Month: March 2022

Pilots suing over Mask Mandate, saying mask wearing is making it dangerous to fly

Airline pilots are suing over the Federal mask mandate saying that their inability to breathe is making it dangerous for them to operate an airplane. Also mentioned in the lawsuit is the chaos in the sky created by the thousands of reports to the Federal Aviation Administration of unruly passenger behavior caused by incidents, all of which were related to masks. It has gotten so bad, that the pilots themselves are saying that the wearing of face masks is making it dangerous to fly. Now how confident do you feel getting on an airplane under these conditions?

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EMF Pollution Hope and Tivon Interview on the Simon Laurie King Podcast UK

Hope and Tivon are here to give a presentation on the dangers of the unseen pollution of electromagnetic frequency and the radiation of the technology that dangerously covers our world and the potential damaging effects to our health . In this presentation they will also point out some of the other concerns they have after their findings on biotechnology being used on living beings

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The Bluetooth Challenge Explained. Why Covid Vaxxed People are Emitting Bluetooth Codes and How You Can See it For Yourself.

So Tivon and I did the Bluetooth challenge for ourselves in an outdoor restaurant here in Marrakech. We knew we were surrounded by double or triple vaccinated Europeans who have received the COVID injections that have been found to have nanotechnology inside of them. This nanotech causes a human being to emit an anonymous IP address called a MAC address from their bodies.

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