epoxy core goodThe QEG Beginner’s Build Course began live on ZOOM on January 17, 2015. Online classes occur every Saturday from 4-6pm EST. The FTW/QEG Team is recording all classes editing them, and making them available to the public to purchase for $35 USD each. Supporting document package is $5.

You can still signup for the live class for $200 USD by registering HERE. We love latecomers!


Class 1 - Core & Insulation Choices

Class 1: Core & Insulation Choices (79:32)

Discussion of insulation components used to insulate magnet wire from core steel; sourcing, cost, specifications, and installation of core insulating materials; pros & cons of building the QEG core vs. purchasing a fully processed unit; answers to previously submitted e-mail questions from class members.





Class 2: Base, Resonance, Parts (86:48)

Detailed discussion of parts needed for completion of QEG generator core; presentation and description of core mechanical part drawings and specifications; preliminary discussion of platform construction and options, with drawings; explanation of power generation by means of parametric resonance; answers to previously submitted email questions from class members.




Class 3: Core Assembly & Capacitors (63:24)

Details of type, weight and length for magnet wire for purchase/presentation of accompanying document; presentation and discussion of photos/video clips; assembling core components into completed core unit (installing shaft and shrouds on rotor, aligning rotor in stator bore, end plate installation); capacitor selection and recommended capacitor bank configuration.



Class 4: Core Mounting & Drive System

  • Excellent NEW end plates wiring diagram from Electronics Engineer Tivon Rivers provided; description of mounting the completed core assembly onto the generator base; presented specifications for drive system components, including pulleys, v-belts, drive motor, bridge rectifier, and variac, with drawings/photos; discussed options for possible future use of solid-state SCR drive in place of variac with photos/specs; discussed and provided complete, updated QEG Parts List.








Beginner’s Build – Reaching Resonance & Beyond! (Syllabus and registration info)

In this 10 week course you will be instructed on how to build the basic components of the QEG, get it to power a load from a source of electrical resonance (mechanically pumped parametric resonance), and investigate next/latest steps of co-development (results of the latest research and experiments will be discussed in first class and presented in classes 9 and 10). Our online meetings are held in a Zoom video conferencing room.