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Grupo Franciscana De Tzamjuyup Group

FTW Helped Grupo Franciscana De Tzamjuyup Group to buy traditional clothing merchandise in Guatemala.

In this Group: Francisca , María , Francisca
Francisca is a 20-year-old woman, whose family consists of her 18-month-old son. This well-liked family lives in a community in Sololá.

To get ahead, Francisca (first on the left in the photo) earns a living by buying and selling traditional clothing. She has been following this occupation for the past two years. Her business is located in the region’s market.

Aiming to improve her customer service, Francisca decided to form a group to request a loan to buy merchandise such as “güipiles” (woven blouses), “cortes” (woven skirts), and “fajas” (woven belts) because the Christmas season is just around the corner, and sales increase during that time of the year. With this loan, Francisca hopes to strengthen her business and improve her income.

Soun's Group

FTW Helped Soun’s Group’s to purchase more fertilizer to use on her cassava farm in order to grow her crop well and increase her income in Cambodia.

In this Group: Soun, Khat, Oeurn
A local resident living in Tbaung Khmum province, Soun is 55 years old and a mother of six children. Nowadays, she needs to support two schoolchildren.

For a living, Soun grows cassava and rice as her main source of income. The cassava’s price is decreasing in the market and it also made her family’s income decrease. She has involved in her business for 37 years and it earns her about USD 11 per day.

This is Soun’s first loan cycle with VisionFund Cambodia and she is the group leader of three members. Soun will spend her portion of the loan to purchase more fertilizer to use on her cassava farm, to produce a good yield. She hopes that her cassava grows well and earns her a decent income, to upgrade her living condition and support her children’s education on time.

Chanthou's Group

FTW Helped Chanthou’s Group to buy fertilizer and pesticide to increase the productivity of crop, which enables her to earn more income to save for future need in Cambodia.

In this Group: Chanthou, Phan
Chanthou is 26 years old who has a small child living in Dambae district of Tbaung Khmum province. To make a living, she has been growing rice for 2 years. Weed has grown rapidly in her farm which is the primary obstacle for her farming business. Her rice did not grow well so she couldn’t get good yields as before. After expenses, she is able to save around 5USD each day.

Chanthou has been with VisionFund for two cycles already and she paid back her past loans successfully. The previous loans helped her to have enough consumption for her family’s living. She leads a group of two to buy fertilizer and pesticide to increase the productivity of crop for supporting her farmland. She hopes this new loan will help her to get higher yields so that she can earn more income to renovate her old house.

Pratima And Group

FTW Helped Pratima to purchase more stock of pens, books, etc to expand her stationery shop in India.

In this Group: Sunita, Pratima, Pranati, Seema Devi, Deepa, Kanaklata
Pratima is a 40-year-old entrepreneur who leads a group of 6 women. Sunita, Pranati, Seema, Deepa and Kanaklata are the proud members of Pratima’s group. They have come together to seek a group loan of Rs. 60,000. Pratima runs a stationery shop in her village. She believes that increasing the stock in her shop will help her earn a better income. This will help mitigate the problem of increasing living expenses. She will also be able to save additional money for her children’s education. Thus Pratima needs a loan to purchase books, pens, paper, etc.

All the members are engaged in their own income generation activities and supporting their family financially. To meet the rising household expenses, they want to increase their income level by increasing their business volume. But they do not have sufficient funds to invest in the expansion of their business. They thus seek a loan.

Mujeres Unidas De La Paz Group

FTW Helped Mujeres Unidas De La Paz Group to buy clothing and footwear to sell.

In this Group: Lilian, Luz, Rosana, Germina, Yolanda, Nidia, Maria, Angelina, Venancia, Andrea, Nélida, Nilda, Liz
This group is in its first cycle of the program of the committee of women. In addition, it is in the program for the elimination of poverty, striving and struggling to improve the conditions of life.

One of the members is Luz who little by little has been able to improve and fight to give her family a better quality of life. She makes a living from the sale of clothing and footwear, and she is requesting this loan in order to buy clothing and footwear for her business. This will help her increase her sales which in turn will help her improve her income.

Arika Self Help Group

FTW Helped Arika Self Help Group to buy more chicks that will help boost poultry farming in Kenya


In this Group: Titus , Catherine
The lady raising her hand in the photo is Catherine, a member of Arika Self Help Group. She is forty-three years old and a mother of two. She joined Hand in Hand Eastern Africa in the year 2013.
She does poultry keeping as her main business. She is grateful to Hand in Hand Eastern Africa’s training in enterprise and financial management that has enabled her to run the business well.

She is borrowing from Kiva to add more chicks so that she can increase her income from eggs and chicken sales. This will assist her in taking care of family needs such as food and paying school fees for her child.

She is happy with Kiva and their lenders and promises to repay promptly.