After years of needless frustration, I think I finally found my own little way to eradicate the trolls. If you are someone who is ready to cut the trolling out of your content, please watch and share this video as I’ve put out some tips that I think will really help.

This is a two fold process that has to be done simultaneously in order for it to work. First you need to apply a mental discipline and then on top of this there are some settings that you can set on your YouTube channel that will completely block out trolls so that you won’t even see them.

First the mental discipline part. GO ON A TROLL FAST! Promise yourself that you will not set anything nasty before your eyes. And if you do see something by mistake, very quickly look away. Trust me on this… I used to look at the trolling stuff thinking that it was somehow important for me to see what the lowest anonymous cowards of society were saying behind a sock puppet profile. ITS NOT!!!!

In this video I share my screen and show you where to click and explain how to set up your Youtube channel in such a way that involves blocking certain accounts. This way you will never even see the comments coming in that are malicious… and neither will anyone else!

I also explain a well known trolling concept called Astroturfing. This is when you see a whole bunch of thumbs down on your video. Trolls that are part of a PAID OPERATION will create several fake or “sock puppet” accounts, they will then go into each account, view your video with it and click the thumbs down. The result is dozens of thumbs down that occur overnight meant to skew the public opinion. It is one of the many tactics used in psy-ops and cointelpro.

Watch the Video Here. 


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