Ella Gareeva Draper, the mother of the two children that were ritually abused in a Satanic Cult in Hampstead England, has just published her first video in several years.   The video and its transcript are linked below along with links to the  Hampstead Exposed website that documents all the evidence that has been suppressed by the authorities who are trying to cover up this case.  It should be noted that I reuploaded the video to my  Bitchute channel in order to help preserve this information as it is likely to get censored on Youtube like so many of the other evidential videos about this case have been removed from Youtube.

Brief Summary of the Hampstead Case:

In 2014, two young children, Alisa and Gabriel, provided their testimonies of horrifying abuse they had experienced by a powerful Cult operating out of the Hampstead Christ Church Primary School and the surrounding community. Their testimony was captured in hours of video and audio recordings. Scenes of satanic rituals, sexual abuse, infant murder and cannibalism were described in vivid detail by the children.  Those who were named by the children in the Cult include; the children’s biological father, a number of the staff members and parents of their classmates at the school, members of the police force in the schools jurisdiction, members of the Hampstead community including shop and restaurant owners, staff from at least 7 other schools in the area, and clergy members from the local church.  All of these videos and details were private case files that were later leaked to the public.

The disclosure was made while the children were away on holiday in Morocco and Spain with their mother Ella Gareeva Draper, and her partner Abraham Christie.  Several videos of the children were made to document their testimony by Abe and Ella. Then Ella and Abe started the process of reporting this testimony to the proper authorities. However, the children named certain police officers as among their abusers, along with several other “prominent members” of the Hampstead community, so this wasn’t a standard case by any means. Once the children started disclosing, Abe contacted his brother in law Jean Clement who was a sergeant at the time while still in Morocco and Immediately upon returning to the UK Abe and the children went to see him and Ella went home to freshen up after the ordeal. A 2 hour recording was made of the children disclosing the abuse to the Jean Clement. Since the time of this case Jean Clement has been promoted and is a policeman.

This was the first recording of the children’s testimonies submitted to the police. Jean Clement handed this recorded evidence and private video testimonies to D.I. Cannon of Barnet Police station.  D.S. Rogers then concealed this critical evidence in a police property store an hour’s drive away from Barnet Police station in Chingford. The full 2 hr. 11 min. recording gives the listener an extraordinary insight into the Hampstead Cover Up. In this recording in particular the children provide details of physical evidence that would prove their testimony, tattoos and physical markings on the private areas of their abusers. These tattoos were later captured in drawings made by the children.

The children then went through several video recorded police interviews where they provided their testimony of the abuse they had experienced.   They were kidnapped by the state on September 11th after which they underwent medical examinations that provided proof of their statements of abuse. After being kidnapped by the state, medically examined, and then intimidated by authorities, the children underwent another interview where they redacted their testimonies.

All of this video evidence of the children’s testimonies, the private recording from Morocco, the police interviews, the redactions, the names and addresses of the named abusers were leaked onto the internet in February of 2015.  We would later find out that it was Sabine McNeil who leaked the information. (More on her later) The videos and information went viral and were viewed by millions of people. This was the first time so much evidence and detail was ever disclosed about a cult of this nature to the general public. It shocked the world.

My involvement with this Case and why I am sharing this on my HopeGirl Blog

I find it important to help share this video and bring awareness to this case because I too was targeted and abused for 4 years by the same perpetrators who are covering up Hampstead. To explain my involvement: I knew nothing about this case until at least one year after it went public. My family was involved in building a free energy generator. (we still are, the build went private in 2015) Because of building this generator publicly, we were targeted by covert government harassment programs that were sent out by the energy industry that our device was a threat to.  We have endured heavy targeting in the form of harassment, slander, energy weapons, stalking, and other forms of attempted sabotage on our family.

