Don’t fall for it. Please, oh please, don’t fall for it.  Normally I would just let something like this float by my feed and let it go, or pay it no mind. But as I was personally burned by this kind of thing I figured it would be a service to at least put a warning out there.

Four years ago, a slew of free money scams came out in full force and wen’t “viral” on the internet. I put the word viral in quotes because I have since become convinced that all those view counts were completely staged and planned by some sort of CIA psy-op.  Thousands of people were used by these scams and many lives were ruined. I even know of one person who committed suicide over such things.

So here we go again. Maybe since its been 4 years the operatives at the CIA thought that that was enough time and doses of fluoride and GMO’s to sufficiently wipe peoples minds enough so that they would of forgotten what happened.   Now we’ve got a new wave of “free money” posts and videos floating around the internet.  Below is a screen shot of some of the examples on YouTube, the view counts are starting to get up there.

If you want to know what has happened to people who really get into this stuff, I wrote about one such group in my book the QEG Chronicles. I’ll paste the link here for the book if you want to download it, you can also watch or listen to the audio chapters related to this story HERE and HERE for free on Youtube.

I understand that we are all trying to do our best to make ends meet and earn a living, but believe me, this is one particular path you don’t want to walk down.  Stay safe and stay sane folks.  Love you all.