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Forming the Fix The World Organization (FTW) was the result of a successful ‘callout’ to humanity to offer solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems. (You can download this document and the initial summary of solution in While You Were Asleep on the HopeGirl2012 blog.) These documents put HopeGirl and FTW on the map and we are still going strong in the fight for freedom on planet Earth.

Recently, FTW reached an important milestone that our supporters helped achieve: we obtained our SARL!  Our first formal mission under this business entity is the opening of the Morocco Community Center for the Poor, showing how the work of the Fix the World Organization has blossomed. We are accomplishing what feels like a real crowning achievement from our heart space, and the continued fulfillment of the mission of our organization.

Just in case you haven’t been able to follow along, the QEG (Quantum Energy Generator) project has been on the forefront of FTW for pretty much a solid 2 years. Now that we have reached certain crucial milestones with that project, as a humanitarian organization, we are ready to implement our technological discoveries, and supply some form of electricity to those without, even if it can only be 1 lightbulb at night.

Please visit our MEMBERSHIP PAGE for an opportunity to contribute to this and other planet-changing projects by becoming a member of FTW (only $6.99/month).

Thank you for caring enough to act!

Hope and The FTW Team