Month: July 2017

#ElsaGate How Youtube Pedophiles Are Grooming your Kids with MK Ultra Programming

This week on Real Speaks we talk about Elsagate. Its been getting a lot of attention across the youtube sphere and social media. In this show Hope and Tivon explain #ELSAGATE and show clips from videos of other researchers. This is really important if you are a parent be sure make sure you know what your kids are watching. There is some really horrific stuff being put out there, this is demonic activity and they are after your children. This show is to help parents get informed and protect their kids. Watch the show here on Youtube #ElsaGate; a...

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Big News! The QEG at the Energy Science and Technology Conference 2017.

I didn’t want to go. While I will always support my husband’s passions and projects, my experience in the ‘free energy’ field has not always been pleasant. It started out okay but my family quickly became the target of hate groups, and all our initial momentum ended up in a cyber war between good and evil. I had fears of heckling and worse, and little desire to put myself through that again (QEG development, once happily shared freely with the world, was forced to go private in 2015 due to the tactics of paid opposition groups and individuals). I am...

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Billions in Student Loan Wiped Out and Obamacare set for collapse on Real Speaks Weekly Current Events Show (Video)

Did you know that 5 billion dollars in student loan debt just got dismissed due to a lack of paperwork?  We go in depth on the topic of the student loan debt bubble and cover the indentured servitude generation that the lack of student debt forgiveness has brought about. Perhaps its starting to change? Also, Obamacare appears to be on the verge of collapse, or is it? Join us as Tivon and Naima talk about the 4 things that are blocking the repeal of Obamacare and how hopefully it can push more people to opt for more natural solutions...

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Do You Have Secret Bank Account Money in your Social Security Number Treasury Account?

Don’t fall for it. Please, oh please, don’t fall for it.  Normally I would just let something like this float by my feed and let it go, or pay it no mind. But as I was personally burned by this kind of thing I figured it would be a service to at least put a warning out there. Four years ago, a slew of free money scams came out in full force and wen’t “viral” on the internet. I put the word viral in quotes because I have since become convinced that all those view counts were completely staged...

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Blood Lust, Bitcoin and the Return of the Rephaim on Real Speaks Current Events Show

Join us for more signs of the times as we explore how Bitcoin mining, blood transfusions from teenagers to fight aging, synthetic DNA are all connected to the return of the Rephaim men of renown from the bible, in this part 2 of the Real Speaks Current Events Show July 13, 2017. Click Here to Watch on Youtube Click here to listen to and download the podcast   Notes and Links from the show: Rephaim Genesis6 Giants This start-up is offering $8,000 blood transfusions from teens to people who want to fight aging How To Spot...

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