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Panel of Experts Exposes Deadly Advice Given by Australia’s CASA Supporting Forced Vaccination of Pilots

The aviation industry is ignoring risks introduced via its own Covid policies. It has introduced widespread medical risk to its personnel. In a newly released video, ‘Global Aviation: Fit to Fly?’, a panel of accomplished pilots and deeply experienced doctors discuss the medical advice of the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (“CASA”) and discuss its serious shortcomings.

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Understanding Graphene Oxide Toxicity and EMF -Tivon Rivers Podcast

VAL: Hello friends and welcome to the Holistic Health Online Podcast. I’m your host, Val Robitaille, and I have with me Tivon Rivers from Fix the World Morocco. Tivon is an engineer and he manufactures this amazing EMF protection product. Tonight, we’re going to discuss the effects of electromagnetic frequency on the body and what orgone energy and orgonite have to do with that, especially in light of what’s going on today with the 5G towers going up and what we know of the so called virus – we’ll probably have to throw a little bit of that in the discussion. So welcome Tivon. It’s so good to have you again.

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