In this presentation Hope and Tivon from speak with Todd Callender about the Wireless Body Area Network, how it is used to mine cryptocurrency out of human bodies and also how bacteria has been weaponized to form nanowire networks and more.

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For decades the powers that run the world have been establishing a control grid meant to both depopulate and control the world’s population. This grid consists of emerging technology, (which can also be called transhumanism based on their Wikipedia page) that connects human bodies to the internet and also to an autonomous weapons system.

This is being done by a trillion dollar industry under the IEEE which is the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, with millions of engineers, scientists, chemists and biomedical engineers working over the decades that have published countless white papers documenting the advancement and deployment of these emerging technologies which have been deployed on humans without their knowledge or consent.  This control grid overrides and violates every human right, every law, and every local government and constitution of every country in the world. It is what I believe the bible refers to as the beast in the end times.

Our human bodies are electrical, its how God made us. Our hearts are electrical, our brains are electrical, human bodies are on the electromagnetic spectrum, the electrical field around the human body is called the biofield. Knowledge of the biofield was taken away from humanity through the Flexnor report in 1910 and replaced with the Satanic medical industry created by John Rockfeller. The human biofield has been hijacked by the emerging technologies industry.

Since 1956 biosensors have been put into people’s bodies and their environment.  Some of these biosensors are partially made up out of your DNA. They then use these biosensors to run computer networking through human bodies. This is called the wireless body area network which was created in 1995. The WBAN uses various forms of nanotechnology to operate.  The website shows nanotechnology used by the wireless body area network going back to the 4th century.  This is an ancient plan that goes back to the seed war in the bible.

The last 4 years of COVID have been a massive project to get everyone tracked and traced in their upgraded system.
While this technology has been in development for decades, it wasn’t working well enough. They needed to upgrade the system to go from dialup to broadband on the entire network. In 2017 the infrastructure for the upgraded system was laid out and all the emergent technology was put into place, the satellites went up at this time, the towers went up, and lots of small nano materials known as metamaterials were put into place. (professor Ian Aykildiz is the leader in the industry when it comes to the creation of these metamaterials, known as Internet of things, Internet of Nanothings, Internet of Bionanothings, Internet of Space things, etc.)

No one even noticed in the normal world. But in the industry everyone knew about it and hundreds of thousands of papers and technology patents were created around this new grid infrastructure. It was called the cyber physical backbone and it was what they considered to be the launch of the 4th industrial revolution.

And then once they had their new network infrastructure in place, it was time to test the ability to transmit signals over the network. They needed to increase the signal so they graphenated the population through the covid injections. The graphene was the load balancing on the new upgraded system. Now their upgrade is complete and there are all sorts of things that they can do to people.

There is a pentagon directive updated in January of 2023 DOD Directive 3000.09 which means all systems are go now on the autonomous weapons system, which will be used on the public. 

The Presidents 2023 budget requests nearly $2 Billion for the national nanotechnology Initiative, the largest ever request since its inception. 

An executive order in September 2022 calls for advancing biotechnology and biomanufacturing innovation.  This is what they are calling biodigital convergence. 

They have used technology to create a prison system that has control over our bodies that is hooked up to an electronic warfare system.
The Wireless Body Area Network is how they access your human body to transmit and receive data. This network also uses your body’s electricity to power its nanotech and transmissions.

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To simplify, the way cryptocurrency is made: A building full of computers using electricity to power those computers has those computers solve very complex math equations at the fastest speed they can. When they solve an equation it results in a token. This is their form of money. They claim the money is highly encryted and decentralized and that no government authority is controlling it.


In ALL COMPUTER NETWORKING utilized by everyone you have an Open Systems Interconnection System (OSI Model), this is how you route all data through a computer network. If you didn’t use this OSI model then your data wouldn’t route. This model has seven layers.

Software developers who are working in the blockchain will be doing things like: Proof of stake protocols, or consensus mechanisms, or different ways of trading tokens or gaining blockchain viability. They do these things in one of the layers of the Blockchain Model.  Here are the layers of the blockchain model that cross over into the layers of the OSI model, because they have to if they are running any kind of routing through any computer network.


All the consensus work done on blockchain cryptocurrencies is done through Peer to Peer Networking.  The consensus layer of blockchain HAS to use Peer to Peer in order to verify itself. The peer to peer layer uses the first two layers of the OSI, which is the physical layer (meaning your body in this case) and the data layer, (remember they use DNA for its storage capabilities)  In fact the majority of the work (all the encryption mechanism for cryptocurrencies) is done at the physical and data layer.  The work for this is done through ubiquitous computing, which is a computer science term that refers to computing that is done on any device, in any location in any format.. in contrast to desktop computing. Ubiquitous computing is also where your artificial intelligence is operating.

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Weaponized Bacteria

Is genetically modified, altered, and patented biofilm the workhorse of the Synthetic Biology and 4th Industrial Revolution?

Biofilms are ubiquitous communities of tightly associated bacterium, parasites and/or fungus encased in an extracellular, growing, self-replicating matrix. It is created by, protects and sustains the colony. It is thousands of times more difficult to destroy pathogens in biofilm than in free-floating fluid. All of this has been synthesized and weaponized!

– Bacteria can survive in harsh environments by changing its morphology and forming biofilms


– Bacterias (i.e. Geobacter and Shewanella oneidensis ) create conductive ‘nano-wire’ networks from their cell membrane that can span through and far beyond the biofilm layers.   



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