They have been spraying this nanotechnology in our skies via chemtrails for many years now. Most recently in Spain there was a “Calima Dust” that was found to be magnetic and filled with metals and Morgellons.  Have you noticed how much more they have been spraying lately?



The calima dust that has affected Spain and neighboring countries this week, besides being magnetic and containing materials and metals that increase the levels of environmental electromagnetic radiation, contains what appears to be Morgellons.

A veterinarian has sent to La Quinta Columna a very interesting record in which, with her optical microscope, she has managed to see the parasites.

All the details are in the new video that Orwell City has prepared.

Link: Rumble

Ricardo Delgado: Radiation that also boosts the signal. While we’re on the subject, let’s take a look at the video that a veterinarian sent us.

Vet: Okay, this is the latest preparation of what we have on the cellulose tape. This is taken from a car window. And we can see that they are kind of grouped together as if they have been grouped for some unknown reason at certain points.

I didn’t drag anything here. I just put the tape on top of the glass and brought it to an area where there was no dust. And you can see, also, what I call Morgellons on the bottom and on the right side. This is at 4X.

Let’s try to see… Here you can see a little bit further on. Let’s see… Here… Do you see the aggregates that are there? Because they’re all crowded together. Down here you find the Morgellons. It sticks to the fingers, and it’s messy. Let’s see if we can catch one. See? Another one. They’re kind of grouped together for no reason. They shouldn’t be like that. See this? It’s like this all… …have been put together on purpose.

I need to get a better look of this preparation, though, just in case there’s something I’m missing. I have to see it without a cell phone. Because every time you pick up the phone you move a lens. Anyway.

Ricardo Delgado: These are very similar images to the ones we saw with the Haxon Achilles II, which has better optics. You can see the hairs there.

Vet: Looks nice. Let’s see if it stays still and take a picture. Can you see it? I’ll try to zoom it in a little more. I don’t know if this is a Morgellon or hair, okay?

Ricardo Delgado: Hair doesn’t have that shape. 

Vet: I don’t know you what it is, exactly. But… No, no, no… Look at the knots it has and how it comes out. These aren’t roots. This isn’t a root. Roots of this type would have more hairs on one side or the other. This is something that is, as you can see, on another plane. Because when I move it, if I focus on one thing, I don’t focus on the other. I’ve lost. It’s complicated. Don’t think this is easy to focus. There we see another one. See? If you’re patient… you find more of these things at the end. Have you seen it?

Ricardo Delgado: I’m going to fast-forward the video a little bit.

Vet: The main reason you can’t see it at all is that…

Ricardo Delgado: She’s using the cell phone camera.

Vet: It happens that there are overlapping objects, as you see down here. I’m going to try to go up a little bit. It was too much. That thing that shows up there, which I don’t know at first, isn’t something from the cell phone lens. That’s a Morgellon because I’m… You guys don’t see the microscope, but I use something that’s for focusing. And you can see how it focuses on one side and not on the other side. And that’s why I told you before. Well, we’ve already seen this here.

Ricardo Delgado: Alright. Well, these are some images with an average quality depending on the means and the tools that this person has.

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