The Hopegirl Fix the World (FTW) Australia tour was a smashing success! Though my intention was to blog from the road, the trip was absolutely jam packed with activities and it was difficult to find the time. To follow up, this is one post in a series of blog posts intended to give a full reporting of the amazing discoveries that were made on our trip to help fix our world. FTW Council member Peppi Meikle from New Zealand and Hopegirl from America spent three amazing weeks traveling the East Coast of Australia. We met over 200 people in person, slept in 7 peoples homes, held 4 community meetings, met with business advisors, discovered and met with amazing planet changing project managers and made deep connections with some new important partners. Our biggest heartfelt thanks goes out to all of the people who funded us on our crowdfunding campaign. If it wasn’t for all of you, this trip and all of the planet changing discoveries that will affect all of us and help fix our world would have not been possible. The full series of blog post links can be found at the bottom of the page.

The Man Who Can Repair the Earth

We are pleased to introduce you to the brilliant, kind, and caring Mr. John Van Nooten. He has been given the passion, the knowledge and the plans to heal the soil of our planet and provide nutritious food to the world.  We met with John in Melbourne and spent time with him on the road in Narooma and Lake Conjola. In Johns words:

“There is hope, despite the enormity of the problem. We can quickly and dramatically repair damaged soil, re-plant forests, break the addiction to agrochemicals and provide abundant, nutritious food for everyone on Earth. We can do this sustainably and responsibly. The cost of doing it is minimal when compared with the cost of not doing it.  All of the systems and technologies exist today, fully proven and ready to go. We can do this NOW.”

Johns project ideas absolutely blew us away along with his compassionate spirit. They include revolutionary concepts using a mix of innovative technologies and organic methods to repair the soil, turn barren wastelands into gardens, restore biodiversity, clean up pollution, and utilize hemp, one of the most amazing renewable resources on the planet. Just think of the impact this could have on our environment, our industries, our beloved planet, our health and our communities!  Please be sure to check out Johns amazing project concept here. It is jam packed with video links, and a very well laid out description of just how we can get this done. Fix the World is excited and honored to assist John in every way that we can with his project and also to help use these ideas as a model to spread this knowledge to other communities across the world! CLICK HERE FOR RESTORING THE EARTH PROJECTS OVERVIEW


On the Beach with Bob, John Van Nooten, Coby and HopeGirl

The Man Who Can Repair the Water

Destiny brought Fix the World into the company of a gentleman we call “The Water Man”. His company, Healthy Wealthy Water Pty Ltd produced drinking water using a patented technology that improves cellular communication and maximizes benefits to your wellbeing. The water is bottled with extreme love and passion using pure natural ocean minerals & ingredients to assist in cleaning the entire body of parasites, free radicals, toxins and reduces the body’s acidic levels in the blood stream. Some of the testimonies of those who drank this water for wellbeing benefits are beyond amazing. Fix the World is excited to partner with the water man to help bring the benefits of this amazing product to the people of the planet that need it most. Please stay tuned as we plan to have an incredible interview with the Water Man to share with the world sometime next week. In the meantime, please be sure to check out a scanned copy of the company brochure here.  HEALTHY WEALTHY WATER BROCHURE

The Perspective of a High Level Business Advisor and How We Intend to bring Free Energy to the World.

While in Australia, Fix the World had two intensive meetings with two separate business advisers in different locations.  These were not your average board room style meetings! We stayed at their homes, we played with their children, we cooked meals together, we shared drinks and had long discussions regarding the Fix the World Organization, its causes and Free Energy Devices.

Each of these business advisers are highly successful in their field and gave us some critical perspectives that we as an organization needed to understand so that we could best work together with the business world to help bring humanitarian projects to the people that need them. While there was indeed SO MUCH information that was obtained from these meetings, we feel it is important to share some of the highlights from their perspective.

Both of them loved the idea, concept, and mission of FTW and fully supported its growth. They also engaged their own minds, hearts, and passions into the organization and some of our projects. So we are definitely on the right track in what we are trying to do, and the method in which we are trying to do it. Our New Paradigm Business Model was welcomed with open arms.

At FTW, every planet changing project or cause that we come across needs funding, and there are plenty of wealthy individuals with hearts of gold that wish to use some of their money to help create positive change on a human level. Our job at FTW is to play matchmaker between the two. We strive to understand the perspective of the potential benefactors and investors and then assist the budding project managers in organizing their ideas in a manner that can be transparently presented for funding. For the benefactor (a wealthy individual who wants to donate), they wish for their money to go directly to positively change something. For example: heal this disease, build this village, clean up this part of the environment. Presentations needs to be straight forward, simple, organized and communicated on a heart level that the benefactor can resonate with. Because at the end of the day, the benefactor wants to feel as though they’ve made a difference and given back.  The mindset of the investor is a different one all together.  They are interested in return on investment, need a lot of details, and usually wish to have some form of control (even if only partially) over the operations of their investment. With both perspectives there is one thing that is imperative, and that is relationship management. All transactions must be transparent, straight forward, mutually agreed upon and most importantly there must be follow through.

