The  mini QEG prototype is called the “TeslaGen”. It is a high voltage, six-pole, resonant generator, that is easy to repair and modify, and is capable of powering loads between 700w-900w (conservative). Driven by a DC motor, this efficient, portable generator can provide electricity offgrid, or during outages and natural disasters. With further development, this generator has the potential to power itself. The construction is a simple, yet rugged combination of high strength plastic frame and support rods, and is made using widely available parts and fittings. All parts of this reluctance generator is CNC manufactured, and the Computer Aided Design files for these parts will be made available online through this project.  This Tesla-inspired technology is scalable and can be reconfigured to suit the power application of the developer. You will be able to swap rotors and coil windings.

Tivon Rivers began designing the mini QEG in 2015 and then slowly crowdfunded the manufacturing of each piece over the course of 3 years. The parts were manufactured in China, and assembled in China, and then after a long wait, Tivon was able to raise the funds needed to have the mini QEG shipped to his lab in Morocco.  Currently a new circuit is being designed by Tivon and another builder in China that is intended to complete the QEG device.

Here is a video describing the mini-QEG project on Youtube:

and here is this same video on Vimeo