The Hampstead cult, which is comprised of wealthy high ranking government officials, energy industry representatives, free masons, police and Hollywood elites, ran an online harassment and trolling operation under the umbrella of a blog website called “Hoaxtead Research”  which was Lead by its primary Author Karen Irving and many anonymous “sock puppet accounts”. (all of whom are part of the Hampstead Cult, along with the Children’s Father Hollywood Actor Ricky Dearman) Karen Irving is a former Canadian Murder Mystery Novel Author who lives in Hampstead England. Her husband is Mitchell Beer who is a globalist who works for the energy industry and does Ted talks on “climate change”. (anyone who knows anything about the climate change globalist agenda understands that climate change is globalist code for depopulation)  Members of Karen Irvings family were board members at the school where the abuse took place.

More Background on Karen Irving Here: https://whoishoaxteadkarenirving.home.blog/2019/06/07/hoaxtead-tavistock-and-karen-irving-background-research-on-a-government-trolling-operation/ 

More Background on Mitchell Beer:

This link to the energy industry and the globalist agenda is probably the reason why the Hampstead cult targeted me so heavily. It started in 2016 and lasted until Covid hit and most of the operation was shut down. My guess is that the funds used to fund it were reallocated to target anyone that went against the Covid narrative and the lethal injection Covid Vaccine genocide.

My targeting was carried out by self professed Satanists of Hampstead, led by Karen Irving. They made hundreds of youtube videos about me, they looked up my street address and doxed me online. They would send me pictures of dead children, and horrifying sexual content. They traveled to Marrakech and posted pictures of tied and gagged stuffed animals eluding that this is what they wanted to do to me.  There were hundreds of hate messages sent to me on an almost daily basis.  Everything that could possibly hurt a person is what was said.   I was stalked online. Everything I ever posted on Facebook was copied, dissected and scrutinized by countless trolls who wrote articles about me. Then they looked up my extended family members and wrote about them, also looked into anything in my past they could find and wrote about it. (twisting the story and telling lies of course) The list goes on and on.


I documented as much of the targeting as I could. I posted all of it in a separate blog and also made videos capturing the targeting. It’s an evidence library. Even though this documentation was published 4 years or so ago, This blog and the videos are still getting traffic and attention to this day. They serve to refute all of the false accusations that were put out against me and many others that were targeted (up to 86 people that we know of) by this cult.   You can view all that documentation at this blog here:


also see the blogs accompanying Youtube channel “Targeted Individuals Evidence Channel”

Commentary from Abraham Christie

Abraham Christie is the former partner of Ella. He was the one that was there with her when the children disclosed their abuse.  Abe and I became friends due to the targeting that we both experienced from Hoaxtead. By pure coincidence we both live in the same town in Morocco.  I had never met him nor Ella before I was targeted by Hoaxtead.  We both reached out to each other and decided to meet in person and we’ve been friends ever since.

My husband and I visited Abe at his place and recorded discussions about the case and mostly the forms of harassment we were experiencing from the cult. Abe also shared with me many of the original files and documentation from the Hampstead case, including the original phone the disclosure videos were recorded on. I was able to look over all the evidence, all the original documentation first hand for myself and this is what I used to base my own opinion on the Hampstead case. I firmly believe that those kids were telling the truth. They were abused by a Satanic cult run by very rich and powerful people and the corrupt systems that run things in this world kidnapped these children away from their mother and placed them right back into the hands of their abusers. The way I was viciously harassed and treated by the same cult for 4 years only validates my beliefs on this matter.

Before publishing this article to help Ella spread the world on her video I ran the whole thing by Abe to have him double check my summary of the case. He wanted to add some of his own comments:

“Sabine was punished by the cult she served for publishing the videos/evidence without consulting her handler Belinda Mckenzie.  She did this in order to sabotage any chance of Ella winning a court case & she had already been touting the videos to paedophile’s via Star McKenzie ‘Friend’, pedo associated #terrenceewing  You are of course correct re. Sabine CERN McNeil’s trial being staged as a deterrent to bone fide whistle blowers.

Will you mention the FACT that it was #hempseednutrition which nourished & activated #alisaandgabriel s endocannabinoid systems; allowing them to override & overcome the #traumabasedmindcontrol programming?



