In early 2024, British TV Channel 4 will be releasing a documentary to pass off revelations made by two children in 2014 about satanic ritual abuse as a “conspiracy theory.”

In 2022, the mother of the children released her first video for seven years.  She described documents that irrefutably expose that the recorded and reported crimes have occurred.  Since then, a podcast series calling the accusations a hoax has been publicised widely in corporate media and now Channel 4 has commissioned a film to label the whole affair a “conspiracy theory.”

In 2014, two young children, Alisa and Gabriel, provided their testimonies of horrifying abuse they had experienced by a powerful cult operating out of the Hampstead Christ Church Primary School and the surrounding community. Their testimony was captured in hours of video and audio recordings. Scenes of satanic rituals, sexual abuse, infant murder and cannibalism were described in vivid detail by the children.

Those who were named by the children that were in the cult included London-based actor Ricky Dearman, the children’s biological father; a number of the staff members and parents of their classmates at the school; members of the police force in the schools’ jurisdiction; members of the Hampstead community including shop and restaurant owners, staff from at least seven other schools in the area, and clergy members from the local church.  All these videos and details were private case files that were later leaked to the public in February 2015.  It was later revealed that Sabine McNeil leaked all the videos.

Below is the first video of the children’s confessions that was leaked. The video was made while the children were away on holiday in Morocco and Spain with their mother Ella Gareeva Draper and her partner Abraham Christie.

Hampstead Children Ritual Satanic Abuse (Morocco), 2014 (6 mins)

Recordings of the children’s testimonies were submitted to the police.  The children then went through several video-recorded police interviews where they provided their testimony of the abuse they had experienced.   According to HopeGirl, the state kidnapped the children on 11 September 2014 after which they underwent medical examinations that provided proof of their statements of abuse. After being kidnapped by the state, medically examined, and then intimidated by authorities, the children underwent another interview where they redacted their testimonies.

Hampstead Children Ritual Satanic Abuse (UK), 5 September 2014 (147 ins)

McNeil was brought to court in England by Ricky Dearman. She was found guilty of releasing private information about the case (meaning the evidence that the children were abused).  She was sentenced to 9 years in prison.  She got out in 4 years.

Read more: Hampstead Exposed Seven Years Later Updates In 2022, HopeGirl, 13 June 2022

In 2015, the BBC aired an interview with Ricky Dearman claiming he was falsely accused of abusing his two children as part of a “satanic cult.”

BBC: Father falsely accused of being a ‘satanic cult paedophile ring leader’ Victoria Derbyshire, 20 April 2015 (22 mins)

In March 2015, former Police Detective Sargent Ray Savage – who interviewed the mother of the whistle-blower children, Draper, for three hours – spoke out about the Hampstead case: “She was speaking 110% the truth … We have child abuse in this country to epidemic levels.”

A former Home Office Minister had told him in recent days that 1 in 10 children in the UK were being abused. “And we have a police force that is in denial,” Savage said.

Police Detective Sargent Ray Savage, 29 March 2015 (3 mins) Source: Op Death Eaters

In 2017, a video clip emerged of what appeared to be the Hampstead children accompanying Ricky Dearman at the 2017 eBay Business Awards. The man named in the eBay Awards is Richard Ford and the business receiving the award is “Wonderful Slime.”  Commentators have deduced that Ford is a new name that Dearman has adopted.

eBay Business Awards, 2017 (2 mins)

That same year, satirical political writer Matt Taylor was arrested following a complaint by Dearman that he had posted a “malicious video” entitled ‘Hampstead Revisited’. Defending himself, Taylor said satanism is the most pressing danger facing society over and above terrorism, disease and global warming.

In June 2022, Draper published her first video in several years. “I’m still fighting for my own children and other children’s rights. This has never ceased for the last seven years,” she said.  She then read from a document which she referred to as “Document A.”

She explained that Document A and all other associated documents irrefutably expose all of the evidence supporting lawful suspicion that all the recorded or that all reported crimes have very probably occurred.

You can watch Draper’s video update below and read a transcript at the end of THIS article.

Ella Draper: Hampstead Exposed: Call to Action, 7 June 2022 (19 mins)

If the video above is removed from YouTube, you can watch it on Bitchute HERE.

In January 2023, Draper uploaded three more videos:

A few months after Draper broke her silence in 2022, Tortoise Media released a six-part podcast series ‘Hoaxed’ (September 2022) in which former barrister turned investigative journalist Alexi Mostrous “tells the full story of one of the most prominent conspiracy theories to rock the UK.”

The first episode featured an interview with Draper.  To set the interview up, Mostrous used an intermediary, a well-known “conspiracy theorist” who refers to herself as “The Great British Bird.”

In response to ‘Hoaxed’, Naima Feagin, also known as HopeGirl, who says since 2017 she has been a victim of online harassment from the same Hampstead cult of self-proclaimed satanists, referred her readers to a newly released series of videos and interviews by Tom Dunn.  HopeGirl was interviewed in the second of the series.  You can watch the interview titled ‘Exposing the Suppression Campaign’ HERE.

In August 2023, Channel 4 commissioned a 90-minute film to tell the shocking story of how a number of parents and teachers at a Hampstead school were accused of being part of a satanic paedophile ring. “The allegations were found to be baseless but the conspiracy theory caught fire online leading to death threats, harassment and abuse – much of which continues today,” Channel 4 said.  The film is due for release in early 2024.

Many, including Ray Savage, have pointed out over the years, that an adequate investigation into the children’s claims was never carried out.  And as early as 2017, information surrounding the case has been difficult to pin down. “A simple Google search revealed that much of the content surrounding the case has been removed,” Eripio Solutions noted.

In his series of books exposing the global paedophilia scourge, Joachim Hagopian summarises the Hampstead case as follows:

While the Hampstead case has compelling and well-documented evidence, and there seems little to no evidence to dispute the original confessions of the two children, we must bear in mind that this is not the same for all cases.

Accusations of satanic ritual abuse can be complex as demonstrated in THIS article by Christian Research Centre.  Not all accusations are true and not every accuser is telling the truth.  So, below we provide further resources for both those who believe Ricky Dearman is/was part of a satanic cult and subjected his children to it as well as those who argue the accusation is a hoax. Readers should make up their own minds and not rely on corporate media as the source of truth.

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