With both of these business advisers we presented the concept of a free energy device. Both of them were very interested and have had experience with free energy inventors before. The truth is, there are hundreds of brilliant inventors who are trying to get their devices funded and out to the world. So far none of them have been successful and there are many reasons for this, of which “its not real” or “it goes against the laws of physics” is NOT ONE OF THEM.

FTW has decided to put ourselves on the line to attempt to bring Free Energy to the people.  A full description of this story can be found here in this recent blog post. We’ve crowdfunded the building of the prototype which is now currently underway and we will continue to post transparent updates of our progress step by step so that the people know.  The business advisers have been informed and are thrilled at this success. Everyone is eagerly awaiting the completion of the working prototype.

We have also gotten a lot of attention to say the least! We’ve been contacted by heads of governments of small countries who want the device, green energy companies who want the device, and a slew of other inventors who want to get on board. While this is no doubt overwhelming and exciting, we cannot do this alone.  This is for the people and by the people. We encourage other inventors who have been at this for decades to come forward now to support the overall concept of releasing free energy to the people. What I can tell you is that it is coming, we as a collective consciousness have reached a tipping point. I’ve been in many conversations with free energy inventors that are planning on just giving out blueprints to everyone they can, and building devices to give to their neighbors. It has reached this point. The people and their need for free energy and the freedom that it provides are taking over. The old days of greed, corruption, suppression, and impossible contracts of mass distribution that never get executed are over. This is a grassroots effort for the people and by the people. The people want free energy, the people paid for the prototype and this is how the people are rising up to bring this forward for the world.  The people also helped to pay for FTW to get to Australia so that we could meet with these business advisers to set up this winning combination.  WE COULD NOT HAVE DONE ANY OF THIS IF IT WASN’T FOR THE PEOPLE.  And we want to thank every person who has donated and entrusted us to do our best to make this happen for the world. We are humbled, we are honored and we are working at this with more passion and zeal that ever before to make this happen.

Morning meditation at the business advisers house.

An Amazing Model Community to Help People who are Transitioning.

We all know that the world is changing, and many of us are in transition. Financial hardship and health issues have made it harder for us to “go it alone”. We need each other, and we need our community to support one another through these changes. The Sun Villages & Ecotel community plans provide a transitional sanctuary where one can find community, yet still have private space in an environment that supplies organic food, supportive workshops for lifestyle, body, mind and spirit as well as opportunities for those wishing to have their own inter-dependent business to allow them to be permanent.

Peppi and HopeGirl were greeted at the airport by our amazingly gracious host Stina, founder of Integrated Ecovillages. We were given a tour of the properties evolving both in Canberra and also the Ecotel in Narooma where we picked our lunch from the organic garden and enjoyed the company of fellow planet changers and visionaries.

Please be sure to check out this beautiful write up here for much more information on the plans of this model community concept. 

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Left to right: John Van Nooten picking lemons from the Ecotel garden, The view of Narooma, The Ecotel entrance, Stina picking Kale from the Garden and preparing lunch in the Ecotel kitchen.

OPAL Global Villages, a Journey Towards Freedom

An Opal stone was considered to be a token of hope and purity, “the anchor of hope”. So with this being said, it was only natural for HopeGirl and the Fix the World Organization to visit Joe and Vanessa Bragg, founders of the OPAL Village concept at their beautiful property at Lake Conjola.

OPAL stands for One Peoples Ascended Living. From the Opal Global Villages Website:

An OPAL Global Village would be a village of like minded and open hearted individuals willing to share a journey towards Freedom and engaging the pure and absolute limitless abilities and possibilities available to each and every embodiment in the Village to create an example for others to explore.

Some considerations and experiences in an OPAL village would include, Education, Health and WellBE’ing, Technology, experience of Self-Governance, Music and the Arts.

An OPAL site would be a gathering space for meetings relating to the One People, for meditations and healing and concentrated intention work in the direction of highest good and harmony for the One People. A place for learning and Healing for all.  A One People’s Education Network (OPEN ) – for the Young, as an integral part of the sustainability of humanity and the education of our Children into this newly evolving world.  Possibly supporting a school / home schooling network inspired by Sudval, Steiner, or Reggio Emelia, but not limited to – as a way  of embracing the Eternal Essence of the Child, from the onset.

All Aspects of Food Production would be a community process, Grown and maintained at a level needed to support the residents in the first instance and secondly sold into the local community. The production of Food would be considered to be the fuel and energy required to maintain a pure Eternal Essence, therefore working with organic principles, bio dynamics and permaculture methods. Which would be supporting optimum Health and Well BE’ing. As new free technology became available, OPAL Sites would utilize the latest Natural, free energy devices, waste management and land usage ideas as possible. As a working OPAL village, residents and visitors would have the opportunity to contribute to the decision making needed to sustain and maintain a Global Village.

