductive reasoning. People display this bias when they gather or remember information selectively, or when they interpret it in a biased way. The effect is stronger for emotionally charged issues and for deeply entrenched beliefs.


Anchoring or focalism is a cognitive bias for an individual to rely too heavily on an initial piece of information offered (known as the “anchor”) when making decisions.

Priming is a technique whereby exposure to one stimulus influences a response to a subsequent stimulus, without conscious guidance or intention.[1][2] For example, the word NURSE is recognized more quickly following the word DOCTOR than following the word BREAD. Priming can be perceptualsemantic, or conceptual. Research, however, has yet to firmly establish the duration (a day? a week?) of priming effects, [3][4] yet their onset can be almost instantaneous. [5]

Priming works best when the two stimuli are in the same modality. For example, visual priming works best with visual cues and verbal priming works best with verbal cues. But priming also occurs between modalities,[6] or between semantically related words such as “doctor” and “nurse”.[7][8]


Self presentation in cyber context  Presenting a false projection of yourself online


Block turn fix disrupt limit delay

These are all defense mechanisms and tactics used by the military



Notes on Paid Trolls


You need to focus on a couple of things to evaluate the reality of this situation:

1) What amount of labor is being put into the negative comment efforts. Would a normal person do this?

2) Educate yourself about where paid trolls might get their gigs

Any kind of Freelance writing sites
There are pockets of “virtual assistant” types for hire living in countries like the Phillipines, and areas of India where trolling activities are outsourced. They all speak English and will do whatever you want for money.


4) In the American 2016 elections, it was discovered that billionaire George Soros was funding hundreds of organizations aimed at social manipulation tactics. This is just the organizations based in America. Soros’s network reaches all over the world and also has connections with GCHQ.  There is plenty of money provided by dark agenda’s to fund these tactics covertly and on a grand scale.