We are posting this because we sometimes get e-mails or comments linking to VeteransToday.com

VeteransToday.com has a sizable following, as many fake websites do. VeteransToday routinely re-prints articles from Pravda, a former Soviet owned mouthpiece, and the Iranian PressTV. Both Pravda and PressTV print so much fake news that they can not be taken seriously.

The owner of VeteransToday.com openly admits that a large portion of the website are fake stories or real stories with fake elements. The worst part about VeteransToday is they use the motto “turn off the fake news.” When questioned about fake articles, Senior Editor Gordon Duff has an outlandish excuse. He says he has to publish fake articles or the government would kill him for his real ones.

There is a growing problem with fake news sites that prey on the right-wing. The most notorious is NationalPost.net, which is being run to embarrass conservatives. Someone with a career in conservative media has told this webmaster that NationalPost.net received start-up funding from a Soros Group. I am investigating the claim.

Other sites like AmericanNews.com are “click bait.” They take real stories and add a fake picture or fake element. The purpose of “click bait” sites is to get viral social media sharing and then profit off of advertising. When you share a story on social media, check the source. Do not contribute to the viral sharing of these sites. Tell the person that it is a fake site.

DailyCurrant.com (100% fake political stories)

NationalReport.net (100% fake political stories)

WorldNewsDailyReport.com (100% fake archaeology news)

AmericanNews.com (Takes real stories and adds fake twists.)

VeteransToday.com (Dubious sources and fake twists.)

Celebtricity.com (100% fake celebrity news)


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