The endogenous cannabinoid system aka the #endocannabinoidsystem controls extinction of aversive memories. I have a plethora of science to qualify my thesis.


Endocannabinoid System: the Direct and Indirect Involvement in the Memory and Learning Processes—a Short Review


The #endocannabinoidsystem via cannabinoid (CB: CB1 and CB2) receptors & their endogenous ligands, is directly & indirectly involved in many physiological functions, especially in MEMORY & learning processes.

I have a plethora of science to qualify my thesis.

Extensive studies reported that this system strictly modulates cognition-related processes, evaluated in various animal models. However, the effects of cannabinoids on the cognition have been contradictory. The cannabinoid compounds were able to both impair or improve different phases of memory processes through direct (receptor related) or indirect (non-receptor related) mechanism. The memory-related effects induced by the cannabinoids is dependent upon the kind of cannabinoid compound used, dosage, and route of administration as well as on the memory task chosen. Therefore, the objectives of this paper are to review and summarize the results describing the role of the #endocannabinoidsystem in cognition, including various stages of memory.


The endogenous cannabinoid system aka the #endocannabinoidsystem controls extinction of aversive memories

Apart from that… you’re good to go.

Deeply appreciated Hope girl 🙏🏾”

-Abe Christie

Updates on this Case you might not know about

Sabine McNeil Sentenced to 9 years, RELEASED IN 4

Sabine McNeil was brought to court in England by Ricky Dearman. She was found guilty of releasing private information about the case (meaning the evidence that the children were abused). Karen Irving attended the court hearings and wrote an extensive detailed account of everything that supposedly happened in the courtroom, supposedly from memory as tape recorders were not allowed. Karen published her own play-by-play of what she says happened in the courtroom for public viewing on the cults Hoaxtead Blog.  The entire thing was a kangaroo court. The people involved in the cult were the same people running the courtroom and the police. (It was the same way during an earlier court hearing in 2015.  Corrupt to the core, justice was never served and the children were given back over to their abusers.) Sabine McNeil was sentenced to 9 years in prison.  She got out in 4 years. This was never reported. I know because she wrote to me when she discovered my evidence library I had published detailing what the cult had done to me. I believe the cult used this court case to skew the data to make it appear as thought the abuse was all a hoax, and to scare anyone who might bring forth any condemning evidence.


Ella Gareeva Draper was arrested… AND RELEASED ALL CHARGES DISMISSED

Ella was found crossing the borders of Spain in a car that had Marijuana in it. For all we know it could have been a set up.  She has no prior convictions, was never convicted of drug trafficking at the border, was released and all charges were dismissed.  However, the cult only reported that she was arrested for drug trafficking at the border on the Hoaxtead blog. They did not report on the truth, which is that she was released with no charges and has no prior convictions. Once again, the cult used this false arrest to skew the data to make the public question the character of the mother who is trying to get her children back.

What Happened to the Hampstead Cult During Covid

Because I was targeted by these people, I used to carefully monitor everything they did on an almost daily basis. This is how I obtained so much evidence of their tactics and I hope that my tracking and publishing played some role in the demise of this operation. Here are some of the observations I think are noteworthy.

The leader of the operation Karen Irving, was doing her evil deeds under the cover of darkness. She was anonymous for about 4 years until investigative work from other targets forced her to reveal her identity. Once her identity was revealed she started making videos. Now all her victims knew what she looked like, I’m sure she was easy to recognize in public with her purple hair. Also, her family members were uncovered and now everyone knew who her children were, where they worked, what day her daughter was getting married… this was mentioned to Karen in a comment thread and she freaked out.  She started getting threats from many of her victims. She wrote a “goodbye” post on the Hoaxtead blog and disappeared for 18 months.

