Coming up on today’s show, We all understand pollution or at least have an idea of what that means. The word for me conjures up swarms of discarded litter, oil spills, contamination of our rivers lakes and oceans and the list sadly goes on. Joining us today my guest’s are hope and TiVon from Fix the world project based in Morocco, Hope and TiVon are here to give a presentation on the dangers of the Unseen pollution of electromagnetic frequency the radiation of the Technology that dangerously covers our world and the potential damaging effects to our health. In this presentation they will also point out some of the other concerns they have after their findings on bio technology being used on living beings, I think one of the terms is soft robots . Kinda sends a chill down my spine just thinking about it . Hope and TiVon will also Explain how we can protect ourselves from this harmful radiation such as 5g ,WiFi microwave and the other invisible rubbish that floats in our once clear space . Hope and TiVon from Fix the world Morocco are not just pointing out problems but offer solutions which is refreshing , They supply many devices all of which are hand made incorporating orgone energy that transforms a lot of the EMF negativity into a passive beneficial energy that helps our body sleep , heal and protect. You can view the testimonials as to the effectiveness of these devices on their website which I have left a link in the show notes below.

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