HopeGirl/FTW Documentary feature: Magnetic Motors to Power Your Car and Your Home

What would your life be like if you never had to put gas in your car or pay an electric bill?

Motors run solely by the effects of permanent magnets have been developed in many countries. This revolutionary drive system utilizes an overly efficient electromagnetic motor, and combines it with a patent pending toroidal dynamo. This Motor design can be used to build an unlimited range electric vehicle and several lines of scalable generators to service the wide scope of residential and commercial electrical needs using patent pending technology.

The drive motor and dynamo combination will be capable of generating over 33kW of electricity to power purchased electric hub motors placed within the wheels of our vehicle. The motor generator set produces enough electricity to power the hub motors that drive the vehicle and enough surplus energy to fully recharge a reserve fuel cell before the main cell needs recharging.. We don’t need massive battery storage, we generate electricity as needed. There is no maximum range.

In the automotive sector, the revolutionary drive system can be sold as a component part to vehicle manufacturers. In the home energy sector, generators will be commercially available to the public through retail outlets across the world in a range of current outputs and portability characteristics that will service personal, home and industrial applications.

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