foodAgriDome Community Farms will supply organic foods (vegetables, fruits & some livestock) to local Farmer’s Markets, grocers and restaurants as well as community members. The key to this would be the ability to grow any vegetable or fruit from around the globe in a relevant temperature controlled room of the facility. An organic store and a touring facility can be made on this site as well.

AgriDome Community Farms has the potential to take a whole community off the grid as far as produce production all year round. This means less shipping of foods by air, land and sea. It would cut down the amount of Earth’s land needed for cultivating and agriculture. AgriDome Community Farms will bring the community locally grown organic foods at a lower price.thCAL7E9DP

AgriDome Community Farms is a reality that can be made available to the world. Please go to the Fix The World Organization website for more planet-changing ideas and how we can make these happen!