During this time, the entire operation that used to live on the daily posts from the Hoaxtead blog moved over to a comment section on a single Youtube video put out by one of the Hampstead Cult members Richard Dougall (whom I later found out also had connections with pedophilia and Hollywood) At the time Richard Dougall was using a sock puppet account name “Fruitcake Munchers Club”.  It was on this Youtube comments section that the cult continued their communications and harassment of their targets. There were at least 13,000 comments and I read most of them on at daily basis.  This was when Covid hit, and all the cult members, most of whom were based in the UK were in lockdown.  The comments then mostly took a turn where the cult members were all discussing “staying safe”, wishing their targets would “get Covid and die”, making sure they worshipped the WHO narrative at all times. Mask wearing was highly supported as they had all been used to hiding their faces for years anyway. Then I watched as they had in-depth conversations about their turn to get the jabs.  All of them claim to have gotten the vaccines.  Many of them don’t comment anymore, they just disappeared completely. I wonder if they are all even still alive, a lot of people who got those shots aren’t.

Karen Irving resurfaced for a brief time to run a couple of hit pieces on Ella and a few other targets.  Richard Dougall did a video of himself washing his hands for Covid protection so the whole world now got to see his face. Again, he was outed by another one of the cults victims. Shortly after, he deleted the Youtube channel and disappeared off the internet.  Then Karen wrote a short Tweet announcing that she was “retiring”. And once again disappeared off of the internet.  Last I checked the concept of retiring usually involves leaving a Job you were being paid to do. So she just validated that she was being paid to attack people the way she was.

I can only speculate what happened to most of the cult. I’m positive that the amount of energy and resources that was put into running this operation was being heavily funded in the past. NO ONE would do this type of harassment if they weren’t being paid to do it.  It seems as soon as the paychecks stopped, the harassment stopped. The massive censorship that happened online due to Covid probably has a lot to do with it as well. Mainly, all the truth tellers that they were targeting were getting deleted from Big Tech platforms and were moving over to free speech platforms where it seems to be outside of the “jurisdiction” of these cult members. No one bothers me on my Bitchute, Gab, Minds, Telegram, or Brighteon Accounts. Its only Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter where I get harassed.


So here is the latest Video from Ella Gareeva Draper who is still fighting for her children. I’ve gone ahead and made a transcript of the video below. Also, Ella is mentioning that she can be contacted for interviews at the following email address.  hampsteadexposed@protonmail.com

Way to go brave Ella!

Link to original Youtube Video by Ella: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aTQhafoInfI

Link to re-upload of this video on Bitchute where it can’t be censored: https://www.bitchute.com/video/twzB5IsV6yUj/

Video Transcript

Hampstead Exposed_ Call to Action

I’m Ella Gareeva Draper, the mother of Alyssa and Gabriel. I’m still fighting for my own children and other children rights. This has never ceased for the last seven years. For the purpose of this video, I’m going to read an extract from “document A” You can find the link to this document in the description box under this video, and I do urge people to please read the entire “document A” and understand the details of this case and why it is so important not just for my children, but for all children on Earth.

Lawfully suspected organized child abusers and child traffickers are apparently above the normal levels of lawful suspicion. British people ordinarily expect police to promptly act on when informed of serious crimes, which include serial murders of trafficked babies. According to present officially accepted narratives on the case, such crime and criminals allegedly do not exist anywhere in Britain beyond the realms of fiction and fantasy. And anyone who takes such allegations seriously, according to a UK High Court judge, a high court judge is evil and foolish. As the saying goes, the devil is in the details. And a prime feature of the suspected cover up is a collective intent to obfuscate negligence and or crime via the confusion. All such details can easily be manipulated to deliver. Fortunately, time is very telling. It has taken over seven years for the evidence to be accumulated and presented to such a degree that the anomalies are clear.


“Document A” is published here and all other associated documents irrefutably exposes all of the evidence supporting lawful suspicion that all the recorded or that all the reported crimes have very probably occurred. Though EU child protection protocols are not fully implemented in Britain. Nonetheless, they provide a guide, an example to all EU nations committed to protecting children and preventing crimes against them. The UK public are therefore most alarmed to discover that children in this case have indisputably received what amounts to an abomination of those directives.

