Join us Sunday March 18thth  at 6 PM EST  for a discussion with Geoffrey Miller and the Newman Motor.

Geoffrey S. Miller has been experimenting on energy related issues and electricity for the past 45 years since he was 10 years old and made his first lab. So he has decided to show some of his work from Energy Bat Labs. Some of the projects are his own and some of them are other fellow experimenters in the alternative energy field. Mr. Miller has tested some of the other experimenters work for commercial feasibility as well as his own experiments.
Geoffrey was an assistant to the legendary Joseph Newman, who is an undisputed pioneer of the modern day free energy movement. Back in the 1980’s, Geoffrey worked with Newman for 10 years and has an inside perspective of the Newman Motor that very few people can claim. He will review the past history and present understanding of what Newman was really doing, the motor itself, coil, magnets, caps, and the all-important commutator.
Many experimenters think they already have Newman’s machine figured out but nothing could be further from the truth.
Geoffrey gave FULL DISCLOSURE and demonstrated Joseph Newman’s technology at the 2017 Energy Science and Technology conference.