At the Fix the World Organization we’ve had many conversations with both inventors of free energy devices and the investors that wish to promote them. Through our own personal experiences we’ve noticed a pattern of perceptions, behavior and circumstances that are perhaps the key reasons why the people on this planet do not have the energy that they need for a higher quality of life. Many people are not aware of what occurs in these negotiations behind closed doors. It’s time to bring this to light.

In REALITY there are three reasons why we don’t have free energy

1)The governments and corporations suppress it, as a result, the general public believes that such devices are not real or cannot possibly exist because we are not yet “advanced enough” to have invented them.

2)Brilliant Inventors of such devices have robbed, threatened, ostracized, or ‘screwed’ by ill-intentioned investors or the governments . Currently, most inventors are in a state of dire financial poverty (by design!) which leaves them powerless to impact any real change.

3)Well intentioned Investors have been robbed or have had other bad experiences with ill-intentioned so called “inventors” and scam artists.

As a result of #2 and #3, Inventors don’t trust investors, and investors don’t trust inventors. This is all due to a simple lack of relationship building, trust, and good communication. This is where FTW comes in with the solutions.

Here are some stories that support the above scenarios.

First of all, YES FREE ENERGY IS REAL. And has been around for hundreds of years. For more examples of this click HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.

The governments and corporations have in fact suppressed this free energy technology in the past. For more examples of this click HERE, HERE, HERE , and HERE.

As mentioned, we’ve had many conversations with both inventors and investors. Here we would like to present to you some of the highlights from those conversations. We feel that it is important for everyone on both sides to understand what happens in reality when it comes to bringing a free energy technology to the world. FTW recognizes these important issues and has come up with a solution that is a win-win for all.

Stories from the Inventors Perspective:

“ So far, everyone who has contacted us claiming to have lots of money to invest does not actually have the resources represented or are too greed focused to turn loose of any. Our experience has demonstrated talks with these potential capital sources progress little and take significant time and effort to manage.”

“The investor contacted us claiming that they had billions of dollars and they had all the factories ready to mass produce. They then wanted us to give them all of our working prototypes for free with no money up front, claiming they would send us a check later. All we wanted was a reasonable down payment so we could facilitate the request and feed our families for the next couple of weeks.”
“He announced that he was going to start offering his free energy devices at low cost. Soon after that he was attacked in his lab and warned not to produce the devices. For his own safety he had to let go of marketing free energy”
“He used Tesla’s theories to counter gravity, to make objects float, this could revolutionize the field of propulsion, his lab was raided and equipment was taken by police and government officials in 1978, 1979 and again in 2000”

Stories from the Investors Perspective:

“An inventor seeks out an investor, on paper all looks wonderful. $500.000 later, the inventor needs more money because they did not know enough about the “reality” of the costs of the parts needed and/or got the calculations wrong, and in a larger model it does not work.”
“An Investor believes that free energy is the way to go. They then find a company claiming to have successfully created a generator/machine that works. The investor sends the money and the company cannot be found and the money is gone!!”
“ An Investor finds a company that is the real deal. The company though, is demanding money upfront and a huge sum at that. The investor then needs to borrow to get device made, who will lend them the money?? The bank? I do not think so…”
“An investor believes in a device, the inventors company can deliver, but the investor cannot get support from their partners who are skeptical due to the history of free energy”


The Fix the World Organization Solution

FTW realizes that these are the realities that have prevented us from moving forward with the promise of free energy that so many need for a higher quality of life. We’ve decided to address these problems head on and have developed a series of solutions that will make all the difference and bring these technologies to the world. We offer an array of services to help investors organize their projects. This resolves a lot of problems before they occur and allows for the best presentation and smooth transactions with an investor. We also provide a screening process for both investors and inventors to ensure the highest credibility for all involved. In addition, we have a team of unique skilled professionals that can create tested, proven, secure and unique contracts and ethical business transactions unlike any other on the planet. This establishes trust, builds healthy relationships and ensures a “win-win” for all parties involved, and keeps the project safe from any outside disruptions.
Hopefully we’ve helped to clear up any misconceptions about the negotiations that occur with free energy technology projects and why so many of them are not successful. FTW will continue in our mission to bridge the gap to bringing free energy to the World.

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