Here’s the list of police actions and other uncharged rights afforded to witnesses reporting child abuse as defined by the EU child protection directives. Those are juxtaposed by what UK police and local authorities actually did in total ignorance of EU CPD’s one child. Witnesses are entitled  to an independent legal guardian to ensure the child’s human and legal rights are respected. The children received no such independent legal assistance. Two children’s testimonies I believed as honest until thorough investigations proved otherwise. Onus of proof of innocence is on the accused suspects. Claims of innocence are an allegation of perjury against child witness victims. The children were just liars from the offset and suspects benefiting from the supposition that they’re innocent. Suspects a judge completely innocent without ever being arrested and investigated. Suspect’s claims of innocence are supposed as honest. Three. Confirming medical evidence equates to solid evidence and cannot be disputed until the point of trial.


Police decided the confirming medical evidence found via damages to both child witness victims was false and proposed an unprofessional alternative explanation for deep anal scarring already and PTSD on same day of receiving medical confirmation, as is evidence in their reports for children and their supportive parents, old guard or guardians are provided protection in cases where the accused pose a severe threat. Children and mum at evidence risk from alleged socially powerful, organized child abusers and murderers were given an alarm box by police. Children were soon often handed into care of authorities where many of the accused are employed. Five children require eight of an expert therapist while enduring the trauma of reporting abuse to police and interviews need to be performed in a manner that does not cause further harm to the child. The children received no therapy whatsoever. Police interview techniques were unprofessional, with interviewing officer exhibiting blatant disbelief and leaving one child alone in a room until he broke. He broke down in tears. A child who had testified he’s the victim of extensive long term abuse during which he was forced to kill babies. Six. Prompt investigations ensue toward ensuring safety and welfare of any other identified child victims. The children have cited 18 other named and known special children as suffering and witnessing same crimes. London police and authorities failed to investigate any of those other children. Seven in all cases, citing crimes against children, stringent steps are taken to ensure suspects are not forewarned.


Police were informing suspects on the same night. Children delivered their first crime reports to police as this evidence in the police recordings, according to police, Chris reports. Suspects were invited to a strategy meeting to discuss children’s crime reports and were asked to permit search of their school and church premises five days later. The prime suspects was contacted through a third party and was fully informed of every detail of his children’s crime reports. He arrived for his voluntary police interview ten days after police received the Children’s Crime Reports. He was questioned only about one incident of historical abuse against his son. And medical and medical evidence was never mentioned. Eight suspects are promptly arrested phones, laptops, computers seized and homes searched. Police failed to arrest a single suspect and question only one. In an interview he free to end at any time. No homes were searched, no property seized for investigation. Nine crime scenes are promptly visited and sealed for forensic analysis. Cctv footage is examined. Not one crime scene was forensically investigated. Three crime scenes were searched many days after suspects were forewarned. A visit to one of those crime scenes focused entirely on disproving a single detail from Childs statement, a detail that was itself invited and coerced and coerced by police. Cctv footage from around the school was not examined, despite children stating they and other special children were taken out of school on Wednesdays to other locations for child prostitution. Ten in cases, citing use of illegal and or medical drugs.


Children as suspects are immediately tested using hair, blood and or urine samples. Despite children giving detailed accounts of medical and illegal drugs they were forced to consume and or injected with only the children’s hair sample were sent for drug tests, and the results allegedly were missing. Most samples were taken after the case was closed while children were in care, after being months away from home and purely in an effort to incriminate the parent who had facilitated the disclosures. Not a single suspect was tested for drugs. 11 in cases, citing making of child pornography videos and or sighting sale of criminal artifacts, prompt investigations commence into the suspect’s online activity and finances. Police failed to investigate any of the suspect’s online activity or finances. And even in face of a prime suspects own admission that he’s learning from the online porn industry and had, despite being dependent on state benefits, managed to travel abroad to Asia and America and finance his stay in those countries for a period of two years. Children’s children had cited details impliedly implying making videos, child pornography sale or human skin and bones. 12 cases citing child trafficking in instigate referral to specialised police units and or probe or prompt investigations into suspects connections abroad, most especially into their connections with women and children’s charities. Police failed to refer the case to London Child Trafficking Unit, and they failed to notice the publicly available online evidence that proved conclusively many suspects have direct connections to women and children’s charities and orphanages in Africa, Haiti and Asia.


