Author: Gracie

Places You Can Travel Unvaccinated and With No Covid Testing or Quarantine Requirements

How much poison do I need to inject into my body so I can sit masked up on a white sandy beach for a week and pretend this is normal? I’m always watching the news headlines to see the latest updates on the ridiculous COVID restrictions in the various countries. Here’s a quick list of the countries you can go to without any of the COVID insanity.

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Justin Bieber’s Wife Hospitalized With ‘Stroke Like Symptoms’ From Blood Clot In Brain, Report Says ‘COVID-Related’

Now they’re trying to convince us that strokes are normal in young people. The normal age for a woman to have a stroke is in their mid 70s! I personally know someone close to our family who had a stroke after taking the COVID Injections. They had to operate and they cut a blood clot out of his brain. This is why they call it the “clot shot”!

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UK Government quietly published data confirming the Triple Vaccinated are just weeks away from developing Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome

I always knew this Ukraine war was a distraction being staged to cover up the horrendous outcome of the COVID injections. The UK government has just confirmed that these shots are giving everyone AIDS. Please don’t let this information slip through the cracks. They tried to sneak the report out hoping no one would notice the mass murder that has been occurring over the past year.

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