Happy New Year to everyone! 2017 is bringing all sort of new developments and growth for us here at Fix the World Headquarters.

Changes in What Kind of Information we distribute

I’ve felt a strong push over the last few months to come away from some of my older ways of presenting information.  You’ll see a change in the types of material that I cover, and the ways that we disseminate our information.  This change comes from a culmination of things.  With some of the latest scandals in the news like “pizzagate” and “fake news” I think a lot of people have become burned out from hearing such negativity on a regular basis.  I am one of these people. News like this makes it easy to become focused on the quick fix of drama and trauma, which is not healthy and I honestly just don’t want to engage in such things anymore. I think there are a lot of people out there right now who are yearning for something different than all the gloom and doom. Again, I am one of these people.

I really want to focus on information that can help build people up and recapture a sense of childlike wonder and marvel at the miracles that abound in our world. In the last few months I’ve been exposed to some amazing, incredible information that has quite honestly blown my mind…. in a good way.  My passions now lie with doing my best to gather this information into well written and enjoyable formats. I want my readers to love learning about this stuff as much as I did, to come away from it feeling empowered, renewed, and rejuvenated.

Changes in How We Distribute Information

We’ve changed the way we disseminate information across our platforms.  We still put out a lot of content that is public and free on the HopeGirl blog, the HopeGirl Youtube channel, the QEG Academy Blog the Fix the World Project website and our different Facebook Pages.  However we have created additional more in-depth content and videos that is only available for paying members.  Our QEG Membership platform has been running for 6 months and our Fix the World Membership platform has been running for 4 months. Both are doing very well and the change has made a dramatic improvement in our work and has almost completely eliminated some of the long time problems we had. If you want to know more detail please go here for a more in-depth article.

I’ve been limiting my Facebook use for a while now. I have a plugin on my websites that automatically posts new articles on our Facebook pages which keeps them active. However I just changed my personal Facebook settings to private which means only my Facebook friends can see my personal posts. Unfortunately I was getting stalked on Facebook, so this helps this.

You’ll see some changes on our YouTube channel too. We’ve pulled a lot of our videos and put them in private members video galleries on Vimeo. Most of these were videos with technical engineering information. People were taking our content, inserting fake and misleading information into it, and then posting it on their YouTube channels as truth, so this helped to stop this.  I am however still using my YouTube channel to put up a variety of new videos on a regular basis; we’re just a bit more selective.

Updates from the QEG Project
Every week we supply an update to those who are following the QEG project on our members platform.  We operate two labs on two continents and have at least 60 different individuals and groups that are building alongside us from all over the world. We’ve also created a documentary series showing the everyday life around the project.  Our newest device the TeslaGen mini QEG is also underway and we’ve been supplying regular updates on this as well in our weekly videos.


Community Center Expanding
Our Community Center is thriving and we are extending out into more areas of the local community. Some of the women have been going through the process of setting up craft show trade relationships between areas of Spain and Morocco. This is amazing as it allows these women who are developing their skills in handcrafts to move into a new area where they can display their works for sale in a European market. For some of the women this will be the first time they have ever travelled or done anything like this, so it is truly broadening their horizons.

New Holistic Health Website
I am so proud to tell you about my mother’s new website holistichealthonline.info Valerie Robitaille is a PhD(c) Holistic Nutritionist & Herbalist in Community Health. This site and the services she offers to others through it is a long overdue culmination of her life’s work and passion. I’ve watched my mother help many people over the years restore themselves to true health through natural medicines and nutrition. The site offers why I consider to be some of the highest quality health and healing information on the internet including an amazing botanical glossary, information on alchemy, and what will sure become her most popular feature: hair mineral analysis.

New Products for Targeted Individuals Awareness and Prevention
We’ve had a lot of feedback from some of the materials that we’ve shared around the growing problem of electronic harassment, surveillance and spying on citizens in countries all over the world. As a response to this, Tivon and I are working hard on putting together a “Targeted Individuals Survival Guide” complete with an ebook, audiobook, bonus videos and more. It’s a big work in progress and we hope to have it launched within the next few months.

New Free Energy 101 Course
We’ve been working hard on gathering together all of our extensive knowledge to create an easy to follow home study course that is meant for both technical and non-technical audiences. This information is designed as a crash course in all things “alternative and free energy”, which includes laymen’s terms explanations of all the different technologies and the historical and sometimes scandalous backgrounds behinds some of the politics in the energy industry. It’s designed to be extremely educational and entertaining. Course includes ebooks, dramatized audiobooks, powerpoints, video presentations and loads of bonus material. Coming soon!

New Paradigm Online Business Academy Launching
I come from a business background with an MBA and have over 15 years’ experience. I’ve learning so much about doing business online and I really want to share this knowledge and  help others get started with their own ventures. This has been a long term goal of mine to start up this academy and build a community of laptop entrepreneurs and 2017 is the year we are going to do it!

The online business academy is a place where anyone can find everything they  need to teach themselves how to run their own business online. It is a series of several courses in online marketing, website building, business planning, budgeting and many other fundamental skill building topics. Each course is designed to be easy and fast so that you can walk yourself through your own skill building education and teach yourself everything you need to run your own online business. In todays changing economy, an online presence and the ability to conduct income earning transactions is essential to survival. Become a laptop entrepreneur, turn your idea into a business venture that can help others and support your family at the same time.  Look for a new website and our first series of course work in the next few months.


New Audiences and Collaborations
Our audience is changing and expanding into some new demographics. I’ve recently joined a few different networking groups that are opening up new doorways and bringing lots of new audiences to the work that we do. I’ve been trying to keep up with the letters or Facebook messages that I’ve been getting from new friends who are excited to learn about what we do, so if I haven’t gotten back to your email yet, please be patient with me I’m doing my best! We are loving the new people we’ve been meeting and the amazing warm reception that we are receiving from some of these wonderful folks.

I’ve recently been offered the honor of writing original articles for a Christian Blog godinanutshell.com  The God in a Nutshell project (GIAN) was started by Trey Smith who has an incredible body of work on controversial documentaries that cover some of the most mind blowing topics I’ve ever encountered.  I absolutely love his material and jumped at the opportunity to write unique articles for the GIAN audience that cover the topics of free energy and the new age deception from a Christian perspective.  Below are links to my first 4 articles for GIAN, each has a special video I made just for the article that really helps to bring the information to life.





Here is a playlist of the videos for each of the articles:

How to get the latest information from us
There are a number of ways to get updates from us. You can subscribe to the Hopegirl blog or the QEG academy blog and you will receive an email in your inbox every time we post a new article or announcement. You can also subscribe to the hopegirl youtube channel and turn on the notifications and you’ll get a message every time we post a new video. And you can like our pages on facebook and mark them as “see first” in your news feed.