We had an amazing time on the beautiful Lake Conjola property with their 19 cabins and shared communal space.  It was a special sacred space where people could be free to be themselves, share in each others ideas and brainstorm ways to have a healthier more balanced life.  Lisa Harrison and Vera Payne met us there along with many others and an amazing time was had by all. One of the greatest bonding experiences was when we all played the game “The Wish” an intuitive energy game that has helped thousands of people around the world to manifest their greatest wishes for financial freedom, true love, their dream job, life purpose, health and wellbeing, peace and happiness. There was a great networking of ideas and complimentary aspects to help the village grow and Fix the World is excited to help the Braggs expand their vision of OPAL Global Villages throughout Australia. Please visit their website here:



SCENAR. Using frequency and electromagnetic emissions of DNA to heal the body and relieve pain.

While at Lake Conjola, I was blessed with a healing treatment from the amazing and beautiful SCENAR practitioner Vera Payne. SCENAR therapy uses frequency to help the body re-establish its own correct vibratory rate …resolving pain and dysfunction. Prior to this trip I knew very little about this device or method of healing. I know I was in tears when I saw the beautiful video where Vera treated Bob Wright with this device and watched in amazement with the rest of the world as he got out of his wheelchair and started walking again for the first time in years.

I would like to take this opportunity to offer my personal testimony at the effects this one treatment had on me. For years I’ve suffered from neck and shoulder pain, primarily from spending so much time on the computer. Traveling made this worse and by the time I reached Lake Conjola the pain was absolutely unbearable. Normally to get this kind of tension to subside I would need to go for 2 or more deep tissue massages, which would leave me temporarily relieved yet sore from all the rubbing. And then the pain would come back within a week or so.  It has been about three weeks since I had this one treatment on my shoulders and upper back and the pain is gone. Completely and totally gone and has not returned since, even after countless hours on airplanes and busses. Thank you so much Vera for giving me relief from this constant burden for the first time since I can remember! This kind of pain relief can help so many naturally. And Fix the World wants to help get this option out to the people. I had absolutely NO SIDE EFFECTS WHATSOEVER. Just pain relief that has lasted. Vera has shared with us a fabulous presentation that describes the healing methodologies behind this device. Please be sure to check out this amazing presentation here.   You can contact Vera for more info at 

Spiritual Energy Healing to Help Us Remove Ourselves From the Enslavement Matrix Energy Grid. The Amazing work of Kosmic Fusion.

After working with the beautiful people of Kosmic Fusion for months, Peppi and I were thrilled to be a special guest at a Kosmic Fusion energy gathering in Sydney. Kosmic Fusion was created to bring the 4th state – Turiya into every single soul that has come ready to be activated. They are whistle blowers and harbingers of the 5th dimensional earth. The biggest movement out there that can not only clear and heal karmas but erase the karmic templates all together and free each soul to transmigrate and transcend the need to reincarnate to learn the same old lessons over and over again.

From the moment we walked into the room with this beautiful group of people we could feel the healing loving energy.  Below is my own personal testimony from my completion of the 0-7 sessions with Kosmic Fusion provided by the twin flames Kaveeta and Suniel.

“I loved my experience with the 0-7 sessions!  Given the role that I play to help heal our planet, often my energetic self can find itself under attack from negative energies that no doubt recognize the light in me and the role that I will play in creating the future. Kaveeta’s workshop helped me to strengthen my connection with the powerful source of Gaia and gave me the extra tools that I needed to stay focused, centered and in my power. It was amazing to do an energy exchange using the Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave method with my 5D partner Nat on the other side of the planet. I could feel when she received my energy and she could feel it when I sent energy to her. This was incredible, vulnerable and powerful at the same time!  It showed me how we truly are connected to each other in love.

I also had the most mind blowing vision during my grid upgrade. I actually found myself floating above the earth, looking down I could see the prisoner matrix that has trapped so much of humanity. I saw people I knew covered in black boxes, blocked off from the information that was available. Also, while floating up there, I was barraged with a tidal wave of what I can only call “galactic information”. It felt like all the true history books of every planet in our universe came flooding into my eternal soul at once.

I have been a changed woman ever since. Namely, I am more able to calmly handle the struggles of everyday life. I no longer give my power away as I used to. And perhaps the best part of all, I am fully attuned to energies, both positive and negative that are emitted from people. I am able to see, feel and read a persons energy and where it is coming from, and this helps me to discern the best actions to take given the array of interesting decision making circumstances I find myself in given the role I am playing.

It is no doubt an effect of the magic and power that is created by the twin flame energy meant to heal this planet that has brought this energy through to my heart in a time when I needed it the most. Thank you so much Kaveeta, Suniel and the 5D team!”

Be sure to check out the Kosmic Fusion website to see how this amazing energy work can help others!


Left to right: The Kosmic Fusion 5D gathering in Sydney. Thank you so much to our hosts Clarito and Irene who offered us the warmest welcome and support for our trip.  And a big special thank you to our host Megan who opened up her home to us after the meeting. We love you all so much!

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