Because of the help of generous people like you, FTW has been able to fund several people in need this month through Kiva, we are happy to share their stories with you in this monthly report. If you would like to make a one time or recurring donation to Fix the World you can do so by clicking here. Learn more about the FTW giving policy on our website by clicking here.

FTW Helped Wilfredo  to buy new tools for his business in Bolivia.

Wilfredo works as a mason. He is not married. He doesn’t have children. He lives with his mother. He needs a loan to buy new tools for his business. He works on his own so it is very important to help him because he is the only support of his mother. Besides, Wilfredo works hard. He is skillful and he is healthy. Link to his fund.


FTW Helped Nicholas to buy more stock of carpentry materials in Kenya.

Nicholas is a married man. He has seven children. He describes himself to be focused. He operates a carpentry business where he sells furniture. He has been involved in this business for 10 years. His business is located in a busy area, and his primary customers are locals.

He will use the KES 60,000 loan to buy more stock of carpentry materials. He hopes that in the future, he will have more business outlets. This is his sixth loan with SMEP Microfinance Bank. Previous loans were repaid successfully. He will use the anticipated profits to pay school fess and cater for other family needs. Link to his fund.


FTW Helped Ligaya to purchase additional bundle of nipa roofing to sell in the Philippines.

Ligaya is married and works hard to support her family. She has a “buy-and-sell” nipa roofing business in the Philippines. She requested a PHP 25,000 loan through NWTF to purchase additional bundle of nipa roofing to sell.  Ligaya has been in this business for eight years now. She would like to save enough to provide a secure future for her family. View her fund here:
Edison Geovanny

FTW Helped Edison to purchase raw material, wood, in Ecuador

Edison is 23 years old, married, his wife takes care of the domestic chores of their home, and he has a 1-year-old daughter, Kiara, who stays with her mother. He began to work in wood when he was 16 years old. He buys and sells battens, rafters, and staves. He gets raw material in bulk and planes it, preparing it for carpentry, giving added value to all the wood that gets in his hands. This humble work has allowed him to feed his family. Edison, with the money, will purchase wood to make staves and rafters. He hopes to strengthen his income so to expand his business in the future. View his fund here: 

FTW Helped Channeng to buy construction materials for her husband to use in his work in Cambodia

Channeng is a 46-year-old married mother with five children. She is a rice farmer, and has cultivated rice since 2006. Two of her children are construction workers, and another three children are attending school. Her husband is a 49-year-old construction foreman. They live in Takeo Province, Cambodia. Together, they can earn approximately USD 29 each day.

Now Channeng would like to request a loan to buy construction materials for her husband to use in his work. This loan will help her husband to work faster. In the future, she wants to expand her husband’s business and save money to build a proper house. View her fund here:

Twizerane Group

FTW Helped The Twizerane Group to buy materials to make more doors and windows for sale in Rwanda.

Donathile is 30 years old, a married mother with three children. In the photo, she is the one who has a register (book) in her hands. She owns a business selling doors and windows. She works from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily. This is her eighth year operating this business.

She is a leader of this group, which is called Twizerane in the local language; the name means”Trust Each Other “in English. Normally there are 18 members in the group but in the picture there are 14, because four other members were not around because they were at the hospital.

Donathile has requested a Kiva loan via Vision Finance Company in order to purchase more materials to make doors and windows for sale. With any profits, she will be able to save for her future, to purchase all that is needed for her family, reinvest in her business, be able to buy medical insurance for her family, and buy cattle. View their fund here: 


FTW Helped Lucia to build a home for her family in Mexico.

Lucía and her family live in her parents’ house. Like any married couple, they want their own home in order to be able to provide their children with a private space.

Lucía’s husband is the only one who works at the moment, since she dedicates herself to the home and to caring for their two children.

The main reason Lucía and her husband want a house so much is that like all recently married people they now need their own space in order to take care of their children.

Her son goes to kindergarten, and her daughter is still too little to go to school, but when she has grown she plans to take her.

Lucía is sure that her life will change a lot living in her own home, since it will be a dream made real, as any couple will tell you. It is necessary in order to move forward.

Help Lucía and her family achieve the dream of living in their own home. View their fund here: