ghcThe mission of the Growing Heart Center (GHC) is to provide community centers that replenish and inspire conscious, healthy, loving individuals and families through soul-nourishing classes, groups and activities, in a naturally beautiful and peaceful environment for growth. As a nonprofit organization, an important aspect of this new model is meal preparation that is cost effective and free up many hours per week for members to replace with loving support. The goal of the GHC is to heighten individual and community awareness and growth opportunities – body, mind & spirit – to support the creation of a new world paradigm of peace, harmony and abundance for all.

The Growing Heart Center’s objective is to help create thriving communities by listening to the needs of people and the healthy, creative excellence from within, thereby transforming our world into a sustainable environment of well-being for all life on Earth. It is truly possible to create Heaven on Earth at the level of awareness that we are all multidimensional beings of energy, vibration and consciousness of pure, Divine Love. Not love in the way most human’s communitycurrently think of it, but a frequency of vibration our bodies resonate at when we live the truth of who we really are, and work through our fears, human misperceptions and negative belief systems that have created the world as we now experience it. In truth, we are ALL all-powerful, all-loving, and all-knowing. The vision of the GHC is to provide daily support to help us RE-MEMBER and BE all that.

For more information on how you can help make communities like the Growing Heart Center a reality, please see our investors page and write to the email address found there. Thank you!