Patronage is a really old concept that originated around theatre arts where people would pay the creators of art so that they can continue creating and the patron could continue enjoying their artwork. A third party platform called Patreon has gained popularity recently as a means of helping content creators find patrons of their work so that they can continue to create. Many different kinds of creators use this concept to support their work from bloggers, to video producers, musicians authors and more.

In the past, many Youtube video creators relied on advertising revenue from Youtube to support them. However, this past year we’ve seen a deluge of demonetization and censorship from Youtube that has left a lot of creators without income.   So many of them have chosen to move over to Patreon.

Our organization Fix the World has never relied on the monetization of Youtube videos or ad revenue from Google.  Once upon a time back in 2016 we did an experiment for about a month where we turned on the monetization feature for our Youtube videos and had Google ads running on our blogs.  This effort turned into nothing more than pennies in Ad revenue payout and it just wasn’t worth the hassle to us. We chose to never monetize our videos or blogs on Youtube or Google.

We are also choosing not to use a third party platform like Patreon, and there are some good reasons behind this which I will go into in another post. However, what we did do is build our own patronage based system of support on our own platform using the basics of the Patreon structure as a guide.

So now you can support our work at Fix the World as a Patron for as little as $1 a month and all the way up to $100 a month. We are offering orgonite rewards for different levels, plus all patrons will receive special access content emailed right to their inbox.  In the meantime, we here at Fix the World are busy creating lots of new content for folks who support our work. We have a new vlog series out on Youtube that we think you’ll love and so much more planned from our other projects. Here is a short video telling you all about it, plus a look at some of our reward levels. Click any of the images below to sign up to become a patron today!