Many of the suspects had repeatedly traveled to those nations where children are most at risk. 13 retractions are not enough to close the case, and most especially when other evidence negates the validity of the retractions. Child testimony is not a prerequisite for investigating lawful suspicion. Any retractions can be received as a further crime report. The children’s retractions close the case in spite of confirming medical evidence provided by two experts, and despite the fact that compared to original crime reports, the retractions are only partial, no matching of exceptionally poor quality and are clearly coerced by police. Although the retractions implicated other parties as responsible for abuse, none of those other parties were arrested and investigated. 14. All citizens have a lawful duty to report a lawful suspicion, citing risks to children, and reports are not limited only to regular, competent authorities in event of regular authorities failure to respond. Citizens can utilise the human rights of freedom of speech and expression to issue a public alert. Child protection directives fully uphold all human and child rights in face of regular authorities, criminal negligence, ignorance, and suspected complicity in organized crimes against children. Members of the public, expressing concern and sharing evidence have suffered. Repeated police harassment. Home searches. Seizure of property. Gag orders. Terms of imprisonment. And Crown Court. Prosecutions. Citizens and children’s human rights are completely ignored and people are judged guilty of harassment, of harassment and intimidation, for utilizing their rights to ask questions and or expose lawful suspicion on behalf of assuring child welfare.


A child. A child’s rights to privacy are superseded by their rights to safety and protection, first and foremost. Child protection directives are designed to protect children and prevent crimes against them. British authorities placed highest value on a child’s right to privacy, even when there is a lawful suspicion to support the premise that privacy is providing secrecy for abuse. Instead of protecting children and preventing crimes against them. Uk police, social services and family courts have conspired to employ privacy rules for the purpose of protecting identity of suspects, gagging the media and preventing investigations and arrests. Details, citing evidence to confirm all of the above are presented via the case submission document a. There is plenty of evidence to support what police and authorities could and ought to have done toward protecting children and preventing crimes against them. To date, police have provided no evidence other than other than shock than the shoddy, only partial, contradictory and clearly led retractions to support police and local authorities reasons for their complete failures. If indeed, police claims that children had lied and their crime reports are false are to be accepted as fact, then where are the evidence to support that alleged fact? Just if there were no adequate investigations into original crime reports, neither were there any investigations into the later highly suspect retractions.


The true facts expose a hefty weight of evidence in support of the children’s allegations. And therefore, on balance of law, all of our suspicion suspicions are lawfully valid. This case reflects the tip of an iceberg in relation to the immense scale of organised child sexual abuse in Britain and through exposure of the mechanisms by which the whole issue is buried under a weight of police, media and local authorities. Ignorance. We’re now left with no choice except to pursue international legal remedy and private prosecutions against negligent and or suspect professionals. We sincerely hope our proposed legal actions will deliver prompt attention toward helping all children referred to in this case, and will serve to directly challenge present UK protocols on investigating organised child abuse, child trafficking and murder of trafficked children. Keir Starmer’s credibility clause needs to be scrapped.

Our sincere and heartfelt thanks extend to all who have given their support and or contributed toward funding this legal action. We thank you for your courage and for sharing this terrible burden of lawful suspicion. Wary where each a single job. Where each a single raindrop. And together where storm. Please contact me for interviews. There is an email address in the description area of this video or any help that you can give toward towards achieving the justice for abused and trafficked children. It’s time, humanity. It’s time humanity puts an end to this industry. The feast on children is over.