A cancer-promoting genetic sequence—SV40 was found in mRNA vaccine vials in April 2023. It is doubtful that there was disclosure of the SV40 contamination within the Pfizer documents received by the FDA. This means that the mRNA COVID vaccines are adulterated and the manufacturers can now be sued for damages and the FDA is required to take the COVID vaccines off the market until the adulteration is fixed,” according to Steve Kirsch,

Kirsch explains, “The plasmid bioactive contaminant sequences were NOT pointed out to the regulatory authorities. This is considered adulteration. “When there is contamination, there is no immunity. It makes sense. Otherwise, they can add arsenic into the vaccines and not be liable.” explains Kirsch.

Important note. Experts from the World Council for Health (WCH) found that the cancer-promoting genetic sequence—SV40 was not present in the vials used for the approval studies but has been found in all vials of the BioNTech (Pfizer) vials disseminated for public use. These discoveries have been confirmed in several independent laboratories worldwide The discovery was originally made in April 2023 by Kevin McKernan at which point regulatory bodies were contacted. No official reply has been received.

Despite the adulteration being known about since April 2023 still “nobody has called for an investigation. Not even after Health Canada confirmed it. They didn’t even ask for an investigation!!” according to Kirsch.

However, now if the FDA does not take the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine off the market then they should face criminal prosecution for endangering the public, and not following the law. Kirsch argues, “The FDA is now at a crossroads. Either they admit that they knew about the plasma contamination and failed to disclose that to the public and to the outside committees, or they can claim that they didn’t know about it in which case Pfizer is liable.”

There are so many vaccine injured. These people were normal healthy people, they took the vax, and shortly thereafter, they are a shell of their former selves. This was a dramatic change. This is not coincidence. This is not “bad luck.” Kirsch says, and “These people’s lives have been ruined by these vaccines. This is not going to end well for the authorities. There are simply way too many injured and dead people for them to keep pretending that “there is nothing to see here.”


Kirsch claimed on the X platform,
“The SV40 promoter is found in all the vials and it was in the gene sequence that was provided to the regulators. There is no mistake. The problem was that neither drug company ever pointed it out to the regulators. It’s an unapproved contaminant that doesn’t meet the standards set. So the regulators are off the hook.”

“But if the regulators don’t take action, then they dig themselves into a very deep hole. The law requires the FDA to stop the vaccine.”

Experts Believe the Vaccine is Adulterated

In a 2 hour interview with Kevin McKernan, Byram Bridle, and Chris Martenson you can hear firsthand the evidence that they KNEW the SV40 promoter was in the vaccine, but they DELIBERATELY decided to conceal it from the regulators.

In this video, Steve Kirsch says. “you’ll learn for the first time;”

  • Why these experts believe that the vaccine IS adulterated,
  • Why they believe that the drug companies DELIBERATELY concealed the presence of the SV40 promoter sequence from the regulators,
  • How they cleverly avoided violating the contamination specs by using two DIFFERENT measurement techniques depending on what was being measured
  • How Health Canada did *NOTHING* to stop the vaccines after admitting the vaccines contain an active ingredient that they were never notified existed. and have no clue how damaging it is,
  • How NO health authority in the world is even asking the drug companies any questions like “So, who removed the SV40 promoter label from the diagrams and why did they do it?”),
  • That none of the regulators asked any questions as to “why is *THAT* in there” (the vaccine has lots of things that are in there to do medical research because it appears they used an off-the-shelf formulation used in research to rush to market faster),
  • How the press is remaining silent,
  • Why Congress isn’t asking any questions, what they think the FDA will do now, how they think Pfizer and Moderna will extricate themselves (or not),
  • How serious the harms are,
  • How many labs has Kevin McKernan shipped his testing kit to,
  • What is the probability of IRREPARABLE harm,
  • Why no health authority worldwide will fund the research as to whether or not this irreparably damages your DNA.
  • Which media is covering this news?
  • How this will end,?
  • Why testing monocytes in blood is the best chance for finding a signal, and more!


Source:  https://expose-news.com/2023/10/23/you-can-now-sue-the-mrna-covid-vaccine-manufacturers-for-damages-says-steve-kirsch/

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