In this video Hopegirl thoroughly addresses an article put out by the website that “Debunks the QEG”. For four years this article and associated QEG graphics and altered QEG schematics has been used in an attempt to defame and discredit the QEG technology. The metabunk site is home to forums that claim to debunk everything from vaccines to chemtrails. There is also a personal message to the author of the Metabunk website Mick West asking him to correct his disinformation he’s published about the family’s project. Mick West in not an engineer, or a scientist, or a doctor, or a meteorologist. He is a retired video game programmer. He has no background in building technology devices and is completely unqualified to be speaking about a device that he clearly does not understand.

Here is the Video on Youtube

Here is the Video on Vimeo:

Metabunk Disinfo Attack on QEG Hopegirl from Hope Moore on Vimeo.

In this video we mention that NASA engineers and Russian Scientists have been working on the kind of technology found in the QEG for decades. We did a full discussion on this showing the studies put out by these scientists called “The Phenomenon of Resonance”. The link for this presentation can be found here:


Also we have put together a free video explaining the technology in depth this can be found here:


Within days of uploading the video, Mick West has watched it and responded and invited me to post in his forum thread, which I am gladly going to do.

I wouldn’t be facing them head on like this if I didn’t know that we had something real.

This is about to get very interesting.

Stay tuned as I will be posting my response to Mick also on our blogs  within the next few days.


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