Gangstalking is by its very nature COINTELPRO, with an electronic database that blacklisted the target (making it COINTELPRO 2.0).  Today if you research the origin of the word gang stalking there are some within the online community who will say it’s not the proper term. Some researchers of this phenomenon suggest that it should be called covert war or something else.  The reasoning is that the term ‘gang stalking’ has been co-opted and if anyone uses that term it’s disinformation.

The following is an excerpt from our new book “Forbidden Tech” that begins to tell the story of how my partner Tivon became a targeted individual of gang stalking and electronic harassment. He has since this time been healing and we wrote this book to help others who are experiencing the same thing.

While doing Keyword research for marketing our new book I came across something pretty alarming. Almost 100,000 people per month do google searches on “gang stalking” and “Microwave targeting”. That’s a lot of people. If they are searching for this, it is my guess that these people are likely victims themselves of these horrid covert practices. So glad to finally get this book out… it seems lot of folks really need the help.

“What I know is that in 2014, I was put under surveillance and my electronic torture began.  This was done without my consent and I don’t appreciate it.  Gangstalking was the word I found online that described the system I was placed under, thus seems to be the word that everyone had been using up to that point.

I’ve read the testimonials of the persecuted who were placed in this program before me, and they used the word ‘gang stalking’.  So, I’m sticking with that. Like the COINTELPRO program of the past, it is meant to discredit the target and to also possibly recruit others to participate.  Now as I mentioned earlier, targets can be whistleblowers, and good Samaritans. Maybe you’re researching cancer cures, or engaged in an alternative energy project. Perhaps you fit in a couple of the following categories; minorities, artists, activists, and any other from a large group of people who have been labeled as a domestic threat and a deplorable.

We will now end this chapter with the testimonial of a family that lived in a neighborhood that was engaged in an organized gangstalking campaign. Members in the neighborhood started a horn blowing campaign at all hours around the property of the targeted family after there was a dispute with one of the longtime residents of the community. This resident happened to also be the Fire Chief of the town fire department.

Transcript of ABC News Clip, Evidence of Organized Gangstalking Noise Campaign

Beginning of Transcript

ABC News – couple harassed with organized gangstalking noise harassment campaign

“We’ve all had nasty neighbors but an entire town? Think how annoyed you get when just one person honks at you.  Now imagine all your neighbors driving by sitting on that horn 24/7. Are they tormenting one family or did that family run out its welcome?  We want you to decide.  Here is Paula Farris:  “Of all the homes in Hubbard, Ohio it might be the last one you’d expect folks to fight over but this vacant house on East Liberty Street is the hottest property since good old Nehemiah Hubbard founded the town 200 years ago.  Oh what a fuss over a little fixer upper.  This all started in 2007 over a simple real estate deal.  Correct?”

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