How much poison do I need to inject into my body so I can sit masked up on a white sandy beach for a week and pretend this is normal? I’m always watching the news headlines to see the latest updates on the ridiculous COVID restrictions in the various countries. One of the most mind-boggling things to witness are these discussion groups online where all the vaccinated people ask each other questions on what they need to travel to each country. Obedient slaves I guess!  Can I enter without a PCR test? Just two shots? Do they need three shots? Do they need white shots? Do they need blue shots? How many hours for the PCR test?… It’s such a nightmare! Luckily some countries have decided they don’t want to play this game anymore and they’re letting people travel the way it used to be before they started all this madness. Here’s a quick list of the countries you can go to without any of the COVID insanity.


Bahrain No documentation of testing or vaccination is needed as of Feb. 20.


Curaçao As of March 10, visitor testing for Covid upon arrival and again on the third day has been eliminated.


El Salvador Covid entry regulations were lifted on Feb. 24.


Hungary There are no longer any coronavirus-related travel restrictions as of March 7.


Iceland The country removed all Covid entry restrictions Feb 25.


Ireland As of March 6, there are no travel restrictions.


Jordan Travelers won’t need proof of a Covid test as of March 1.


Liechtenstein The principality follows the same rules as Switzerland, below.


The Maldives Revoked its public health emergency on March 13, allowing free entry.


Mexico Has had no restrictions for much of the pandemic, but travelers may encounter health checks upon arrival.


Mongolia As of March 14, it’s the first country in mainland Asia to open to all international travelers with no coronavirus health requirements.


Montenegro Requires no proof of a vaccine or test or passenger tracking form to travel to the nation as of March 10.


Norway As of Feb. 12, no testing, quarantining, or registration is needed.


Romania Lifted all Covid restrictions on March 16.


Saudi Arabia Removed its Covid-related entry requirements for holders of tourism visas on March 6.


Slovenia As of Feb. 19, there are no longer any coronavirus restrictions on entering the country.


Switzerland Lists no countries or areas with a variant of concern, effectively openings its borders as of March 10.

United Kingdom Scrapped its last-remaining pandemic rules for international travel on March 18.

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