Month: April 2013

Community centers that inspire and support body, mind and spirit

The mission of the Growing Heart Center (GHC) is to provide community centers that replenish and inspire conscious, healthy, loving individuals and families through soul-nourishing classes, groups and activities, in a naturally beautiful and peaceful environment for growth. As a nonprofit organization, an important aspect of this new model is meal preparation that is cost effective and free up many hours per week for members to replace with loving support. The goal of the GHC is to heighten individual and community awareness and growth opportunities – body, mind & spirit – to support the creation of a new world paradigm of peace, harmony and abundance for all. The Growing Heart Center’s objective is to help create thriving communities by listening to the needs of people and the healthy, creative excellence from within, thereby transforming our world into a sustainable environment of well-being for all life on Earth. It is truly possible to create Heaven on Earth at the level of awareness that we are all multidimensional beings of energy, vibration and consciousness of pure, Divine Love. Not love in the way most human’s currently think of it, but a frequency of vibration our bodies resonate at when we live the truth of who we really are, and work through our fears, human misperceptions and negative belief systems that have created the world as we now experience it. In truth,...

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AgriDome Community Farms bringing the community locally grown organic foods at a lower price

AgriDome Community Farms will supply organic foods (vegetables, fruits & some livestock) to local Farmer’s Markets, grocers and restaurants as well as community members. The key to this would be the ability to grow any vegetable or fruit from around the globe in a relevant temperature controlled room of the facility. An organic store and a touring facility can be made on this site as well. AgriDome Community Farms has the potential to take a whole community off the grid as far as produce production all year round. This means less shipping of foods by air, land and sea. It would cut down the amount of Earth’s land needed for cultivating and agriculture. AgriDome Community Farms will bring the community locally grown organic foods at a lower price. AgriDome Community Farms is a reality that can be made available to the world. Please go to the Fix The World Organization website for more planet-changing ideas and how we can make these...

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Eduen Gardens Has A Global Plan

Clearly, there is no “magic pill” to escape the unhealthy conditions and threatening elements so prevalent in today’s environment. Eduen offers the world a way out of this dilemma – a solution based on five foundational success keys: • Respect for the land and a dedication to enriching our soils. • The proven ability to provide high-nutrient, ultra-fresh foods. • The technological expertise to supply clean, pure water in abundance. • A willingness to work with effective alternative healthcare methodologies, both new and old. • The passion to develop eco-protective, green-living technologies, including alternative energy innovations. EDUEN GARDENS Health Spa & Learning Center The worldwide headquarters of the Eduen Federation will be housed within 154 picturesque acres in Gresham, Oregon, just outside Portland. With the look and feel of a world-class resort, this showcase facility will feature extensive amenities for the transformation, rejuvenation, and regeneration of the human mind, body, and spirit. In addition, advanced research and teaching functions will be provided: (1) to facilitate learning regarding growing, preparing, and consuming clean, healthy foods (2) to impart information regarding the impact of water on optimum health (3) to teach how to develop and maintain the proper mindset for a healthy lifestyle (4) to instill efficient exercise regimens that will effectively condition the body (5) to introduce an effective, affordable healthcare approach to help the entire family avoid illnesses, unnecessary...

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