So the levels of censorship have gone even deeper.  We’ve just been censored on Rumble, the supposedly free speech platform, not once, not twice but three times in the last couple of months.  I’m going to walk you through my own analysis of what I think is being censored, and why its being censored. This is an important update because I’m trying to show you what I think it is that they don’t want you to see.  You know censorship kills people and I’ll explain that more towards the end of the video. Free speech is literally a matter of life and death.

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Hi everyone, this is Hopegirl coming to you from my rooftop during a beautiful sunset in the Marrakech countryside of Morocco.


So here is my analysis of what was censored on Rumble and why I think it was censored.

There are three videos that we know of that Rumble has censored specifically on the SGT Report Channel.


Environmental Democide -Hope and Val

Quantum Chemical Warfare- Hope and Tivon

Satan Summoning His Legions Todd Callender and Dr Lee Vliet


ALL THREE SHOWS covered the same two topics:


Dioxin poisoning from Ohio

An explanation of how radioactive Cesium137 is used to sync up the technology used in the kill grid system.

Now if Rumble was censoring due to the content topics it would most likely be one of these two or both.

First let me explain a little bit about who is bringing you this information. My husband is a former Navy Technicial, who is and engineer and specialized in EMF protection. He was also unfortunately on the receiving end of energy weapons such as microwave beam forming technology, voice to skull and other forms of classified electronic harassment.  It was because of this targeting that he and wrote a book called Forbidden Tech which explains all the technology that they are covertly using to harm human beings. It is also the reason why we created our own business based on products that help protect you from EMF radiation poisoning. This is what we do, it is our lifes work and this is why we are trying to point out to you what they don’t want you to see in this video.

Our Book Forbidden Tech

Our EMF Protection Products:

The dioxin topic could be seen as an issue of national safety because the event is so catastrophically huge. But then again, they created the catastrophe, so are they this invested covering it up?


The cesium in the kill grid topic could be considered an issue of national security as we explain the types of technology used and how they work and anyone with the skill set could pick up on this an potentially hack something?


Now for the dioxide topic I have seen several other big channels on Rumble covering this and none of them have been censored.


For the kill grid technology topic several channels have mirrored our show with you Sean on their channels on Rumble and they have not been censored however they have very low view counts.


Especially when you look at Rumbles “Our Story Page”
and you learn more about the history of the company. For example they are a Canadian company, so does that mean they follow Canadian Internet guidelines? We know all about Trudeau and his “Expert Advisory Group that Regulates their internet”.

I am a lover of the truth. Jesus Christ himself is truth.  And this is why I support freedom of speech and anyone who fights for it.  I don’t want to be one of those people that perish for lack of knowledge. We need real information and facts to be made available to anyone who is waking up right now and ready to hear it. You know, censorship kills people. The censorship of the truth around the Covid scamdemic manipulated and coerced 5 ½ billion people to inject  multiple shots of poison into their bodies, millions have died from these experimental injections. To this day so many people I know personally in my own family are still oblivious to what is really going on. They believe everything the mainstream tells them, and its because they were never exposed to the truth, the truth was hidden from them.  We tried to tell them, but we got censored into oblivion and innocent people were deceived and murdered as a result.


How many lives have been saved by the truth?  Was your life saved because someone told you the truth? I know mine was. This is why it is so important to do whatever we can to support free speech. It’s a matter of life and death.

Please share this video, please go to the links and watch and share the videos that I mentioned that have been censored. There is important information in there they don’t want you to see. Please support alternative media that tells the truth. I’ll put a list of some that we work with and support in the description below. Folks like:

SGT Report
Maria Zeee of Zeemedia
Dr. Jane Ruby
Mark Attwood Show
Brighteon and Mike Adams
Ann Vandersteel and the Zelenko Foundation
Todd Callendar and
HolisticHealth Uncensored Health News