This new video is incredibly encouraging for engineers building a QEG. Normally there are bridges to cross to create a self sufficient device. You have to be able to take the power coming out of the generator and loop it back to the system that is causing the generator to turn. In order to do this, you need to decouple the primary from the secondary source, this transformer does this and James proves it can be done in this video. for more information and the history of the QEG open sourced free energy project.

We offer online renewable energy courses and other educational materials for people and groups wanting to build a QEG.

The QEG is a free electricity generator adapted from Tesla’s concepts. Building QEGs is a grassroots effort of DIY engineers who are in co-development around the world to learn about this unique form of energy production discovered by Nikola Tesla.

If you are looking for the plans for how to make an alternative electric generator, this is the right place to start! Learn from the team that has spent more time working with this technology than any other groups we know. We hope you enjoy your journey through the amazing world of Nikola Tesla’s work and start your energy generator build today!