Today I was blown away. We were told that there was going to be a gathering at our community center with some of the ladies in the community, but I had absolutely no idea what it was going to be like!

50 people must of shown up! We ate, we sang, we danced. Then one by one the women got up and said they wanted to thank us for having the center opened. They said “I learned how to read”. “I learned how to sew” “I have a place to go now thanks to the community center”.

And then they had Tivon and I stand up, and when I looked out at all those beautiful faces of grateful people smiling up at me I started to cry. They paid tribute to us and said thank you for making this possible. I was completely overwhelmed at what had been accomplished here just because we gave them all a space to blossom their love and community.

Then a film crew was across the street filming a movie! And a famous actor Hassan walked into the center and surprised all of us! It was thrilling for these ladies!

Never in my life have I felt so much love and so much respect and a real sense of community. I am floored. I am humbled I am honored to be alive and to be of service in our little pocket of the world.

That’s it, it doesn’t matter to me what anyone says on some internet site. (cause that’s all fake anyway) The bottom line is, we are doing incredible things for people here in Morocco and every day is a miracle sent straight from God. We do make a difference and I have every reason to press on, no matter what. Just wait till you see the rest of the stuff we have planned!!!!

I am home forever. <3   -Hope

Pictures from our Celebration:

IMG_4796 - Copy

Fatima telling all the women about new programs that can help them empower themselves and start their own associations.



It was thrilling today when a famous Moroccan movie star happened to be filming across the street from our community center and came by for a visit! What a rush for all the people here. Thank you so much Hassan!



I love this woman! She does the most amazing tribal call I’ve ever heard. — in Martil.



Tivon and our good friend Mohammed and some of the children from the community.



Emi and he beautiful daughter from Associacion Ellas.


IMG_4802 - Copy

Some of the women from our group were passing flyers around the neighborhood to encourage everyone to take community action and clean up the trash.



Henna for everyone!



Tivon and Hope are suckers for a good cous cous!



So much love from the local community here. I am home forever.


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