In this show, we’ll start at the beginning and show you the history of free energy and how banking families robbed you of your future and stopped free energy in its tracks 130 years ago.   We’ll cover the stories of the Current Wars and Maxwells Theory Redactions. We’ll explain Asymmetrical and Symmetrical Systems and the difference between them. And we’ll compare the laws of physics and laws on nature.

Inventors covered in this episode are Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison and Michael Faraday.

Free energy politics and business concepts covered in this episode are “Patent Traps”, government funded research, energy education, big oil involvement.

Free energy devices that work covered in this episode; Qmogen (QEG types of devices) and Hatem wheel.

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List of Content Included in Slide: (In order)

Common Statements About Free Energy
Vocabulary: Efficiency, Overunity, Perpetual Motion, coefficient of performance
Inventors: Michael Faraday, Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla
Current War
Maxwells Theories Redacted
Laws of Physics Assymetrical Symetrical Systems
Laws of Nature Flight of the Bumblebee
Government Funded Research and Higher Education
The Patent Trap US Patent Office Classification System
Invention Secrecy Order
The Energy Coverup Big Oil Industry
Devices That work: Hatem Magnetic Flywheel, Motor Generator Looping (Qmogens)


Slides from this show:

The Current Wars The flight of the bumblebee The laws of nature free energy the patent trap Thomas Edison and DC Current asymmetrical and symmetrical systems coefficient of performance efficiency overunity perpetual motion Free Energy Redacted from physics government funded research and higher education free energy government funded research labs Hatem Magnetic flywheel 2 Hatem Magnetic flywheel How the laws of nature work invention secrecy act 1951 James Maxwell michael faraday homopolar generator motor looping generator Nikola Tesla Self Looping Generator (2) Self Looping Generator The current wars