Our New Video for Pendants for EMF Protection Shungite Orgone Energy can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6D418y8lzM

Hi I’m Tivon from Fix the World Morocco and we have some special offers on our orgonite shungite EMF protection pendants that I’d like to tell you about. Let me explain to you how they work.

Orgonite is a special composite, a blend of metals within an epoxy resin that is able to take the harmful stray fields in the environment and turn them into healthy, life-giving energy. Shungite is a special mineral only found in one place in the world: Karelia, Russia. Shungite that is made mostly of carbon and has Fullerenes that are used in a wide range of applications for detoxing, removing harmful chemicals from the water, from the environment, and also taking stray fields and turning it into healthy fields in the environment. They are both in this pendant.

We are offering these pendants in sets of two or a family pack of 5 in a variety of colors. Some people even like to put them on their pets collars for healthier happier and calmer pets. At Fix the World Morocco we’ve been making our handmade EMF protection products since 2017 and we’ve shipped all over the world to many thousands of customers. If you have any questions you can contact or view the many videos we’ve created that explain the science and testimonies behind each of our products. Be sure to visit our website FTWProject.com So don’t delay. Order your orgonite shungite EMF protection pendants today.

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