On July 25, 2016 the QEG family sat down and had a warm and friendly chat with Dr. Peter Lindemann of the free energy community. The discussion included:
– Initial introductions (this was the first time meeting each other)
– The impact of a global free energy event (the distribution of working devices)
– Secrets to making progress in the free energy endeavor (regardless of internet trolls and psychopaths)
– What are the obstacles for this technology? Why is it taking so long?
Technical discussion included:
– Flux cutter free energy machines
– Bedini’s machines
– The origins of the QEG (John Ecklin and Ron Brandt)
– Nikola Tesla’s discovery about electricity (hint: doesn’t follow the law of thermodynamics)
This interview is jam-packed with information about the free energy world in general that you won’t find anywhere else, along with Dr. Lindemann’s support of the QEG technology and FTW plan for distribution. Watch a short preview of the discussion here on youtube. To view the entire discussion, (and many more exclusive free energy videos) please join the QEG Academy by clicking here:

Watch short preview here: