Check this out! Amazing QEG Corona Effect!

This is magical!  Check out this short video clip from our newest video release. Its the QEG Corona effect. This is what happens during QEG tuning, it shows that we are hitting the “sweet spot” and conditioning the core. Also important to mention that the entire house and workshop smelled like ozone. This is a very good thing. Ozone is also very good for your health. The magic of Tesla lives on in the humble little workshop of the QEG. Having visible effects like this shows that we are tapping into something very special. Watch the short clip and look for the little sparkles, that’s the Corona.

Corona Discharge, also known as St. Elmo’s Fire!

corona discharge
an electrical discharge appearing on and around the surface of a charged conductor, caused by ionization of the surrounding gas. See also Saint Elmo’s fire:
Saint Elmo’s fire
a luminous region that sometimes appears around church spires, the masts of ships, etc. It is a corona discharge in the air caused by atmospheric electricity. Also called corposant.

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