Wow this is new! Unvaccinated people can now feel fragrances and flavors when close to vaccinated individuals!  Thanks to La Quinta Columna for their amazing research as usual!



Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger, along with other researchers and dissidents such as Dr. Wilfredo Stokes and La Quinta Columna was present at the International Summit organized by El Mirador del Gallo radio station to discuss the post-COVID world.

Among the curious things discussed, Dr. Stuckelberger mentioned that unvaccinated individuals, including herself, feel fragrances and flavors when close to vaccinated individuals.

Among the hypotheses that could explain this curious phenomenon is that this is since GAVI bought shares of the Firmenich company, in charge of distributing flavors and fragrances.

All the information about it in the following excerpt that Orwell City has prepared for its readers today.

Link: Rumble

Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger: Yes, I knew that. I understood because I listened carefully to what’s been said. But then I’m forced to ask another very curious question. I have to ask it. I’ve noticed that when I’m with vaccinated people, they smell like Dior Poison perfume. Like Dior Poison perfume.

These are people from Saudi Arabia that I met here, and they have all three doses of the vaccine. I have a synthetic scarf, and it was in his car, and then I think I smelled the nanoparticles that adhered to it. And this scarf, even today, without these nanoparticles, smells very strong, like oriental fragrances such as Poison by Dior, Mugler, Desire Noir by Dunhill… very satanic things like those ones.

Have you also noticed that this is related to the scents of the perfumes? It’s just that when I’m next to them… When I’m close to them I get those scents permeating my synthetic scarf. Fragrances for men and women. It’s not possible to smell like that since I don’t wear that perfume, and neither do they.

Ricardo Delgado: This is very interesting because I know people, who are very close to La Quinta Columna, who have the capacity —being unvaccinated— to perceive those who are vaccinated. They feel something in their mouth. They feel the smell but in their mouth. That is, as if they were, let’s say, tasting it somehow. Also, it doesn’t fail. They have that capacity practically 100% developed.

Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger: Yes, because GAVI (Bill Gates) has a relationship with Firmenich, a fragrance and flavor business. It’s a perfume business, so they bought shares. Can you translate what I’m saying, Pablo?

Pablo Salinas: Yes.

Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger: Here, in Geneva, they distribute flavors and fragrances. It’s the biggest perfume company.


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