Recently several events have emerged that would indicate that Canada is building Covid Concentration camps, with plans of doing another lockdown from October through March 2023. Furthermore it would appear that the Canadian government is attempting to sneak this in under the guise of “minority workers isolation quarters”.  However, the Canadian citizens aren’t buying it.

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Many are trying to get out of Canada in the short window of time they have before the new lockdowns occur. Recently, in one of the most amazing heckling videos I’ve ever seen, Canadian MP gets a hostile reception from the crowd as he was attempting to announce the construction of a $28 million dollar local Covid Isolation Camp.  The people are reminded of how they were interned in Seedy Toronto Hotels Against their will arriving at Toronto Airport. And they are aware that the government has already bought out hotels for the months of October through March 2023 to use as Covid Isolation Camps.

The Heckling in the video is worth watching all the way through the end as the Real People of Canada speak the truth about the Covid lies in the face of the fake speech and fake agenda put out by the government.

“Nobody wants another Auschwitz here!”

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